Saturday, July 01, 2006

Grown men do cry

Yes, it's about futbol. Whoever saw Argentina vs Germany, and England vs Portugal, saw that. The lab down the hall on my floor is populated by Argentinians. I often go there to borrow stuff. Yesterday, when I went to mooch off some more stuff, the gloom could be felt a few feet away from the door. As soon as I went in and approached M, she wailed "tee geee efff iii....i am depressed!! I just talked to my family. they are was so bad". I looked down, uneasily. I hid my little begging bowl-tube behind my back. "what was i thinking? how insensitive of me" - I thought to myself. I told her "it's a game..after all, there will be another time" you know, those words of sympathy that never help. I hugged and consoled her, quickly putting the tube in my pocket. Then I looked around uneasily- torn between finding someone else to ask, or just leaving. I really wanted to do that experiment that night, but I was also feeling bad for them. I heard prof S's voice. Okay, I'll go ask him, I thought. I approached him after M was out of earshot. He looked up at me with a grim, forlorn look on his face. Oh my god. I left. I went back at night and poured out some of the Tween-80 for myself, with a note saying that I'd replace it as soon as our order came through.

Today I joined my friend D in cheering for Brazil. Brazil has been a lab favourite, since we've several Brazilians in our lab. In fact, they're the only reason I got drawn into the world-cup mania (the other being the ample eye-candy). The bar they were all going to be in was packed and I couldn't trace D or any other lab-mates. So I stood near the door, and figured out from the cheering which half was French-supporters and which was Brazil. The French supporters were a mixed-lot. I think all the europeans clumped together. They were sombre, and enocouraged their team by polite applause and some amount of shouting. The Brazilians, were all in their yellow-green shirts/jerseys, had brought along big drums and other sound-making devices, and were a boisterous lot. I made my way through and met D and others. This was just after France scored their goal. "Tee gee eff iiii......pray to your Ga-ne-shaaaaa make our team play better!!!!" wailed D. Of course, she was tapping into all possible resources at that point, drawing from the stories I'd told her a long time back about the Indian god of obstacles :) Yes, yes, I will, I said nervously. For the next hour, all I heard were loud Portuguese expressions from her and others that I never understood. D is teaching me portuguese, so out of habit, I was tempted to ask "And what does that mean?" but quickly caught myself, realising that this was not the time for lessons. Maamla gambheer tha. So I stood, and found myself actually praying! But it didn't help. Brazil lost, the french-supporters smirked at us, but I must say, the Brazilians were great sports. They said to each other "ah, well, 2010 it will be " and quickly dispersed. I am afraid about Monday tho. The whole floor is going to be gloomy and depressed and I wonder if I should smile at all.

Portugual versus France. Italy versus Germany. Ah well, as far as the sport goes, for me, the world cup is over. But I will go back, if only to indulge in some bird-watching. :-)


satish said...

am i the first one?!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Hi satish,
yes you are! you found that so hard to believe that you went away without saying anything else? kya yaar! here's your gold. :)

Artful Badger said...

Well I am pretty sad Brazil lost. It played so badly today. Where was Ronaldinho, Ronaldo? I mean I don't even remember them making a decent shot on goal! Zinedine Zidane was divine though. France pretty much won because of him.
The semis should be good fun...I want Portugal to win!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Hi Ramani!

they put up a very bad show, yes. :-(.

I am reminded of all the post-mortem that goes on when India loses in cricket. Every channel will have analysts dissecting the game...sigh. I can see a similar trend in blogposts now in place of tv channels.

Born a Libran said...

Well, I dont think Brazil deserved to be in the semis after their dismal performance... What was bad though was to see Argentina and England who were outplaying their oponents to lose in the penalty kicks... It may only be a game but try telling that to all those guys who put their heart into it...

satish said...


kya yaar! here's your gold. :)


thankyou. ( taliya nahin! :"> )

i am a gold medalist now! ( that will sure get me a gud job, i hope!)

abt the post, i also watched the match. and somehow i feel kee brazil sud have scored atleast one goal bhale hee france baad mein jeet jaati.

nice post.

satish said...

(hey bhagwaan, kya mere pass kuch karne ko nahin hai?!)

aap mumbai se ho naa?!

its raining heavily here rt now. jabardast mausam hai. and its sunday, so it just cant get any better. you must be missing all this naa.

chaliye bye :)

Macho Girl said...

Brazil lost..... *sigh*.... I was rooting for them right from the start.... *sigh*.... The world cup is over for me too.... :'(

(on the other hand... I won a hundred dollars!!! I had a bet on the germany vs argentina match and I won!!!!! :D)

but stilll.... Brazil lost... *sigh*
*hides her face and cries*

greensatya said...

So Brazil lost ! the way they were playing since the first match, it was expected. Did you watch their Ghana match?

I stopped seeing matches after Argentina lost. I had made so grandiose plan for viewing that match and my team lost. I even cursed myself for rooting for Argentina(thought my failure aspect jinxed them).

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

**Does a victory dance**
Mark my words: Italy. Is. Gonna. Win. FIFA. World. Cup. 2006. :D :D :D



If Italy doesn't win and Germany does, I'll lose an all-important bet. Tum sab mera mara mooh dekhoge. :| Cheer for Italy, okay? :D

I am off blogger said...

Well, first I wanted Ukraine to win, it lost, then i wanted Argentina to win, it lost, then i wanted england to win, it lost but finally i wanted france to win and hurray it won!! The only thing i had against brazil was the way they took it for granted that they are gonna win this time also!!
And the same thing makes me hate Scolari!!
It will be really nice to see Zidane picking up the trophy in his last match, but even if he doesnt, I hope its not Scolari's Portugal!!

I am off blogger said...

Tumhare ultimatum se zyada darr mujhe "writer's block" ke baare mein wikipedia mein padhne se laga!!
Will try to post as soon as possible......

PSV said...

World cup is intoxicating!
I hope/wish/pray that Italy kicks germany's ass bigtime on tuesday and Portugal should make it to their first final.

Italy has been unlucky in the world cup,I wish this edition of world cup is better for them.
Portugal is class apart, those guys are amazing. A team which has threatened all these years finally is in the limelight. Now with Deco back for the semis Portugal should win for sure.
But who will I cheer for if Portugal and Italy make it to the finals???

Rebellion said...

Brazil lost
*sob sob*
Not that I was rooting for it all the way but in the match it was definitely Brazil but this is also the fact that they were playing real bad since the start of world cup!!!

As far as winning FIFA is concerned, its gonna be Germany this time.... yeah Nav, prepare yourself coz ur gonna lost your imporant bet :P

Its ok TGFI.. Pls Do smile, who knows.. probably your smile can get them back to their normal lives too!! :p

Take care,

Janefield said...

I must be one of the few totally unaffected by this WC. Deliberately stayed off watching matches else that's all I would be doing. Sanity still prevails!

Sirius Black said...

half of my classmates were on the verge of crying after brazil and england lost.
I on the other hand coudlnt stop grinning as i just won a super bet :D
Portugal Rulezzz lol

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yes, yes, they played badly. but still. and yes, Argentina's and England's losses were rather gruesome.
and i didn't say it's "only" a game. I said it's a game..implying that there a degree of unpredictability involved. I wouldn' t want to be lynched by a lab full of argentinians. :-)

koi comment maarta to taaliyan bhi mil jaati. :-) haan main mumbai se hoon. yaar, koi zaroorat, itni details bataane ki? :(.

chaliye, enjoy keejiye. :-)

yeah sistah. it's a sad day for brazil.

A $100? lucky you. i played on the safe side and kept my stakes low. so ididn't lose much.

HOW MANY TIMES WILL I ADMIT- they played badly! :-) sorry, er, just got a bit touchy there. too bad about Argentina's loss man. Inspite of being a brazil supporter, I really felt for Argentina.....

I did a cute factor analysis and I think Italy rules from among the four teams left to battle. So I might as well root for them now.
But I'll have my own reasons for being ECSTATIC if Germany kicks their butt. bwahahahahahahahah

good for you. haan yaar Brazil didn't put in it' s best. Bas karo sab log. mere jale pe namak chidakna. hmph. Ab dekhtein hain kya hoga. My gut says Germany will take the cup home. But I'm not gonna root for those smug !@$#$#s. :-)

aur aisa kya bol diya wiki ne? why don't you write on that, so we can also know?

uhh. if you were a girl, you could've used cute factor too. :-)
may the best team win!

chalo, aarti. pehle laga koi to mera dard baantne waala mil gaya, fir tune bhi shuru kar di? yes, i think it's going to be Germany who takes the cup. fir dekhenge, tgwstw ki cheekti chillati roop. hahahahahaahaha

wise choice there, girl. atleast someone got some work done.

sirius black,
congrats on winning your bet. and good for Portugal. aage dekhtein hain hota hai kya.

Prashanth said...

I was happily ensconced in bed, reading a novel while my flatmates where cheering their favourite teams on and beating each other up :). Finally, when I walked past the living room, I asked my friend who reached the semis, and he told me to ask my other flatmate because the world cup was over as far as he was concerned! Bah, sports makes such kids of grown men!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

atleast he wasn't crying. ;)
or was he????

sharda said...

Brazil lost!It is very sad.I lost $10 on bet.Otherwise I dont mind who ever win or looses!

Artful Badger said...

heh..thats can never go wrong in the post-mortem...though it is almost entirely useless :)..

Andy E. said...

It is sad that both South American teams got eliminated. I think the best soccer fans are from Brazil and Argentina and the Cup is poorer without them, not to mention uglier with only the Europeans around. We're now left with four European teams, all of whom are neighbors with the exception of Portugal (makes me wish all the more that Spain had been there; my co-workers are quite amused at my frustrations rooting for Spain; it's unanimous that they're the most underachieving team in World Cups). As I've mentioned on my vishesh-tippani on the World Cup, this European dominance is unlikely to happen in 2010.

The Brazilian women in my office were disappointed too and confessed to having cried, but were full of admiration for Zidane. I was neutral myself, having had money on France, but finding it impossible to root against Brazil. I was also hoping Argentina would knock Germany out, but in the end, they were just too tired and also couldn't see much of the goal, what with the German giant of a goalie making the goal look like a hockey goal.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeah!! it's so sad.

true, plus there is some kind of indulgent appeal in post-mortems, methinks.

andy e,
your vishesh tippani is being echoed by a lot of people. but i didn't know that bit of trivia about eu countries never winning the cup outside eu. that is something to chew on. so in 2010, Braaazil, it will be! :-)

{sigh} just when i was getting over the depression, (and mustering up the courage to go and bother lab-neighbours for reagents again) i think i'm going to relapse.

and that's all you had to say? re-allyy???

qsg said...

World cup is over? Girl, it ain't over 'til it's over! It will be over for the Germans tomorrow, and for the French on the 5th!

In the Italy Portugal final, Italy will win, Totti will again celebrate the birth of his son, and the world will be beautiful, again! :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i hope you're right about the germans. but the brain in my gut says that they will take the cup home.
the other brain refuses to compute.

Sayesha said...

Just for you babe, here's my wishes for Germany :)

Duhita said...

It's a pity the Argentinian goalie had to retire:( They played well. I guess now I will root for Italy and Portugal to reach the finals:D Hmmm, but wouldnt it be interesting should Portugal win for a change?!!! Oh well, getting up tomorrow morning will be tough for the match, but anything in the name of Italy.....

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yaar, thanks. lekin main kya bataun? i don't want them to win either. but anything to get back at tgwstw, thats for sure. :-)

yes, that will be the most ideal scenario, portugal takes the cup. but i'm not putting any $$ on anyone!

The Smiling Girl said...

Arey yaar.. it surely feels bad to see those grown up men cry like that in public, right?
I hated to see the Argentina team cry.. and I hated seeing the English cry too... though I dont love any team in particular, I can understand how fast the adrenaline rushes...:)
I toh.. hold hands tightly with S when the Penalty shoot outs happen... its just too much to handle...

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Italy is in. Germany is out. main ro-un ya hasoon?????

Gates said...

They do, just that they usually cry in the toilets where no one can see them...

Gender ego...