Sunday, July 23, 2006

The problem is,

I want to have my cake and eat it too.


Sayesha said...

And who says you can't?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Now that you mention that, several people! :-) But I'm more interested in the how......

Pallavi said...

Lemme know if you are successful!

qsg said...

Don't we all??!!! :))

Born a Libran said...

There is actually a new scientific principle that says that can do both these incompatible things at the same time link . But in general terms, what good would a cake be if you couldn't eat it?

Harsha said...

Take a pic. Print a blow-up.
Eat the cake. ;)

Perspective Inc. said...

Only if you can pull off being an Idealist AND a realist, all at one time!

Janefield said...

is this a trick question?

greensatya said...

You write these posts and then say that 'I have cheek to ask the details?' :P

Good luck in your attempt. If you are successful then let me know as well.

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Easy- make 2 cakes :)

I am off blogger said...

You didnt say that I want t have "full" cake and want to eat the "full" cake!!!
Middle path.....if its possible.........

satish said...

wen you eat the cake, you are actually having it.

confused said...

make another one!

So you can keep one and eat the other one...

And if you claim that making another cake is not possible then the cake is total rubbish, remember the old scientific adage, how an experiment can be accepted only if it can be replicated in the exact same conditions?>

So there!

The Smiling Girl said...

U and ur intriguous posts, Lajjo... :)
I will tell u what, go to the shop, buy a cake and eat it.. and pls in the process, buy me a eggless cake pls.. :)

The Smiling Girl said...

Darling, if u want a genuine answer, try broaching this topic in our famous email thread...
M sure, there will be a way.. :)

Sayesha said...

Depends on what kinda cake it is, when you wanna have it, and whom you wanna share it with (if at all).

Rebellion said...

Everything problem has a solution..
Nothing is impossible...
Even the word 'Impossible' says "I M Possible" :)

Okay.. that was a serious reply to your very serious post and on a serious note, unless the actual serious problem comes, the apt serious solution cannot be given and seriously speaking, I think am getting tooo serious :P:P:P

Did I read CAKE??? :O:O:O
And what made you think il have you let it alone?? :P
No wayyys.. you see.. "Hum cake khane ke liye kahin bhi jaa sakte hai" :D:P
Get it to the next party gurl.. the cake & the problem, both will end for sure ;):P

Take care,

Raj said...

Of course, you can.

Divide the cake into two equal parts.

Keep one-half in the refrigerator.

Eat the other half.

Take the first half out of the fridge the next day.

Have it.

And u r done.

p.s.: I know its dumb but its the only solution i cud think of.

Btw, I read the title of your post " Today, I got chased by a duck" few days ago and luaghed for two minutes :)

Rishit Jain said...

Ummm, I would admit I did not understand what you meant to say in your post, when I read for the first time. If you are saying that, "How can I simultaneously eat and preserve my cake?", then I don't think it is possible. But if you are hinting at bigger questions with the help of this gastronomic one, then there might be some answer, but you need to ask specific questions :)

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Hey Confused I said that before you! :)
Great minds think alike huh??:)

Andy E. said...

Apart from the obvious suggestion of buying two, you could eat yours really fast, go sit near the slowest eater in the group, point to something behind him/her and say "Look! Peacock!" and when he/she turns around you pick up and you run. Then you have.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hi Pallavi!
hmmm.. for a small fee i may. ;)

do we? i thought some were less greedy and more calorie conscious than others ;)

hmmm.. i think that the assumption that PP and NP are special cases of GP and hence not competing is a bit questionable. :)
The good that comes of not eating the cake is of course, in having it! ;)

eat the blow-up cake? ewww. ;)

hmmmm, now that I don't know....

what do you think?? :)

> You write these posts and then say that 'I have cheek to ask the details?' :P
lol!! yes, I do. :-)
I will market the secret formula if found. You may be eligible for a small discount, tho'. ;)

but I want to have this one!!! and eat it too!!!!!!
*stomps feet on ground*

HEHE, I may want to eat part of the cake, but I want to have FULL cake!
middle path...hmmmm

lol! good one! Well I want to have my cake, eat it, AND keep it! I am a very greedy person. :-)

my cake is not an experiment! how dare you! :@
therefore need not conform to replicates. and you said my cake is rubbish??? you are now definitely banned from here!!

and yes, akka came up with this. (without having to cast aspersions on my baking talents).

if I go, buy, and eat, how will I have ? Post the question to the thread? Oh no, tum saare bukkad log mera cake hi khatam kar daloge. bad idea. ;)

cake is a black forest cake. and no, am not sharing. yeh cake sirf MERA hai. unless you've a way to eating it AND keeping it. then may be we can talk..khopche mein ..

oye! you can't be serious! ;) haan, dekha, no way i'm bringing it to the party.

hi Raj!
but I want FULL cake. I want I want I want.
>Btw, I read the title of your post " Today, I got chased by a duck" few days ago and luaghed for two minutes :)

:) only the title? waise please don't start that again. these merciless people will not spare me.

hi Rishit!
arre yeh one-liner type posts ka idea maine tere blog se hi to uthaya. i think it's so co.o.o..o.l. ;)

you do know the second part of that adage now, don't you? ;)

andy e,
long time no see. e.!
hahhahah i tried that a couple times. Resulted in me not getting invited to any gatherings where people eat cake. :(

Selma Mirza said...

For a long long time my sister thought 'having a cake' and 'eating a cake' is the same thing... (What did you have for breakfast? - I had a cake...) She never really understood this proverb until recently :-)

The Smiling Girl said...

Oiye cake eating Lajjo.. tune to Gemini ke space mein bola ki tu tikh hain abhi?? Phir bhi naya post nahi??
Kuch likh yaar.. not only on gmail.. here also.. :);)

Nirwa said...

Isn't it the same ?

The Inquisitive Akka said...

I don't know the second part- pray, enlighten me :)

The Smiling Girl said...

Cake ke bachi.. jaldi se neend se uth, aur email thread ko follow kar!!

Aur ek cake mereliye bake kar.. tikh hain??

The Smiling Girl said...

*Smiling Girl admiring her colorful profile pic here*
*Smiling Girl smiling her cute little smile here*

spoon said...

This has got to be the stupidest saying EVER! I mean who would buy a cake and not wanna eat it?? If you've got a cake - eat it eat it damnit! Eat it before it goes mank!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hi selma!
i LOVE your bombay pics! absolutely love em!
lol, good for your sister, she must've enjoyed not knowing the real meaning. ;)

oye s.g,
maine gemini ke space mein kya bola?? arre, been busy yaar, new post will have to wait for dead tired at nights to post anything new.

no dear, it isn't. :-) i want to "have" as in keep my cake, and eat it too. :)

hehehe. it's "great minds think alike, fools seldom differ." :D
/runs away.

YOU asked me!!!! :)

your profile pic is verry neat. chal abhi bohat ho gaya yeh narcissism. ;)
emails are outta hand man! will join y'all soon!!

Hey spoon,
lol! :-)

confused said...

So we are banned? :(

Guess will have to take our business elsewhere...

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

*suddenly remembers pending free beer*
oh! no! come back, come back!
but....NO cake for you!!!{soup nazi ishtyle}

Twisted DNA said...

I guess you got the order wrong miss :) If you want to have your cake and eat it too, that should be a problem. Now you have it and then you eat it. But if you want to eat your cake and have it too, then that's a problem. (I know older people are always like that, picking nits)

If you really want to eat your cake and have it too, there are some options:
1. Get two cakes
2. Eat half the cake
3. Eat your cake, and steal the cake from next guy

If all fails, eat your cake slowly so it at leasts lasts longer :)

Sayesha said...

Gosh tu abhi tak cake kha rahi hai??? Moti ho jayegi!! :@

The Inquisitive Akka said...

I hope, for your sake, you are running very fast! After all that cake you ate, you might not be able to :)

Nirwa said...

Why do you want to have it? It will get spoilt in a few days! Get a fresh one a few days later you "eat" this one! :P :P :P

Rebellion said...

Abe oye!!!
Kitne dino tak isi cake par atke rahoge yaar...
Aage badho...

Waiting for your update :)

Take care,

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hi twisted DNA!
nice nick. ;)
ah, i seee, you say the problem is in the sequence of events? but how? if i want to keep my cake, and eat it , how? HOW?
will eat slowly, so that there is temporary attainment of goal.

hehehe that's why i'm eating and running from akka to burn the calories ;)

i have become adept at the art of eating and running away. so i am good at it. :)

hahaha. now i know it's time to put up a new post. :)

cake khatam, new post up! but i sincerely hope for your sake that you're sleeping right now. ;)