Friday, June 23, 2006

S#!@ happens, and HOW!

Yesterday was a long, tiring day in the lab. I decided to walk home to clear my mind, even though it was kinda dark. It didn't help, turned out I was quite pre-occupied with my thoughts all the way home. I took a different entrance to my bulding, which is nearer to the mailbox, so that i could check my mail. Someone was blocking the space, so I decided to come back later. I walked down, towards my apartment. That's when I was totally taken aback. My bicycle, and all my plants were missing from in front of my door. (Even that dying pudina!). My apartment door was slightly ajar too. In that fraction of a second all kinds of thoughts reeled through my head. I was having some uneasy feeling all day at work, and I didn't know if it meant anything. Suddenly I felt sick. I tried to remember all that I'd learnt in those self-defense classes.. I reached in for my cellphone to call campus police, and I debated whether I should go out and seek Basanti's assistance or stay there. Then I realised, I had a spare car key inside the apartment, and indeed, Basanti wasn't even sitting there. But then, neither was the bus-stop. eh? I was almost about to call the cops to "my apartment" in the previous block.

And before you all label me as a crazy person, picture this. I live in student housing, that basically consists of several identical looking blocks going from A to Z, and apartments laid out in the same manner in each block. Each block or building has 3 levels and 14 apartments in a line on each level. And there are three entrances to each block. So the door of A120 looks no different from the door of B120, save for the "small" number on the door. Same goes for the long stretch of the lobby running through each building. The "Scenery" in front of each building running down the street is pretty much the same. Luckily (for me ;)), my block has a bus-stop in front of it, and the previous one doesn't. But this can happen to anyone, okay?


PSV said...

the best thing about your writing is that you manage to keep the interest alive even for something as trivial as "Oh this house looks so similar to mine!"
great job.
Kee Blogging!

Sayesha said...

I got DE SILVA! Not the cricketer hahahahaha! :D

Shabash naari! Aise hi ghotaale kiya karo... jaldi ghar pahunch jaoge! :D

greensatya said...

Hehe that was so good a post ! and don't work that hard. You are becoming a stereotype PhD student :) I totally liked the way you explained that it can happen to anyone.

And for clock thing, I swear at 0015 GMT it was showing 0315 GMT. It was only at that instant the clock was wrong.

Sirius Black said...

Phewww , nice twist :P.

qsg said...

I had gone to California for a work trip, and got back late at night, one night. As I got off the limo, and looked up at my apt, it looked like the blinds were open. I could have sworn I closed them, I always do. As I entered, my kitchen table was empty, and the door that opens into the patio was open. I know, I know, I was stupid, and I should have rushed out, but instead, I went to my bedroom to check, everything looked okay. But, something was still wasn't right.... and someone had been in my apt... didn't know why, or for what...! I called a neighbor who told me that the apt upstairs had flooded, flooding my apt, and the apt below mine! Maintenance had come in to clean the place up...which was two days ago. My apt was open to the mean worldly elements for TWO full days! Scary scary scary...oh well, not too much damange, but damage, nevertheless!

So, I didn't really get into a wrong apt - except, one day someone was knocking at my door, and when I opened and asked, he told me he lived in MY apt - it turns out he was in the wrong building...he he he...can happen to anyone... :))

I am off blogger said...

Ha ha ha ha!!
Hey Come to Chandigarh it will happen everyday!!
Seriously, especially for govt housings like mine, the whole sector looks same! There have been so many instances ki kya bataoon!
My chachaji, did exactly the same thing, he even checked the other person's mailbox!
My mamaji was searching for our home in other sector (he had been to our place and was thinking that he can reach our home without remembering the address).
I went into the wrong home when going to my friend living right in the next street and realised only when the other person answered my bell!!
Once i also took the wrong street for my home, but realised it soon enough....... You need just two numbers(house no and sectro no) to reach any home in Chandigarh but when you start depending on your intution, such things do happen....
You see, its very common lekin haan it feels like shit when it happens!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

nice one-line summary of my painstakingly written post. ;)

aur ham sochne lage, yeh sayesha-type sad jokes idhar kaise? fir dekha, aakhir sayesha khud yahaan haazir hai. :p

"Stereotypical phd student" ?? :O read what others have to comment. it happens to all!! see!!! :)
and as for the blogrolling time issue....jaane do. i don't know what your evil intention was in confusing me like that in the middle of the night.

sirius black,
thanks. and thanks for spelling it out for me. :))

babe, you move around in a limo???? ( i know, i know, its one of those shuttle types. just wanted to dramatise.

was the stranger who came knocking at your door cute?

/tgfi misses the point entirely. :)

>You see, its very common lekin haan it feels like shit when it happens!

:) sahi bola tu. your chachaji checked their mailbox even? hahahaha! :)

Rebellion said...


What a TWIST yaar...
Yeh to koi bollywood suspense ya TV serial mystery se bhi bada twist tha.. hehehe

The last lines left me in splits actually.. I almost fell off my chair laughing with my mom staring like like am some mad person entered her house by mistake :P:P

//"But this can happen to anyone, okay?"
=)) Yeah yeah.. it can it can ;):P Still digesting.. :P Itna kya gum gaye the, rather kiske baare mein itna soch rahe the dear?? :P

Take care,
*still laughing.. but silently this time* :P

Macho Girl said...

In my hostel, boys and girls live on the alternate floors and each floor looks the same.Once I stepped out of the elevator in the wrong floor and walked towards what i thought was my room, then got the shock of my life to see a guy walk out the next room and stare at me. He must i have thought i was his neighbour's girlfriend or something! That was embarassing!

Janefield said...

This post was clever of coz but do take heed of my sudden grandmotherly advice, but it just struck me...pls be alert when you walk around late at night! (just coming out of watching a tv debate show about banning "skirts" in Madhya Pradesh! Don't ask!!!! Girls are getting raped it seems becoz too many are wearing skirts. A model and a mahila mandal type lady were arguing and the stupid aaj tak channel did an sms public poll. Over 60% said the ban should come into force by the govt and half voted against) Kya zamana aa gaya hai!! UFF!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hans le, hans le. :(. see- everyone on here says it can happen to them. dekha, dekha? i'm not alone. and i'm not crazy!

>with my mom staring like like am some mad person entered her house by mistake :P:P

grrrrrr :@ :@ X( bohat shaani ban rahi hai tu?? :p

ahha. but thats such a dumb idea i think- girls and boys on alternate floors? wth?

ok meri naanima. i'll heed your advice. and those 60% people, they need serious therapy. ::shudders::

The Smiling Girl said...

Agreed buddy... happened to me also!! And I end up laughing so much!