Saturday, May 20, 2006

Flight risks

So I proudly refer to myself as the queen of missing flights. I have missed international flights on 2 occassions, 1 domestic flight, and *almost* missed a couple flights, both international and domestic. By almost I mean literally by the skin of my teeth. Part of it has to do with my inherent procrastinating self, and other times, it was my absent-minded self. Still other times, I was a victim of the system, so to say.

Missed flight # 1 was a flight from out of Europe, to the U.S. I was at a meeting and had way too much fun with this great bunch of people I met there. We spent our last evening at a beach, and it took me a while to tear myself away from them all and make my way to the airport. I had already checked in my luggage in the morning..but eventually reached the airport 5 mins after the flight had taken off. My bags made it , I didn't. :-( I got to stay back with my friends for an extra day :-) and made it on the next flight out of there, and didn't incur any fees, so that was overall nice.

Missed flight # 2 was within the US, en route to India. I was up all night long packing all of my room into boxes to store at a friend's house, since my roomie and I were supposed to be vacating the apartment soon after. Of course I underestimated how long it'd take me to pack up two years of my life in boxes, and I was still going strong when my friend came to pick me up to take me to the airport.

Missed flight #3 was within Europe, again going to a meeting, and had to change flights and airports at London. We hadn't accounted for weekend train timings, and got royally screwed as I rushed to that god-forsaken Luton Airport, out of breath, 5 mins before departure, and they refused to let me through the gates. I ended up buying a full price ticket on the next flight because I just had to be at the final destination that day.

On my way back from this trip above, one "almost" missed domestic flight happened when I was waiting in the wrong terminal in the U.S. for a connection to take me home. With more than two hours to spare for the flight,I was generally relaxed and feeling good that it was a rare ocassion that I was not all "rush rush" for catching a plane. So I merrily call my sister, chat with her..ya-di-ya. I hadn't changed the time back on my watch and was totally out of sorts about what time it was, and when my sister reminded me that I should've been boarding by then, realisation dawned. I pushed my way through and sprinted down to the correct terminal that was at the other end. Sure enough, they were just about closing gates, and the security woman gives me a dirty look (#$@#@@) while letting me board. I could not have afforded another missed flight at that point.

I've also run down streets, dragging luggage across, chasing and waving down buses and made a general spectacle of myself (all in foreign countries where nobody knew me, thankfully) in order to make it to a flight on time. After all this, I feel like quite a veteran. No wonder then, as I was driving a friend to the airport the other day, and we encountered huge traffic back-ups that were not budging, I remarked to him..."don't worry, I've missed flights". Yeah, that was surely comforting. He gave me this look, that went "I don't know why you feel so proud about that, and I don't know why you're telling me that, NOW!!". The poor guy made his flight, and I drove back thinking that I definitely had to brog (brag on blog) about this, nobody else would understand!


Anonymous said...

ME free now!! and wow I am first again!!! u miss so many flights, then i guess you shud stay with my nanaji for sometime...its a family joke that he always go to bus/railway station at least one hour ago and even if any other person is going somewhere, he always keep on saying "15-20 minute pahle to chale hi jana chahiye"...i guess I have also aquuired some of his traits and always try to make sure that I leave home 10-15 minutes before scheduled time.....lekin ek baat hai nothing can comapre to the thrill of running all the way to catch the bus/train/plane and then reaching just seconds before it finally leavs...

greensatya said...

Trust you to come out with new jargons - 'brog' :)

Those were interesting incidents. And yeah you can be indisputably crowned as queen of missing flights.

I have heard very few missing flights in India. Guess the reason.

I once was paged in Amsterdam airport and once was running like a maniac in Paris airport. Other than this I guess I don't even come close your adventures.

I am off blogger said...

Oyeee.the anon guy is me!! I dunno why blogger decided to remove my name!!!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

anon guy, aka sumit,
arre you're free, finally! welcome back!! exams kaise the?
haan, my dad is one of those types, always goes in advance. but i think i get my characteristics from my mom ;)..yes, you said it, it's that thrill of making it in the last've finally given me an excuse to use!

> Trust you to come out with new jargons - 'brog' :)

hehe :) what, brog is not a word??? ;)

>I have heard very few missing flights in India. Guess the reason.
lol! excellent observation. My mother actually stretches that window of opportunity a lot. every time we're rushing to catch a plane/train, and my dad starts rushing us, she says "don't worry, it's going to be delayed anyways". :)

thanks for confirming my status in the world of flight-missers...:)

i knew it was you! even if you hadn't identified yourself :)

I am off blogger said... post coming in 5 mins.......

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

went right back, and you were true to your word!! :)

Sayesha said...

I like 'brog' :D

I have never missed a flight, hope I never do... :O

*evil grin*

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


>I have never missed a flight, hope I >never do... :O

more support for my undisputed queen status! muahahahahahahaa

Venky said...

blog hopped from sayesha's. Nice work on the blog

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Missed flights? Haha, I've never boarded one alone...but I used to miss my schoolbus atleast twice every week. :/
And brog? Awesome term. Now, let's make a noun too...we're all broggers. :P

The Smiling Girl said...

Hey Miss.Missed Flights.. where are you?? No post since long time??

Oiye.. tereko Sayesha ke blog pe comment marne ko time hain lekin khud be blog pe post nahi maar sakti??? Kya re... :)

So whts been up with u, dudette?:)

Btw, something to give u some solace.. I miss my office cab daily..:);-)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


ha ha yeah, i'm sure if i was taking the school bus, i'd be one of those too!! the stories of me running for my buses are alltogehter another post.
go broggers!

arre- i'm one of those permanent fixtures at sayeshaz- one of the early ones to enter the bar, get drunk, and last one to leave (often have to be dragged out...)
now where will i get the time to post on my blog?? ;)

am still thinking of something blog-worthy...

so u miss your cab everyday? hmm... i sense competition to my queen status ;)

Janefield said...

lol...good one..the post n the word 'brog' too. we should start a Brogger's Anonymous :D have missed only one flight so far in life (London to India) and it was not my fault, but the connecting flight from US-UK, which was delayed!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeah, i'm still trying to get procrastinators anonymous up and running- but my group members are such a bunch of lazy, procrastinating people.;)
broggers anonymous should be simpler, ah?

Shuv said...

hey gr8 to know there's a queen for me somewhere!! i have managed to lose count of the number of flights, trains, buses, ships (yes ship on one occassion) that have 'managed to miss me'..good idea for a post!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

now i need to go take a ship. and miss it.