Friday, June 30, 2006

Painful prospects

The folks in the apartment above mine are moving out. I've had the pleasure of hearing loud noises of packing, boxing, lifting, dropping, bagging, dragging, and what not over the last couple days. The apartments we live in are not very sound-proof so I don't blame them. As I witness them lifting heavy boxes and packing them into the truck outside, I look around in my own apartment. 5 years here, and a lot of stuff. I have tried my best not to accumulate junk. But as much as you try, some junk and clutter just manage to make their way into your house. Besides that, books and papers form the bulk of my worldly possessions. Thinking of packing up my papers (scientific papers, articles, and such literature) is a nightmarish thought. I ask most seniors what they did and they say they had to throw away most of it, given that most of this is available for free online, especially as long as you remain in an academic setting. But the thought of just throwing that collection, built up with a lot of hunting and effort, and referred to for years? heart-breaking. I need to start sorting my papers into a "keep" and "throw" system, so that this becomes easier on me.

As I mentally detail all my belongings and put myself in my moving neighbour's shoes, I realise what a scary, painful prospect it is, to move. But somehow, it's a pain I am looking forward to, and hope that I'm subject to soon.


Macho Girl said...

Even though all the literature is available online, I never had the heart to throw away the stuff... At the end of last semester, when I saw my floor-mate empty her room and just throw away all her papers, I was simply shocked! I could never throw these papers because I grow to respect them... its these paperswhich have taught me so much... i'd rather dispose them by donating them to my juniors :)

Rebellion said...

I take the silver TGFI :D
Or should I call you GOMATI ;)) :P

Now lemme read the last para and get back :P

Take care,

Rebellion said...

//"it's a pain I am looking forward to, and hope that I'm subject to soon."

Indeed difficult to actually discard all that you collected after soo much of effort! I know dear.. I still have many such collectibles left ;):P
Couldnt manage to discard them.. guess meri shaadi ke baad my bro will only throw them out.. I won't be able to :P

Take care,

PS: Dunno why but suddenly I got this real strong urge to call you Dhanno :P:P:P

greensatya said...

That's so true. When you live for years junk do get accumulated. If you are not changing the country then it shouldn't be that dreadful othewise I am sure you will have to throw some of those beloved belongings.

Call us for helping you in packing and moving. I just wish to drive that 'U Haul' truck one day :P

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Oh yeah, that thing about papers is so true. I still have all my notes from Class 10 till Class 12. :D No matter how much I hate some subjects, there's still something special about the notes and the just get the feeling that you've learnt thanks to those only. :)
I have tried my best not to accumulate junk.
Hah...I can't imagine living in a junk-free house/room. I think I can't find my things if they're not among a pile of junk. :P

Sayesha said...

Gosh I can totally identify... I'm in the process of throwing away things cos I'm moving out in two months... and when I saw my uni assignments and reports and papers from the first two semesters... I was clueless abt what I'd do... throw them? :O

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yes, it's sort of how i feel. but i don't have the option of giving these to anyone either....???? don't know what i'll do.

which reminds me, of after my sister got married and went to the US. We had to move out of the company flat in bombay- and my mom just threw away her "junk" jewelry, old clothes etc.- they looked really old and outdated- gave them to the maid. When my sister came for a visit, the same maid was working for us in the new place, and my sis was shocked to see the maid's daughter wearing her stuff!!! she threw such a fit. she just won't stop cribbing about it now. so please, when you get married, clearly mark for your bro's benefit, what can be thrown and what can't. :)

hahaha. i'll take you up on that now. thanks. :-) i don't know yet if i'm moving out of the country or not. yes, leaving the country is going to be way harder. {siigh}

yes, it's sort of an emotional attachment to these books and papers. I brought with me a lot of my notes from my undergrad and masters here. each trip to india i'd bring some with me. that was how i'd learnt all my basics. now...god knows what i'll do with all of it.

hmm- the only junk i have in huge quantities is stupid junk mail that i get in loads in my mailbox and am too lazy to open, tear and throw. so they just accumulate. but there's a carefully crafted mess around my stuff too :) i guess i just prefer not to call any of it junk. :)

if you get any bright ideas, let me know. ;)

Prashanth said...

If it's graduation time, my guess is you'll have bigger things to worry about like thesis defence, job, perhaps even marriage! Moving seems to pale in comparison, doesn't it? ;)

The Smiling Girl said...

Can 100% understand how the thought process is..
when I was vacating my flat where I stayed for 2 years before marriage, I just couldnt understand what to take and what to leave..
Junk gets accumulated without our intervention.. so do memories..:)
Tough to discard both of them!

shub said...

arrey yaar! maine kal raat ko ek saal ka stuff pack up shift out soon! *sigh*

and thanks for dropping by!

And I stole the gold from you a few times? :O Poor ol' moi? :O naaaaah! It was just a couple! aage aage dekho ho ta hai kya!
bwahahahahahaha! :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

well, for me, at any given point of time, a particular kind of worry dominates and outdoes all others. :-)

Ah. memories! that's a whole other ballgame. Let's not even go there! There's still time for me to get into that phase, tho. ;)

grrrr.khullam khulla challenge? woh bhi mere ilaaka mein? dekh loongi main!

Janefield said...

ahhh...clutter...the bane of my existence...yet, i do nothing about it...*sigh*

Born a Libran said...

If u r thinking about graduation time, it is both a pain and a pleasure... A pain because u have to leave the known behind to face the unknown... U have to move and do hazaar paperwork... while at the same time, u can see the fruit of the last five years... Walking up that stage to be hooded must really be worth looking forward to... And its something to get you out of the mundane routine and it is always a learning period... I hope you are looking forward to it all...

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

its allright. until you've to move, that is.

yes, you're right. i think graduation is still a couple semesters away for me. But the thoughts are beginning to crop up. i am looking forward to it, tho. I think I'm ready to leave this place, for one!

serendipity said...

i bet i'll be like you, even though i'll be away for only a year.


Rebellion said...


And you think my bro's sooo innocent that he'll listen to me?? :P
Am gonna put all my valuable stuff, from books to cards, letters, slam books, gifts etc, whatever is really valuable to me in a locked drawer (like it is now) and bro (poor him :P) would just keep searching for the key like he does now.. hehehe
When it comes to MY stuff.. M evil gurl.. M just too attached to my things, whether its cards, letters, my car or my cell :D

Thanks for the advice anyways.. would make sure if anything's left out, I put a tag of "IT STILL BELONGS TO AARTI" on it ;) :P

Take care,

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hi serendipity!
hehee. yes, it's quite easy to accumulate clutter, even in a year's time.

hmm. not a bad idea. your poor brother. :-)