Thursday, April 27, 2006

Shut up

Imho, "shut up" is a very handy phrase that is not used often enough. Instead, we use much less relevant expressions like "you're kidding, right," or "re-ally??" Or we just smile, silently, gritting teeth beneath. Like when someone is unabashedly boasting about the twenty-six features of their new car, and you're not really interested. When someone is trying too hard to be smart and mouths absolute crap while trying to sound all-knowing. When someone is being overly patronising, or presumptuous and nosy about your life. When someone is needlessly droning on, telling you what they think about the world, or about the shirt you're wearing, and you couldn't, really, care less.
I wish we could do away with the niceities and just say "Shut up".


I am off blogger said...

Chalo kisi cheez ka to president bana main :)
Yaar the timing of ur post is veryyy suitable........i really really wanna say biiiiig SHUT UP to one of my teachers.....for past 3-4 weeks we (ppl of my group in practicals) are listening to her crap but its getting too much.har baari same cheez repeat hogi.we had completed all pracs and made one projects weeks ago...uske baad se 4 baari project report re-print karva chuke hain aur 2-3 baari practical file mein correction kar chuke hain, aur abhi bhi ma'm har baari bade araam se kah dete hain ki yeh galat hai woh galat hai...aur woh bhi har baar installments mein...yeh nai ki ek baar bata den ki yeh sab theek karke i wish i cud simply say shhhhhhuuuuuutttt uppppp to her!!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Hahaha, it's one of my most commonly used phrases. It comes in handy at ALL situations...just that you can't use it for certain parents, or teachers with their stupid mugs. There's another funny phrase that one of my cousins uses, "Shut that bloody trap". :D I think it's more annoying to the other person...and hence, more useful. Muahahaha.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeah, those teachers are the really the kiss of death. i entirely empathise with you..

yeah, thats the problem, the people you can't say shut up to make you want to say it the most!

greensatya said...

//I wish we could do away with the niceities and just say "Shut up".//

That's such a good idea.

Shut up ! :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

lol! and you too!! :-)