Friday, June 02, 2006

9000th reason why i miss home


2888888 is the number of "just dial". A telephonic directory in Bombay (also available in many other metro cities). Growing up, I was a huge fan of dialling 888-8888 or 261-6666 (Ask Me) which were both information services if you wanted to find a particular business or product in a given area in Bombay.

Now I had surgery to get my wisdom teeth extracted two weeks ago. Recovery was painful, long, and not at all like what I had experienced back home when I had similar surgery to have the other two extracted. My encounter with the surgeon and medical staff during this experience had already put me off and made me lose trust in the system here. I am NOT blaming the dentist for the inflammation and pain I was dealing with this time, that I did not experience back home. I can understand how that can happen anywhere, if the wound doesn't heal properly and a dry socket condition develops. But the brusque, almost unwilling manner in which my post-op calls and enquiries were treated were what put me off. The superficial veneer of smiles swathed over this impatience and unwillingness to give attention is what irritates me the most.

Anyhoo.. the inflammation subsided 8-10 days later and the pain is almost gone now. However, I was still experiencing discomfort and the region didn't quite look normal. I decided to call bombay and talk to my dentist, if only to put my fears to rest. But of course, I did not have his number anywhere. I couldn't call my parents, because then they would begin worrying about me. I had already told them ten days ago that I was fit and fine and the surgery was "just like last time". I tried a friend or two in bombay but they weren't reach-able. That's when the memory from my growing-up days surfaced.

I called 28888888 and spoke to a really friendly lady at the other end. I told her the general area where we lived in bombay, the last name of my dentist, and what i "Thought" was his first name. She took about 5 mins but couldn't trace my guy. Instead, she found his father's clinic and number in another locality. When I told her I was calling from overseas, she offered to instead email me the results of her search, with a dozen phone numbers of dentists in the area I specified. WOW. And, by the way, this service is FREE-OF-CHARGE. Has always been. Compare this to an experience of dialling the "information" number, paying for it, and you can't even think of not knowing the zip code of the area you're looking in.

There's more. I couldn't find my dentist from all of that, but picked a random dentist in the list. I called her and explained that I was trying to trace this Dr. R.B. She couldn't help. Then I asked her if she had a few mins to spare. I ended up narrating my whole story and explained to her my situation and what was worrying me. She was patient, considerate, and put all my fears to rest, reassuring me that I needed to wait a couple more weeks, I was still not healed completely, and that's what i was seeing.

It was a busy Friday morning in India. She had no reason to entertain my call, much less talk to me at length, ask questions and explain things to me. I have never experienced such a comfortable, approachable vibe from a doctor here. And that is the 9th reason why I miss home!

p.s: and if you're looking for a dentist in the Kandivili East area, I'd recommend Dr.Sonal Arora. :)


greensatya said...

So finally you got your wisdom tooth yanked out! Well that was some effort from you to locate your dentist.

No wonder India is getting hot for medical tourism. Good for all of us to have a home there.

Klastos said...

Thanks for the feedback. I apologise about the late response. Blogger is inaccessable here in China with government censorship and all (unless you know a trick or two). You've got an interesting blog. I'll check it out some more after I leave China.

I am off blogger said...

Never tried any such service....pata nai chandigarh mein available bhi hai yaa nai.....waise its nice ki u cud get help....

Macho Girl said...

I've also had tons of problems with dentists... had to extract 4 permanent teeth to make my braces effective. had to put up with him for 5 whole years!!! but he was a nice guy. I was relieved when i was done with the treatment. Dentists in India can be sweet and comforting. but i didnt find his goodbye message to me very comforting... he said... "miss MG, I dont think u'll be visiting a dentist again in ur life.. ur teeth are just fine... Unless of course you develop problems with ur wisdom teeth in which case i'll have to remove them and that might be painful"


I have been praying for problem free wisdom teeth... and so far... 2 wisdom teeth are out and I am still alive! (touch wood!).. hoping and praying tht the other 2 will be fine... i have had enuf of dentists!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeah i wanted to avoid blogging about the actual saga of getting it yanked out. i was tired of it myself...

thanks for taking the effort inspite of the censored internet! enjoy your time in china. will look forward to updates.

no, i think they're only in metro cities for now...yes, i'm glad i could get help

yeah, am glad so far your wisdom teeth are not problematic. going to the dentist is a real ordeal!

Janefield said...

Wow, that's amazing! Who would have thought that quick, effective and satisfactory service milega from back home! But yes, in the US, its just business. Cold and 'clinical' service is what you pay for and what you get.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yes, exactly! it was really heartening to know that. i think part of the happiness also came from dealing with a person who was familiar with my accent and i didn't have to deal with spelling every letter of my name, etc..:)

qsg said...

One of the reasons it is so hard for me to come back to the US after a vacation back home! :)

Hope your tooth is feeling better...chanced upon your blog thru the Chosen One's....

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

qs. gemini,
hello, there! Q.S.Gemini = sounds like the name of a ship. ;)

yes it's feeling much better, thank-you. i am still eating from only one side of my mouth and invite stares from a table being the slowest eater these days. ;)

The Smiling Girl said...

Oh poor baby.. u having a bad tooth inflammation, is it?? I can just understand how painful it must be....
We have a 24444444 here in Hyd which is Just-Dial.
Yeah, they give u loads of information, but along with it comes a real pain... U get some 1000 calls asking if u r interested in buying some random stuff and things like that.. They give our phone numbers to other sources because of which we keep getting odd calls at odd times...
But u r right, Docs here are really sweet sometimes... That way, India rocks!!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hey preethi,
lot better now yaar. it was a bloody pain tho.

i didn't know that they (just dial) harrass people like that. that brings up the flip side of the service, eh? that's one thing good about the U.S, the "do not call" list is taken very seriously.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Now I had surgery to get my wisdom teeth extracted two weeks ago.
Hahahaha...akal toh pehle hee mere level ki thi. Bachi-kuchi ki bhi niklwa di? :P

she offered to instead email me the results of her search, with a dozen phone numbers of dentists in the area I specified.
Whoaaa! I can't imagine any of those Americans offering such a service. ;) Hail India! :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

arre, now we can fight on a level-playing field, what??

yes, in america, similar info is available for free on the internet, but for a phone-call, i'm yet to find one that compares.

Nirwa said...

Wisdom tooth surgery did I read? :O :O :O I underwent the same on 22nd May, 2006. The dentist preferred to call in Impacted Wisdom Tooth and he insisted I get my other tooth extracted tooth. HAH, if only wishes were horses! :P

I can totally understand your situation, girl! Absolutely.. wisdom teeth are really painful! I know! :-(

The whole of my left side is paining.. ears and temples and all.. anyway, hope you're doing well! :-)


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i'm fit and fine now, thanks. the recovery process took about 4 weeks. but if you're in so much pain, you should see the dentist again. i never had it so bad the first time round.
feel better soon!!