Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring Break! Girl gone wild!!!!!

Hahaha, all you poor suckers that came here misled by the title. Such are the cheap thrills in my life.

Ok, so for the uninitiated (or un-american, basically) "spring-break" is a week long vacation in universities here, heralding the start of spring. The weather is (hopefully) glorious, the biting cold should've gone by now, and junta basically goes wild. Young undergraduates make grand plans for this break- they plan cruises, ski-trips, visits to exotic beaches and foreign locales, and what not.. And so, starts a week of drunken, wild, rowdy behaviour for all these kids. Girls are thronging the gym weeks before spring break, trying to get into shape to fit into all those skimpy clothes and flaunt those anorexic figures (ok, yeah, zara sa bitterness there)...

For a poor grad student who' s trying to finish up.. (like moi :p) though, "spring break" has a whole different meaning. It means a break from having to teach classes and grade papers. It means a relief from those pesky undergrads holding up traffic in their big-ass s.u.v.s while talking on their cellphones. It means having the streets all to myself, so i can practise driving my new stick-shift, and learn to downshift and come to a complete halt without rattling all the bones in my body. Or stop and start on a slope without an annoying honker behind me.

Freedom from classes means all the more time to work in the lab. I managed to run two radioactive experiments, and do ten transfections over the week. Something that takes atleast 2- 3 weeks during regular days. One of the experiments actually worked! I worked on my paper, that was due like last year. (yeah, i kid you not). I cleaned up my virtual desktop, then i cleaned up my real-life desktop. I walked to and from lab, took long lunch breaks, and had an overall great time even though I didnt go anywhere!

And I drove on the left hand side (wrong side, here!) of the road for a bit the other day, just for kicks...

Friday, March 17, 2006

Going..for the kill

If you've some busy work to do, that only needs a computer and an awake mind, and if you own a laptop, here's what you do..

  • Take said laptop and go to nearest cafe. (starbucks or local joe place for the anti-establishment types)
  • Park 2 blocks away, since all parking spots around cafe are taken.
  • Find a window seat. Plonk your stuff there. Chat up cute coffee-guy (/girl for those otherwise inclined)
  • First fiddle with the wireless. (you've gotta be online, can't work without connecting to work computer, google, (blogger, slashdot, other purewasteoftime websites)
  • When enough time has been spent surfing meaninglessly, stare out of window.
  • Keep track of the lucky *#@s that get to park right outside cafe and actually come to cafe.
  • Else see where they're going. Hey! you don't deserve that spot!
  • Look at cars passing by. Try to guess which of them are doing over the limit.
  • How much over? 10, 15, ???
  • Look at dog relieving himself in park opposite cafe.
  • Now go get some coffee, (jeez, can't just sit in a cafe and not give them some business..what'll cute guy think?)
  • Spend time deliberating what kind of gourmet coffee you're just about to waste money on. (What the hell, a few bucks to keep me motivated and work..)
  • Bring coffee, sit by window again, look outside. See if you can recognize anyone in the cars passing by.
  • You actually did? Call up that person and faff on the phone..try to freak them out by getting all mysterious and predicting where they are and all that.
  • The joke's on you, they probably hung up on your undergraduate sense of humour.
  • Well, what's your blog for? Go and blog about all these bright ideas. Atleast nobody can shut you up there.
  • Time for a bathroom break. (All that coffee...)
  • Come back to your table. Decide to seriously get your ass in gear and work.
  • It's dark. Cute guy comes to tell you they're closing soon. Kick yourself in the shin for not getting any work done.
  • Go home, toss and turn in bed. The damn analysis is due tomorrow. Think of a really good excuse to tell boss (that you haven't used up already)

Time was executed in the most brilliant and creative fashion here. Good job. give self pat on back.

Any ideas for the excuses junta? I'm in deep shit here! :-0

Saturday, March 11, 2006

TGFI got her groove back!

Went for some salsa last night, after a really long time! Was good fun. The music was just okay, no live band or anything, but it was just fun to dance, refresh my moves, and generally have a good time. I will not lie, the L-I-I-T and S-O-T-B did contribute to it a bit, and so did the cute guy who knew really well how to lead, but, the bottom line is, a good time was had!

Buena Vista Social Club: That's the soundtrack I'm listening to right now. And it's so cheery and happy. Just what I need when I am trying to do stuff I don't really like doing, like calculations and formatting and all that blah type work.

I thought my blog needed some positivety. So I decided to post about the fun night. Plus, spring is here, and it's put a spring in everybody's step! woohoo!

LIIT: Long Island Iced Tea
SOTB: Sex on The Beach

...........El Cuarto de Tula...le cogio quedo dormida.. y no apago la vela.......
(it's Tula's bedroom, it's gone up in flames, she fell asleep and didn't blow out the candle....

Thursday, March 02, 2006

It's been a long day

and I am tired. Nothing worked in the lab. Weeks of hardwork went down the drain. (actually into the trash can, but..). This has bad implications all round. Pushes my anticipated date of graduation by a few more weeks. I went out and had dinner. I feel low, and I don't know what will uplift me. I am a sad puppy today.