Sunday, April 30, 2006

Moms can fix everything!

So I got to make that phone-call to my parents finally, and just talking to my mom for an hour was absolute therapy! It had been a busy, exhausting week and I guess I was just tired. We chatted about my life, my friends, stuff going on back home, it was a welcome distraction from my little world-view of "my experiment is not working". She told me what I was doing wrong that my plants were not growing well, and she told me what I was doing wrong that I was not sleeping well, and therefore, why my experiments were not working. Hah! Half way through the call, I'd forgotten that I was supposed to be "sick", as I found myself getting into excited discussions with my mom over how she was spoiling my little cousin there.
Eventually, mom went into "mom" mode, telling me to eat right, asking me what i ate, whether i was drinking enough was that time when i had to start making up answers about what vegetables were in my fridge, etc. ;) Finally, when "mom" mode became "nag" mode, it signalled tata time. So i began finding a way to end the phone call, and mom has this real adorable habit of always having to say ten more things after good-byes have been said on the phone. So after the good-bye, haan haan i will call next week, ya ya i am drinking water right now, .....{siiigh} BYE, I felt guilty enough to actually cook up some healthy food, and eat it, and was already feeling a lot better. I re-potted my plants and changed their position, and this morning they look happier already! I had a nice, good night's sleep, and have thought up a few ways to tackle that stubborn experiment..

Man, who knew one phone call could cure it all??


Macho Girl said...

Nice one! Moms most certainly do have a way of making things better :) i also get this sense of peace and happiness after I talk to my parents over the phone. And yeah.. I also get the what-did-you-eat and drink-water routine ;) And I have started eating my greens regularly ever since! :D

greensatya said...

Mom asking to drink water ? Lol, I have not heard before.

Those one phone calls are indeed curing. I can relate.

Abhishek said...

moms are always like that!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Uh, MOM?! AAARGH! I've made a firm decision: if and when I go out of home to study elsewhere, I'm NEVER gonna call up my mom. That'll make her realise that her nagging and other tortures were indeed bad for her sweet, innocent daughter.
Hehe...yes, yes, I'm bad. So? :P

ya ya i am drinking water right now
LOL!!! Is it that "drink-7-to-8 glasses-of-water each day" universal theory of moms?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

>m.g, abhishek, satya, tgwstw
ya, moms are like that na? gosh i better drink some water now...
satya- tgwstw has clarified your point- my mom is convinced i don't drink enough water! what to say????
been a long long day, and tomorrow promises worse. i'll see y'all on the weekend!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

@tgwstw, and oh, i got scared after reading ur latest post, so i'll refrain from sermonising. ;)
send u an e-hug instead. feel better!! (or worse, wahtever u want) ;)

Clueless said...

Awww, that happens a lot to me too. Never realized how much I depended on Mom to make me feel better until I got away from home and started living in a hostel. She's still just one phone call away, but it's not the same as being right there with her, is it?

And ah, the usual eat-your-food and drink-lotsa-water routine. Is there a Mom Handbook somewhere that all mums follow or is it just something that comes automatically? ;)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:-) yeah, it's the universal, inter-galactic school of moms!

Rebellion said...

One of the best posts on blog world :)

Dammmmn cute & adorable :)

Take care,

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

thanks Aarti!!

Anonymous said...

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