Saturday, March 11, 2006

TGFI got her groove back!

Went for some salsa last night, after a really long time! Was good fun. The music was just okay, no live band or anything, but it was just fun to dance, refresh my moves, and generally have a good time. I will not lie, the L-I-I-T and S-O-T-B did contribute to it a bit, and so did the cute guy who knew really well how to lead, but, the bottom line is, a good time was had!

Buena Vista Social Club: That's the soundtrack I'm listening to right now. And it's so cheery and happy. Just what I need when I am trying to do stuff I don't really like doing, like calculations and formatting and all that blah type work.

I thought my blog needed some positivety. So I decided to post about the fun night. Plus, spring is here, and it's put a spring in everybody's step! woohoo!

LIIT: Long Island Iced Tea
SOTB: Sex on The Beach

...........El Cuarto de Tula...le cogio quedo dormida.. y no apago la vela.......
(it's Tula's bedroom, it's gone up in flames, she fell asleep and didn't blow out the candle....


Anil said...

Salsa eh? Can't resist the vibe myself :-)

Anil said...

it's fun, no? the important question, tho, is "can you lead?" ;)

(don't know how this works..u answer questions on your own page or back on the commenter's? )

/noob! :-(

I'll reply here since it's related to your blog post here :-)

Yes I can lead, but as you must surely know, not every girl can follow ;-) Surely you are nowhere near Phoenix, else we could settle this easily :-)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

right, "not every girl can follow", have heard that, too. ;)(heard != got)

alas, we cannot settle it. but i'll take your word for it for the time-being. :-)

Anil said...

heard != got

Ahh, a fellow geek... I have your blog on bloglines now.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

don't out me yet! i am still a closet-geek.