Saturday, April 29, 2006

Home, sick

I've got to be sick- what else can explain waking up at 7 AM on a Saturday morning? So after making my daily cuppa I decided to call home. Boy, my parents would be amazed too, I'm calling way earlier than my usual time. Well, I guess they would've never expected me to, they don't seem to be home. Everytime i try to call my parents and don't find them, i feel this displaced sense of being wronged. Like "where did they go? when I was trying to call? when I wanted to talk to them??". As if they have no life and are sitting by the phone waiting for my call....:-)
A cousin once mentioned to me, that after spending 5 years abroad, I should've gotten over home-sickness. But do we ever? If anything, it's gotten worse. And i don't mean i sulk and brood all the time, I don't. I quite enjoy most things this country has to offer..and my life, friends, and my independence here. But the home-sickness is a subtle under-current. That flares up on all kinds of extreme ocassions..and then leaves me feeling a tad blue. Usually I don't dwell on it, just snap out of it and move on. I guess that is something the five years away has taught me. But the feeling never does go away completely.
Like right now. So i'm going to call my parents again , and they better be around at home, nahi to they'll have to do some explaining...hmph.


I am off blogger said...

I am also home sick!! Sick of sitting at home!!!!

Rebellion said...

Home sick gurl??

Can't really say I understand coz never been in such a state! My case is like sumit's comment.. sick of sitting at home!

The grass is always green on the other side yaar but ya.. I can understand how it feels when you miss someone & feel lone !!

Anyways.. hope you spoke to your parents & are feeling better :)

Take care,

greensatya said...

It's okay to feel homesick once in a while. :) As you said the feeling never goes away but we learn to tackle it.

Have a good day!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Oye sumit,
those are the words that'll come back to haunt you, when you're away from home. take it from me ;)

yeah, i gotta talk to my mom and feel awesome now! thanks!

thank-you! i do believe too, that it's allright to indulge every now and then..

qsg said...

I totally concur with this like you verbalized what I feel on a daily basis. Can't imagine not calling home! :)