Tuesday, July 18, 2006

One too many shots, too much fun

I just got back from the first bachelorette's party I've been to. I'd shied away from going to a couple of these earlier, because I never knew the people that well, and didn't feel all that comfortable. But this one was for a really good friend, D. I knew most of the gang through her, and there was no missing it.

If you ever looked disapprovingly at that group of raucous, loud girls on the street, today I was part of one such ensemble. And it was so much fun. We got together at a restaurant, where everyone gave D naughty gifts and pranks, and things were starting to get pretty loud right then. After dinner and drinks (D had to drink hers through a rather obscenely shaped straw) we moved on to the streets, playing a game of "dares" where each girl had to enact a dare based on the card she picked. Most of the time these involved approaching a random person on the street and asking for something. There was loud hooliganism, cat-calling, and what not. Twelve loud girls on the street is not a sight to miss. D was wearing a sash that proclaimed her bachelorette status, so most people got the drift. We went about rounding up unsuspecting passer-bys for some fun. Most of them were sports, some of them shirked us off and walked away. I live in a small town, and if you've lived here long enough, you cannot walk around downtown without running into someone familiar. Soon enough, I ran into a couple of kids I might've taught in some class. They looked aghast to see me as part of this gang. Later, I bumped into another friend and his wife, who waved at me rather shyly, while I was all smiles and waving a big HEY. :D It was funny to see him scurry away, with a look that said "I don't know her". We settled at the next bar where we played another silly girly game, and the bartender there treated us all to shots on the house. Our boisterous group got only more unruly, but he didn't seem to mind at all. We spent time chatting, cracking silly jokes, and laughing our hearts out, giving D the best time she deserved, a few days before her wedding. We then proceeded to the next place, not without a good amount of time invested in arguing where we should be going next. The last memory I have of screaming myself hoarse like this was when I was travelling with a bunch of people on a girl-guides camp. I almost lost my voice.
More fun was had, more jokes, giggles and secrets were exchanged at the next place. It was a week-night, and everyone had to report to work the next day. So as much as we'd like to stay outside and party, we had to all begin to head home. But D was happy. She had only expected a dinner and didn't expect all of us to turn up and let our hair down like that. For a tuesday night, this was indeed some night. And I'm glad I went, and got to be a part of this fun.
Here's to D, may she and her soon-to-be-hubby have the best of times ahead!


Harsha said...

First time that I have heard of a bachelorette party. And looks like it was good fun indeed. :)

Now if only if you would have given more particulars about the naughty gifts ;);)

Born a Libran said...

Naughty gifts (curiousity kills the cat :) )... Girly games... cat calls... Bar crawling...

Sounds like fun... How much of a hangover this morning?? Did you manage to get any work done today?

The Smiling Girl said...

Abba.. sounds sooo tempting.. my friends wanted to have one of this type for me too, but I chickened out.. now I see what I missed...
Waa.... mujhe woh din wapas chahiye... *wails*

sharda said...

It's always good to have fun with friends and you will cherish these moments later in your life.have fun!

Rebellion said...

Wow.. that was sooo coool :)
Me too heard first time of a bachelorette's party and it really sounded fun!!! Wish I enjoy some similar moments too ;)

Great to see you excited like this dear :D

Take care,

greensatya said...

When I read the first line and saw 'bachelorette's' party, I was expecting more juicy post.

Seems like it was a tame one :D (if you know what I mean) To make it up atleast you could have written about those 'dares' :)

Anyway it was good, these days many bachelor/bachelorette parties turn out to be 'deal breaker'

Janefield said...

wowee!! sounds like you guys had a total blast and then some :)), yeah, more details reqd as above ^! gosh, i really need a night out like this with some gal pals, would be sooo fun!

Janefield said...

right now i feel like leaving india for 2 reasons.

1. effin blogspot blocking.
2. bachelorette's night out.


Perspective Inc. said...

Hoorah to the Bachelorette!
I have been at both ends..(Once in the gang..once the bachelorette)....Both have their own charms..As a Bachelorette I remember getting pissed drunk; I had decided since it was the last time I'd be single and bar hopping with that status,boy did I live it up!! (I'll
spare the gory details..).. Oh and being part of the gang celebrating the bachelorette, even more fun coz you get to think..thats not me yet..whew!! :-) Shots anyone?

P.s: I like the way you write..my first visit to your blog and I actually went back and read your archives..nice!!

Sayesha said...

Babe you're on Desipundit again! Yippeeeeee!

Another round on the house! :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Hi Harsha!
yeah..it was fun. I walked through downtown today almost scared if anyone would recognize me from last night. :0

HAHAHA, as for the gifts, ummm, I take the fifth.

work? what work?
/hic hic

afsos, ab woh din tumhein nai milenge. :( you should've had one! it can be so much fun, i had no idea. and I like the way D was made to feel special through it all, to ease her off all the wedding stress (And you know how that is, especially here)

khair koi nahi. you can have a belated one maybe? ;)

yes, it was nice, a good time after a real long time too, so it was really good timing.

haan. I knew the happy (drunk) post of mine would put your fears to rest. :)
yaar, you should round up your girl friends and do something fun. aur fir hamein bataana :)

look at all you guys hovering for details! tsk tsk. I just got a warning email with the some rather incriminating pics from the party that said "what happened last night stays there!!". :)
me no telling annyyyything.

arre, will mail ya the details, what say? ;)
sucks about the blogspot block. stupid, idiotic, senseless, irrational actions. the very thought is so frustrating. i can't imagine how stifled y'all feel there.

hi perspective. inc!
you sure have more than one perspective right there! ;)
sorry, couldn't resist. :P ..yes, the bride-to-be was pretty sloshed... but she was the star of the evening! i truly think it de-stressed her, and we all had an awesome time too (yeah, glad i'm not there yet, for now, it's just fun to be on this side ;)

p.s. & thanks!

i just saw after u told me! gosh. marwayega mujhe yeh desipundit. :0
/going to scrutinize my statcounter :)

Sayesha said...

Marwaayega? Arre yeh toh khushi ki baat hai... I have a lot of respect for what DP selects! It's an honour to be mentioned by them man! :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

honour indeed. i am honoured.

so you didn't respect my blog earlier, eh?

just kidding, just kidding..
marwayega because i didn't expect my drunken escapades to fall under public eye like that. :) it was a joke coming from my sober alter ego, bas. :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

and yes, another round for the DP mention. sayeshaz will have to work overtime tonight. :-)

confused said...


Strange, I wrote a post about getting drunk too. :) Maybe you should really drive down NJ 168

But you are a miser, did not share all the fun..

Sayesha said...

Pinning me with own words eh? :D

Yeh le!

This is what I wrote - I have a lot of respect for what DP selects!

Muahahahaha! Toh respect for non-DP posts and a lot of respect for DP posts! Muahahahahaaha! :D

And Sash just about managed to save her ass

Venky said...

Good good good...looks like u r a lot of fun too when u r not torturing poor students at ur uni or when u r not working on ur thesis paper... I am going to "DIG " for some time now.

//It was funny to see him scurry away, with a look that said "I don't know her
Now i know that I am not the only person, people run away from at times.

Also congratulations for being selected by DP for their hall of fame!!! :D

But at the end of it all that was a nice post.

The Smiling Girl said...

Oh Sure..
just yday, I was talking to Jane and telling her that we can have a girl\'s night out with all our Blogger Friends. I could pool up Jane and Sash. They are game!
I thought it would be great to have you and World Girl (we need some entertainment, u see;)), and may be QSG might not mind coming too..
Kyun aana hain? ;)

And haan.. Congrats again for the DesiPundit thingy!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

as of now, i'm having trouble identifying my car in the parking lot. we will have to save the road-trip for another day.

and i can't navigate through your confused blog to find your drunk post. please to be linking? i am a curious, prying person but i do not believe in give and take. so no, no details for you.
you have to be a woman, (or a generous bartender) to be privy to the details. bwahahahahahaha.

jaane do abhi. the moment is gone, the damage is done, this blogger and bar regular is deeply hurt.

abbe oye venky,
mere hi ilaake mein shaana banta hai? DIG-on, DIG-on. :)
& thanks. happy about DP. :)

arre, i'm up for that. anyyyday! tgwstw is rather underage, tho. uska kya karen? ;)
thanks yaar.

qsg said...

I havent read everything, but did get to the girls night out part - I am game - we might be geographically and time zone challenged...but I am sure there is a way! I need to have a girls' night out after the brutal week! :))

Duhita said...

Only done one hen's night so far but it was lots of fun! Congrats on being linked to DP. Another round of drinks maybe?:)

At the moment, the planned girls night out seems far more interesting, but pray tell how will you guys pull it off being in different parts of the world?!?!?!;) I thought tgwstw just hit the right age recently?:) Oh well, theres always OJ:)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hey duh
tee hee. i like that nick for you. :)
thanks, thanks, sure, another round of drinks. I am going to get a liver transplant anyways, so might as well. ;)

the planned girls-nightout is still in planning stages. we will see! :)

Janefield said...

what post made it to DP??? THIS one??? so cooool! hehehe...me thinks the DP admin has the hots for our Ipanema gal...ahem!! ;D

Janefield said...

ok baba, that was a bimbo comment from one bimbo to another, no need to get your er..unowot..in a twist! :P


and CONGRATS for hitting DP again :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

one thwack to TCO. :-)
glad you're back to join the hungama.
*hungama hungama hungama*

qsg said...

ahem, interesting comment there TCO about the DP admin - well, we need to further investigate it....

Having said that, I do think it was a good post! :) Totally well deserved... do we have anyone from DP at the "party"?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

flings a shot glass at qsg.

>Having said that, I do think it was a good post! :)

pick a side, lady! :@

we need someone from DP right here, right now, to vouch for the quality of my posts, and nip these insinuating and deeply hurtful remarks in the bud.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

no. no one from DP at the "party". unless someone is coming undercover...???

Janefield said...

oooo!! how can a DPite not be "undercover" :P at the party to beat all parties?? ;D

and aiseech kuch phek diya humne, pata nahin kyun *hice* oops, sorry, wknd ki bahut anticipation aa raha hai!!!

Janefield said...

hahahahahah i couldn't even spell HIC right in all the excitement!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

tune 5 ghante pehle shuru kar di? wah bhai! isse kehten hain enthu.