Saturday, June 10, 2006

Stealth blogging

Sayesha's recent post about the "danger" of her blog being found by her folks inspired me to write this. My closest friend G introduced me to the idea of blogging. She was blogging away before I ever started, and I always wondered what the big deal was. Why would anyone want to read about my life? Or I want to read about someone else's? It seemed weird. Then I caught on to it, slowly. Realised the fun potential, and the therapy potential. :) Not to mention exchanging notes and thoughts with fellow-bloggers and commenters. Through all this, I never told G about my blog! (*covers mouth with hand*)
Itna bada dhoka?? After all, she introduced me to it. I used to read her blogs, until I realised she'd rather I not. And I respected that entirely. So when I started writing, I made a lame covert attempt at telling her about it. She, being the tubelight that she is, didn't get it, and I left it at that. I liked my anonymity.
We live in different parts of the world, and catch up with each other once every week or so on the phone. Truth be told, I don't have the most happening life ;). So to make it worth that money of each international phone-call, she gets to hear the most mundane details of my life - like when I stamped on an ant and such. ;) If she were reading my blog, it'd take that joy out of our phone calls. How would I tell her then about my wisdom tooth sagas or the joys of my teaching evaluations? True, we discuss a lot of things that I don't blog about, too, so that's not the only reason. There's also the risk of blogging dominating our conversations if we ever did end up talking about it. I like keeping these worlds separate. I like the fact that nobody in real-life knows about my blog or reads it.
But I can't help feeling those pangs of guilt every now and then. Like when she and I have both commented on a blog, right one after the other! Skeeeeeery. :) Or when she mentions, and then tries to "explain" some blogging funda to me on the phone, me being unaware of the going-ons in the blog world, so to speak...(tee hee).
And like most confessions, the longer you take to make them, the worse it gets. If I didn't tell her when I started writing a blog, how is she going to take it now? After my blog becoming 20-something posts old, and having developed a nice little life of it's own?? And if I don't tell her now, when am I going to tell her????

Now, I can trust y'all to keep a secret, can't I?


greensatya said...

Wow, you really can be trusted to keep a secret !

It has happened to me with one friend that blogging dominated our discussions. The result one of us had to take down his blog!

Blogging I guess is basically intended for those whom one don't meet or talk and of course for the blogger.

Now who is this your friend ? :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yes i can!! :-)

>The result one of us had to take down his blog
ouch! see how that can happen! you've reinforced my ideas now.

>Now who is this your friend ? :P
hehehe nice try. :-)

qsg said...

I totally concur with you. I don't tell anyone I know about my blog....just gets too complicated. I write because I find it relaxing and somewhat therapeutic. Once, the people I know start reading it, I will be forced to write for "them" and not for me. Today, I can write unbridled, uninhibited - but having a target audience will make this into yet another tool for reaching out to them.

It also runs the risk of running out of conversation with the non-virtual world friends.

A word of caution though: be careful about ever letting this secret out to your friend - will only get complicated! :)

Nirwa said...

Recently, my sister came to know about my blog, and my bloglife has been living hell! :P I am under constant pressure of waking up one day when she has told my folks about whatever I've cribbed on my blog, including the huge dent in my new car, which everyone thinks was the random unknown driver's fault! :-S

Ah well, what's done is done! :P

And about your friend, can I have her bloglink? :P


The Smiling Girl said...

Me thinks, you shouldnt tell her about ur blog now also.. Its not got anything to do with cheating, but if you are anonymous, you can write anything you like without people judging you...
On other note, as you say she is ur best friend, you can tell her that you are blogging, but you still dont have to tell her ur URL...
And I know how you must be feeling about the commenting back to back thingy without she knowing that its you! :)

As for myself, I displayed my real name in the blog, and published my blog URL all over and informed my friends. Those of them without a penchant for writing didnt find it appreciative, so I didnt tell them later on that I am blogging. And displaying my real name also gave me some real problems... because of which I changed my URL, display name and also title of the blog... I am still trying to erase the traces of name being linked to my URL coz I want complete anonymity... Lets see if I can do it! :)
*Looks back at the long comment and sighs!*
That was indeed a long comment!:)

Janefield said...

I typed such a long comment, it might as well be a blog post. So be it! When I'm done writing and publishing it on my blog, do drop in and share your take on the subject, thankees :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

where did quicksilver go?
>A word of caution though: be careful about ever letting this secret out to your friend - will only get complicated! :)

yeah, you're right. {siigh} now don't you start scaring me..

that sucks about your car!! and your sister knowing your blog! :) sympathies.

arre wah. itna bada comment. :) i like reading long responses!! honestly, being judged is not so much of a fear for me, as is just changing the relationship I share with her, and the one i share with my blog right now.

i'm curious. jaldi likho!!

The Smiling Girl said...

Oh yes.. I understand it completely!:)
Relationships are more important than all this...

Rebellion said...

TGFI.. (Aaarrrrrgghhhhhhh.. Lemme know your name gurl.. I don't like to address my friends with codes!!)

Understand completely how it feels!! Don't stay on both sides dear.. either tell it or decide once & forever that ul hide it! One thing's for sure, if she gets to know it accidently, she sure wouldn't like it :|

So.. think & then decide bacchha.. Being friends as such, I don't think there is a need to hide... Yeah.. as far as her reaction goes, I think you can tell her on the phone next time about it as a confession telling her that the only reason you didn't tell her before was that u wantd to keep that thrill & excitement alive in your personal talks! Am sure, she'd understand :)
Still, as I said before, Think & decide :)

Take care,

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


Rebellion said...


Did I make you MORE confused gurl??? :P:P

Sorry for increasing your confusion, but its high time you take a decision.. bacchha!
(hey I rhymed it.. err.. never mind.. M still a 3 yr old at heart!) :P

All the Best dear,
Take care,

PS: M still waitin for your name!!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hey aarti,
my name..err my name..
my kya karoon yaar. mere haath bandhe hain. main nahi bata sakti!!!

:) yaar abhi ke liye tgfi bula lo. when i come to bombay, i'll call you and tell you my name, ok???? :)

no, don't worry you didnt' confuse me, i think i'd made up my mind already ;)