Monday, May 08, 2006


Procrastinators Anonymous is the name of the club i'm planning on starting. I think it'll be a great hit. We can meet like-minded procrastinators and exchange thoughts. Such an exchange can only fuel betterment of our ilk, as we learn more efficient ways of procrastinating, more creative excuses to put off, and nicer ways to justify our procrastinating. But this is going to be an elite group, so you need to prove yourself deserving of membership. If you've ever completed an assigment several hours before the deadline, you do not qualify, sorry. But if you know, and thrive in the thrill of slipping something in at the 11th hour, if you've stretched deadlines to the maximum stretchable limit, if you've anecdotal evidence of driving your car to block the fedex truck at 8 pm so that you can send your proposal in the last clearance of the day, you will be very welcome here, at P.A. If you know how it feels, to keep whiling away time, doing everything else but the one thing that needs immediate attention, and let that go on until you cannot do it anymore, P.A. would love to hear from you! If you often feel tempted to put on your c.v. "works best under stress" or "very productive last minute worker" we, at P.A. will empathise with those sentiments. If you've medical evidence- a propensity to ulcers, heart attack, etc. you can use those in your favour.
Any takers? I'll start working on this tomorrow.


greensatya said...

Please enroll me as one of the member of PA. I can give you one testimonial but I have so many that I am thinking which one to give. Err, this is procrastination I guess.

Vikram said...

lets start by procrastinating forming the club... we can take it from there... what say? :P

Lalit Singh said...

Dear Madam,
I would like to nominate myself as a member of the club.
References and supporting documents to follow....
Urs truly

sahi idea hain... banao yeh club... we can share all the good excuses and the tips n tricks

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

*raises hand excitedly*
Count me in, count me in, count me in! From Class 6 till Class 12, I've NEVER submitted an assigment/notebook/practical file/whatever on time and I've never studied for an exam until the night before. I know I'm absolutely qualified to join the club. :D
Procrastinators unite...tomorrow. ;)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

I see some potential in you. I'd be doing it a disservice if I didn't include you in the club...

you too! in! now you two can fight over being vice-president..

Lalit Singh ji,
The references and supporting documents never reached...which've proven yourself! In!

arre, tu to honorary member pehle se thi! Like recognizes like, you know..and I knew you'd meet the expectations...

>Procrastinators unite...tomorrow.
hahaha yep, that's going to be our motto..

The Smiling Girl said...


Me too... count me in too...:)
And why and how I qualify into this elite club of urs - main baad mein bataungi, kyun ki mera yeh bechara computer abhi zyada stress nahi le sakta.. kyunki maine is keyboard pe already zyada stress-testing kar liya hain...

And jab tum log apne activities shuru karoge to is naacheez ko zara ek khabar kar dena... hum 2-3 mahine baad join karenge...:)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i kept procrastinating replying to your comment..until now. :p
haan, don't stress those poor keys so much..

Janefield said...

broggers anonymous, procrastinators anonymous, wot next? point to ponder at the next meeting. see ya on friday! :D

Anonymous said...

woweeee....more people like me!!!
(and i loved the "wunn tight slapp" thingie on your profile!)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

you've got to be a hardcore procrastinator..that this old post of mine drew you to comment. ;)