Sunday, June 04, 2006

These are twenty of my simple pleasures of life

I stole this idea from the smiling girl. Thought it would be the perfect kickstart to a happy week.

And these are in no particular order

#1 A loud, uninhibited hearty laugh :).

#2 Sitting on a bench in a park/ near a lake with a nice book to read.

#3 Meeting an old friend after a long time, and efortlessly picking up where we left off last.

#4 Butterflies in my stomach in anticipation of something nice.

#5 A baby/ little kid. (need i say more??)

#6 A heart-to-heart conversation that lasts all night.

#7 Adrak ki chai!

#8 A warm hug.

#9 A plate of hot steaming idlis,chutney and sambaar made by my mom. :)

#10 A pleasant surprise.

#11 Knowing someone cares.

#12 Girlfriends and giggling.

#13 Sitting and chatting with my mom while she cooks.

#14 Preparing a delicious 4 course meal. And being appreciated for it.

#15 Walking in the rain, sharing an umbrella, and an ice-cream may be?

#16 A letter/post card in the mail. (yeah, those things were once real)

#17 Finding something I thought I lost.

#18 Discovering a new route on my bike/car.

#19 Cooking using herbs from my own herb garden.

#20 Flipping an omlette without breaking it. :D


The Smiling Girl said...

Good list yaar... And good that someone took my open tag...:)
#1 - Kewl... guess everyone loves a uninhibited laugh.. And u know what the first thing my father-in-law noticed in me was? It was my loug uninhibited laugh which he loved so much, that he said ok to his son\'s selection..:) (Okok.. this is TGFI\'s comment space, no bragging!)
#2 is something I would love to do anyday, just that Hyderabad is blessed with just one lake on the banks on which sitting and reading is highly unimaginable considering the crowd, peace is something alien on that road!!!:)
#3, #4, #6, #9, #10, #12, #13, #15, #16, #18 => Looks like I should make another list with all these things...:).. Good one yaar.. u reminded me of all those which give me pleasure and which I forgot ...

Yooohoo... Me first on this!!!:)

The Smiling Girl said...

Thanks for telling that thing about Rainbows, dear... my wish got fulfilled...:)..
A post waiting on my space on the same...:)

I am off blogger said...

I wud prefer sea to lake(mayb coz i hav not been ther too much) and abt babies,i totaly agree with u. U just dont need nething else when some litl kid is around.

Macho Girl said...

I agree with all 20! welll.... kinda... i still am not quite sure how to cook a 4 course meal... But it feels good when my friends just gobble down the cheese toasts and scrambled eggs that I make and ask for more! And i know how to make omlettes... however don't have the right pan in my hostel to make 'em... I stick to scrambled eggs most of the time.. so for the 20th simple pleasure... I'd say... it feels great to be able to break an egg without spilling the contents on the table!!! :P (darn! need to take cooking lessons from mom!)

And it feels great when u try to be adventurous in the kitchen with ur friends and make a mess outta the whole place! And once in a while, i enjoy missing the last bus purposely just so that my friends and I can enjoy a looooong walk back to our hostel and talk about a million different things :)

greensatya said...

You stole the idea and I want to steal the whole list. This could so easily be my list as well except

20. I can flip the omlette perfectly; just that I can't break the eggs cleanly.

2. Meeting the friend is good for me but not discussing the past. MayI quote one of my favourite line

" Memories are wondeful things, if you don't have to deal with the past" - I guess you know which movie is this from. :)

Janefield said...

cool list! if only i cud restrict a few of my fave things to 20!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:-) now on, everyone should make a list WITHOUT the ones from the previous list s/he saw. (or just use numbers to refer to them ;)) that will be interesting, eh?
arre, my loud laughter has only got me into trouble. and my sister says i'll scare people with it, not endear people like you've done. good for you!!

break khatam? hmmmm sea v/s lake? each are different i think. sea can be calm or wild. the lake is always calm, soothing..and there's one close to my apartment where i go and sit regularly..

yes, messing up while cooking, and using friends as guinea pigs..always fun. ;)

BEFORE SUNSET!!!!!! :) or was it after???? :o i remember that, but now can't put a finger. it's a beautiful quote, tho. hmm..btw, i CAN flip an omlette perfectly, just not all of the time. ;)

well, "few" is relative. you should write atleast fifty, i think, especially since you're the chosen one and everything. :-)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Hahaha...awesome list.
#5 A baby/ little kid. (need i say more??)
Yes, the kiddo's screaming, shrieking, incessant crying. Now, need I say more? :P

#7 Adrak ki chai!
Eew..adraks taste yuck! If it were possible, I'd wipe that thing off the face of this earth. X-(

#13 Sitting and chatting with my mom while she cooks.
*Sigh* My mom shoos me off each time. That's because everytime I sit in the kitchen, I can't just torture her with my silly chatter and not do anything else. So, I end up breaking a few jars here and there. :P

#17 Finding something I thought I lost.
Oh yeah, I still haven't had the pleasure of finding my brains. Seen them anywhere? ;)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

lookee who's here!! i beat u @ sayeshaz, AGAIN. bwahahahahahahaha

little cute adorable kid screaming (doing what naturally comes to it) is worse than an adult screaming "GOLD!!!" or "CHEATERS!!!!!" or whateva chillum chilla u go about doing on blogs???


i can't believe you don't like adrak ka chai. you need to come over. i'll convert you.

hehe yeah, i do that too, klutz around or ask my mom inane questions about her cooking..'tis fun

and well, i was talking about finding things i once possessed, and then lost. not like you and brains...
tee hee.

Phoenix said...

hi, just wandering thru...
ah yes! rain, guffaws, adrak ki chai or just chai, better...the mom factor - well, mine and i are a rather combustible equation, an innocuous chat usually ends up with the neighbors heading for the hills...

qsg said...

you captured everything there! excellent list - me happy just reading about them! :)

Crimemaster Gogo said...

The virus spreads...! May the force be with you.

Klastos said...

Amen to #20.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:). i've seen other cases of potent mom-daughter combinations. ( i'm assuming daughter here, rarely will a son complain of the same, i'm sure) ;)
another one who is not so fond of adrak ki chai? kya yaar!!!


huh? the "happy thoughts" virus you mean? or are you referring to yourself? what? or are you just trying to spook me? huh? not working! :)

only #20? what about the rest? :O you heartless fella who cannot see the simple joys of life! ;)
what does "klastos" mean?

Klastos said...

"Klastos" means "broken" in Greek. It's one of the roots of the word "iconoclast."

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

neat! thanks.

Nirwa said...

Hey, neat list! Would agree with most of your stuff..

Nice one there! :-)


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

WOAH! I was shirking work.. killing time (on my own blog...waht a loser :p) and all of a sudden that pic of yours pops up..and terrifies the hell out of me- enough to make me go back to working on my paper!!

sheesh woman, next time, WARN me please!


Nirwa said...


I am Parekhombie - Parekh + Zombie.. :P For the lesser mortals, Parekh i.e. Asha Parekh is the greatest artist of the yesteryears! hehehe


Sirius Black said...

haha nice list , i still havent been able to toss an omlette widout breakin it :(

Janefield said...

well, "few" is relative. you should write atleast fifty, i think, especially since you're the chosen one and everything. :-)//
You blogrolled me! Thenjooberrymud! :D And yeah, I might be The Chosen One but am also just A Jane Doe :-)) I'm seriously thinking about a similar list, thanks for the inspiration :P

The Smiling Girl said...

Oiye Ipanema girl...
Khaali Sash ke bar mein baithke peena hi ya apne bar mein bhi kuch likhne ka irada hain???
Roz tumhare bar mein ana aur peene keliye kuch naya nahi dekhna.... mujhe pasand nahi.. ok?:)
Kuch likhna yaar...:)

The Smiling Girl said...

And P.r.eethi is flattered to see her blog blogrolled..:)
But change kar re usko.. maine uska naam change kiya naa... Abhi woh beautiful world nahi hain, smiling world hain.. iske reasons phir kabhi bataungi...:)

The Smiling Girl said...

Haha.. I loved the 'The other girl' wala blogrolling...
Wonder what the other girl have to say about this...:) (I meant both the World and Ipanema...:))
Coz I remember reading one of ur conversations somewhere - I am the girl, u r the other girl..:)

Nice and funny it is all...:)

Rebellion said...

Nice list..

Agree with most of them :)
Great that you could note them down.. difficult for me to shortlist such ones though!

Take care,
Aarti :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeh nirwa ki bacchi ko koi leke jao re. raat ko neend nahi aati dekhkar. mere boss ki yaad dilaati hai!! aur nirwa, kyu kisi aur ki photo ko is tarah deface kar rahi hai? tsk tsk.

thanks. :) there's a leetule secret to that. don't load the omlette with too much stuff (like chopped onions etc....) put very little and make sure it's finely chopped.

write , write one. but you CANNOT include any of these. you are bhery bhelkam.

oye preethi,
was it the rainbow that put a smile to your world??? (ok, cheesy, i know..)
the "other girl" is too busy running around with a double-barrel. am sure she has no idea. ;) hyuk hyuk hyuk..
likhoongi yaar. i'm such a lazy bum! ;) thanks for egging me on
haan will change my blogroll too, then. thanks for letting me know.

thanks. :) u should try. i'd love to read it.

The Smiling Girl said...

Haan yaar.. thanks, maine dekha ki tune change kiya..
And acha post likha hain tune... maine bada lamba sa comment bhi mara hain! Jake dekh...:)

Janefield said...

oye, aaj kal inspiration word bhi ek 4 letter word nikla ka?? hum kaavya vishwanathan naahi hain, haan! :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

oye! that was not what i meant, missy!

i meant it as a that everyone agrees to this list, and given how many ones on this are similar to the smiling girl's list, we want to see something new!

{siiiigh} i'm so misunderstooooooood :)

The Smiling Girl said...

Naa dear.. u r not at all misunderstood...:) *smiles :p*

But I should say the changing of my name in this post is the most sweetest thing in this post, dear.. sachi mein.. I mean, I didnt mind it in the first place, but seeing it changed somehow indicated that you cared!:)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:-) aww.

the previous comment was for that p.c.o girl, by the way, not you. bcos she accused me wrongly of misinterpreting her being inspired and all that. my feelings are hurt.

The Smiling Girl said...

Oh.. I understood it... Was just giving my opinion!:)

PSV said...

I also posted something similar a long time back about small pleasures in life.
while going through your list i realised that such pleasures are really something very personal but most of them appeal to us if we have gone through similar circumstances. just check this link too see my compilation

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