Monday, April 10, 2006

The song behind the name

Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto's The Girl From Ipanema..

I always debated about the fact that continous music in the background might be distracting and off-putting to the readers...especially if it's not their cuppa tea..

Well, am just experimenting here, then...I don't think I'll keep this for long.

And for those who are still curious about the song, try this, specifically this


The Girl Who Sold The World said...

MUAHAHAHAHA! *evil laugh* Me firsttt! :P
So, you also have a song behind the name just like I do (although Kurt Cobain changed the title a little bit in my case :P). Hah! All great people have great songs behind their names...
And I got the gold...don't forget. :P

I am off blogger said...

Thanx to my slow connection the song wont load and as I hvnt heard it earlier,so no comments on this.
Yaar plz enable ATOM feed on ur blog,so that few golds can be denied!!

Agarwaen Mormegil said...

arre yaar, my pc always resrts when it tries to play the songs from the blogs.
I'm fed up with it.
nice site anyway. keep it up.

I am off blogger said...

Where are you lady???????? Research work zyada hectic ho gaya hai kya???
Aur funny post ki koi zaroorat nai yaar,kaisi bhi to karo!!!!!!!!!!!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

> tgwstw..
hmmm..ab is nayi museebat ka kya karen? Gotta find a way out, and no, sayesha, i am not gonna comment on my own blog. how "uncool". ;)

am taking the song down now. it's getting annoying to me too, and i'll start hating my favourite song if i listen to it each time i load my page.

>oye sumit!
i enabled ATOM feed.. or so i think..let me know if it works?? and new post coming up! ;)

Anonymous said...

When Stan Getz came for the Jazz Yatra to Mumbai in 1982 we tried to get him to play Desafinado and Girl from Ipanema but he unfortunatly didnt oblige

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hi anonymous!
1982 you say? I wonder why he didn't play it? Of late the song got entrenched in all kinds of controversy ..(the "girl from ipanema" on whom the song was purpoted to be based on was sued for opening a boutique with the same name or some such..) but IIRC that was after 82?

it's cool that you got to see Getz perform live.