Friday, June 23, 2006

Weirdo at work

Sayesha tagged, and Aarti insisted. so here goes.

First of all, I've never had a real job in a real formal office environment. So this applies to things I've done in the lab, where generally anything goes.. (well most..)

#1 Yelled expletives: I've no patience with computer programs that crash. So when stupid microsoft word would crash on me without saving all the changes i made, i've been known to scream bloody murder.

#2 Talked to myself: Yes, yes, I talk to myself. loudly. i do it all the time. I prefer to call it thinking aloud. I was the only student in my lab for a long time. so come on, it got lonely. When I'm designing an experiment for the first time, or trying to figure out why something is not working, I have to talk aloud about it. To myself. Sometimes I talk to my parasites. Sometimes I talk to the machines, in the hope that my experiment works. Now our lab is full of people, but i still do it. It drives them crazy until they get used to it. Every newcomer to the lab is warned by my boss at their first lab meeting. " we work with human pathogens, you need to take the "Right to know training", these are the numbers in case of an emergency,and you know, err..(hushed tone- and i'm sitting right there too) t.g.f.i, she talks to herself. you need to be aware of that." They turn and look at me, sympathetically, like I have an affliction of some sort. WTH!!! i'm NOT mad. I just talk to myself. jeez.

#3 Taken off my shirt: hahahaha. i spilt a carcinogen on my shirt. No, i wasn't wearing a lab coat. But that tube wasn't supposed to squirt like that either. anyways, it was my mistake, entirely. So first I had to rush to the rest-room to take it off. Then I called my friend using my cellphone and had her bring me an extra shirt. It was a big, secret joke.

#1a Yelled expletives: this time, at a closed door. at night when there was no one else around. obviously, they were targeted at a certain someone. :)))) it was very liberating. i recommend it to all of you.

that's it folks. you all know more than you ever needed to about me now. I might as well tell you my name and where i live.


I am off blogger said...

I was wondering about the last para.........

greensatya said...

Oh you work with human pathogens !! I guess that explains those incidents :D (just kidding)

#3 I guess is only one of its kind

Thanks for that expletives thing. I will use it.

Rebellion said...


That was weird no doubts but cute as well :)
hehehe.. in fact dam cute..

Hey.. btw.. you took off the shirt in the gurls' restroom only na ? :P:P:P

And ya.. now that we've known more than we needed to.. out with your name please :P:P

Take care,

PS: Please don't force me to use another threat (rather, attempt to threaten) or sing the song.. NAAM KYA HAI to torture you okay :P:P

Rebellion said...

And btw dear..

You were tagged by ME too :D
So is Jane & Nav.....
Thanks for completing the tag.. Loved reading it, enjoyed it thoroughly :D

Take care,

Macho Girl said...

I also talk to myself. And I also scream bloody murder when microsoft word refuses to save changes and gives me problems. There was a point when I didnt know how to turn off the auto correct thingy and had to write a chem lab report. Everytime I tried to type "dimer" it would automatically change that to "dimmer" :| I hate MS word

I am off blogger said...

Reminder huh??
You need to be awake also to be reminded!!!
12:00 Baje tak kaun jaage???

Janefield said...

Hehehehe! Cute stuff TGFI :) Do you talk to the mice in the lab as well? :D

And Aarti...abbe, tu har kisike blog pe jaake un logon ko dhamkakar tag kar rahi ho!! Kyon? Kyon?? Kyon???


Sayesha said...

Hahahahah! Good qn, Aarti! TGFI, so was it a gals' restroom or what? ;)

der Bergwind said...

wen u talk to thy self wat do ya get bac... sound of silence but on a grimmer note u get enlightened naa!! but spilling carcinogenic stuff isnt too bad afterall even kfc feedz us those n most pillz have a shade of C factor...
n abusing a door.. why abuse is all i say, as they say the human dermis is too thick for penetration.. wordz are never enuf!

Rebellion said...


Firstly, you said that damn sweetly :)
And... You're right Jane...
Hamari dhamki ko koi seriously leta hi nahi :(
Isliye am jumping over from blog to blog damkaoing everyone to complete the tag...
And the same applies to you too.. Jaldi se complete the tag varnaaaaaa X-( :P

Take care,
Aarti :P

don'thaveaclue said...

hey come u never let on abt this peek into that crazed mind! u dont get ur jollies by separating butterflies from their wings do u?...

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ah, keep wondering. :)

HA HA. very. funny. #3 has generated the most discussion on here. why am i not surprised?

ah. i figured you and sayesha had tagged me about the same thing. now i read your blog and found out it's different. but c'mon. this is a sort of overlapping tag, isn't it???? :)

>And ya.. now that we've known more than we needed to.. out with your name please :P:P

if i tell you, i'd have to kill you.

ahh. can i please invite you to give a guest lecture in my lab about the "unfair stigma attached to self-talkers" ? and lets form an i hate MS Word while we're at it too.

arre, i can set an alarm to my reminders. to remind me at whatever time i want.
:) this aarti female is terrorizing everyone like this. koi kuch karo. and no, we don't have mice in the lab, else i'd probably be chatting them up, too.

arre! it was the girls'. (just happened to be opposite my lab, thankfully). had it been the guys' it wouldn't have been such a well-kept "secret" joke would it? ;)

der bergwind,
hmm., even when i talk to myself, i talk in full spellings. ;) yes i get enlightened.and the abusing, it makes me feel better.

arre baap re. fir aa gayi tu? theek hai. will do it baba.

you need to leave, NOW. :)

Prashanth said...

First time here... I'm so fed up with my own grad life and I identified with yours so much I read every post :)

No, I'm not crazy or jobless, but I happen to be an absent-minded procrastinator as well, so much so that sometimes I forget to procrastinate. And I just finished that project proposal and my advisor is flying to India tomorrow and...

Where was I? Oh yes... nice blog. Am linking you. Cheerio!

The Smiling Girl said...

Abhi bas woh mat bolo.. I love this anonymity thingy! U see, I have a nice picture of u in my head.. Just dont want it to shatter... haha.. *Evil laugh and grin!*

Nice one!

The Smiling Girl said...

Btw, did Donthaveaclue just reveal ur name? :) Dipwad??

Janefield said...

aarti's back! *shudder* actually more like this one >> *slaps forehead*

j/k, aarti babe, u r 1 cutie (TGIF, dis wuz 2 driiv u nutz :))))

Janefield said...

shudda bin....QT! :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hi prashanth!
ah well, i really don't want to set an example on younger grad students ..;) procrastination is the bane of our existence!

chalo, atleast someone appreciates my anonymity. I will remain, yours sincerely, anonymous!
and that donthaveaclue is a BIG dipwad himself. and since he's banished from here, we can call him some more names. hyuk hyuk hyuk

{high pitched scream}
go and stand outside the blog!

Rebellion said...


//"if i tell you, i'd have to kill you"
Deal!!! You gimme your name, il give you my address :P:P

//"arre baap re. fir aa gayi tu?"
hehohohohahaha.. only if people could get rid of me sooo easily!! Sorry gurls, your bad luck is going realll bad :P

//"aarti babe, u r 1 cutie (QT)"
Thanks *blush blush*.. nupes, am not blushing :P

//"TCO.. go and stand outside the blog!"
Sorry Jane :P:P

Take care,
Aarti :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

oye aarti,
tujhe kya lagta hai? i already know where you live. muahahahahaha. :D

Rebellion said...

Yeh galiyaaaaaaaaaaaaan...
Yeh chaubaaraaaaaaaaa...
Mere kaam ke nahi.. mere kaam ke nahi :(
*suddenly shifts into listening sad songs by K.L. Saigal* :(

Zindagi rahi to phir milenge TGFI, varna aapka naam jaane bina hi dam tod denge!

Apna khayaal rakhna bacchha..
Aapki dost, Aarti :(

Janefield said...

HAHHAHAHAHHA!! Taking the 'teacher' thing a bit too seriously, aren't we :P

Rebellion said...

Yeah teacher kya hota hai Jane??

On a serious note.. if your comment was related to mine, I didn't get it Jane....

Take care,

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

abbe oye . yeh senti aur kahin leke jao. mere pe nai chalta.

and. btw, tu to sabse badi tubelight nikli.

points at aarti and goes "tubelight, tubelight," :)

arre, naam mein kya hai? if i tell you my name is gomati. to kya? and what's the proof that aarti is your real name anyways, haan????? :))

hahaha. its not even like "get out of the class" will work on the brats i teach here. ;)

Rebellion said...


As far as name goes, the entire blog world is only on trust yaar! Dekho na, I thought TCO's name to be Jane in real, as given by her *sob sob* Dokha kha gayi! :P
Its just that I like to know my friends better, not as hidden identities but everyone does have their own viewpoints which I respect :)
As far as me is concerned, am Aarti everywhere coz I am almost like an open book :)

Err.. ye thoda zyada serious ho raha hai shaayad!! Chillax.. have a drink dear :D

Oye.. tubelight kisko bolte ho??
Hota hai hota hai.. bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai :P
[Vaise yeh aapne sach kaha.. tubelight to main hun] :(

//yeh senti aur kahin leke jao. mere pe nai chalta"
Nahi chalega?? :(
*packs her bag & gets ready to leave*
M going TGFI...........

Take care,

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Oye hoyyye. tu to badi senti ho gayi. :) chalo bata diya na, mera naam gomati hai. aur kisi ko na batana. :)

now come back, please. :)

Rebellion said...

Aawww... Thank you dear >:D<
*unpacks her potli & settles on the blog again* :D

hehehehe.. Aap bhi senti senti ho gaye the na??? :P
Aur ab sach sach batao.. koi random naam dhoondke to nahi kaha na :( Aisa hai to TGFI hi theek tha :-s

Neways, when is your next update coming dear??? Make it quickkkk and whats your orkut id?? I wanna do frandsip with you, I am good girl, only interested in nice frandsip, if you interested, gimme your id :P

Take care,
Aarti :P

Rebellion said...

Forgot the PS..

PS: Mere senti hone ka tension mat lena haan dear.. main baithe baithe bhi ainwai senti ho jaati hun.. :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yay! thank-you for coming back.

Gomati pasand nai aayi? chalo fir TGFI hi bula lo. :))))))

yaar, like i said, when i come to bombay, i'll call you and identify myself, okay?? :)

Rebellion said...

*wails aloud*

I had a doubt you were lying
*cries louderrrr*

Hamare emotions ka mazaak banaya aapne!! *sob sob*
Dekh lungi!!!
*stares trying to make her eyes bigger to scare TGFI*

Aap Mumbai aaoge? Aur mujhe contact karoge? Yeh bhi meri firki le rahe ho na.. kar lo.. uda lo bhichari bacchhi ka mazaak.. main bhi dekh lungi aapko!!! :P

Take care,

PS: You seriously have any plans of coming to Mumbai??? \:D/

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yaar, i do have plans of coming to mumbai, and will call u then. i was serious about that part. ok? mere sincere intentions ko aise write-off kar diya tune? :))))
pata nai kab aaungi, sometime in the next 6- 9 months i hope.

Rebellion said...

//"mere sincere intentions ko aise write-off kar diya tune?"
Aawww.. cholly cholly :)

//"i do have plans of coming to mumbai, and will call u"
Waitingggggggggggg :D

//"sometime in the next 6- 9 months"
:O:O:O Kitna intezaar karaoge yaar. Next 4 months mein to mera ghar badal chuka hoga :(
But anyways, would be in Mumbai only :)

Hope to see you sooooooon dear,
Take care,

PS: Aakhir aapne apna naam nahi bataya :-s :P

Janefield said...

Oye! So many happenings behind my backside!

main Gomati teacher ke liye woh teacherwala comment choda tha! :D Tubelight!! :D

@Gomati teacher,
teacher teacher, can i come into class now pilees?

Rebellion said...


Oye.. yeh tubelight tubelight kya laga rakha hai dono ne haan? Bola na.. bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti galtiyan hoti rehti hai :D
Ab kya bacchhi ki jaan loge??? :P:P

And ma'am.. where's your update??
Thursday bhi chala gaya aur weekend bhi!!!

Take care,

Janefield said...

Baap re! Do you LIVE on blogistan, aartiji?? In the bid to avoid yr tag, I have temporarily resigned from blogging to express my protests at tags!! :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

@ tco, yes yes, you may. imposition complete kiya, to.

Rebellion said...


*evil laughter* :P:P

Now get back to your blog & start working :P:P

Take care,

PS: Am a tottal vaelli.. so most of the day am online and on the net matlab on yahoo & blogs :P

Janefield said...

LOL!! aarti bhi badi dilchasp cheez nikli!! :D

Rebellion said...


Kabhi tubelight, kabhi cheez..
behenji.. ladki hun main :P

And btw.. Thank you for the compliment :D

TGFI.. you can join in the fun too, after all we're on your blog :P
Don't feel left out bacchha.. Feel comfortable, apna hi blog samjho :P

Take care,

Janefield said...