Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Should I stay or should I go?

For things that really matter, fight on, they say. That means one often fights, almost blindly, with only the end-point in sight. Because it means more than anything else. Small unhappy moments are quickly dismissed, and only the big picture is kept in mind. It's all that matters.

Sometimes, in this process, you miss more subtle hints. Signs that tell you that this is actually not what you wish it to be. The speed-breakers were there for a reason- to make you stop, rethink, and proceed with caution. They were not mere roadblocks testing your tenacity.

Don't fight so hard that you lose sight of the goal. Or fail to realise that it may not, after all be what you want. There is courage in accepting that even after coming so far, this may not be it, so it's a good point to stop. Reflect, put some distance, do whatever. But accept that things are not the same. Don't wish it to be the same simply to justify the efforts invested.

Stay if you must, go if you can.


Anonymous said...

Yeh tujhe kya hua all of a sudden? This post looks like a serious one... Take care, buddy!

-Smiling Girl

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

thanks. :(
to quote a famous blogger, shit happens.

kya hua tera login ko?

greensatya said...

Hey what a profound post! What happened?

I can only say that the fun is in the journey not always in the goal.

Have a nice day !

fafridi said...

hey tgfi, came here from psv's blog. some really nice write-ups u've got here. abt this particular one i totally agree with greensatya and thats exactly what i was thinking when i wrote this

qsg said...

Stay if you must, go if you can.

You know that's exactly what I kept thinking after the Zidane episode - only if he had left after the shoulder injury. :p Dude just didn't get the message!

Agree - a lot of times we keep thinking that we have invested too much, and therefore we might as well go through with it - when instead we should have written it off as sunk investment, swallowed our pride, and moved on! :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


>what happened?

please refer to response to above comment. :-)

yaar, what do you do when the journey is not even fun anymore??
thanks, i hope today will be nice to me.

thanks..same question for you. will go and read your post soon.

lol at the zidane comparision. :-)

move on! are the key operative words here. {sigh}

Macho Girl said...

wow... what a way to make me stop and think! (thinking makes my poor head hurt, but i guess it is required once in a while! :P) I think I can relate to this post... sometimes I just push through only to find the struggle was pretty pointless in the end.

(I was just away for a coupla days and 3 posts out already????!!!! :O)

Born a Libran said...

Very nice post... It is important to enjoy the journey and not only the happiness of achieving a goal... Also to keep the big picture in mind is so very important because it guides the journey... Finally, what people do not realize is that it takes courage to stop too... To accept that it is not what they wanted after investing so much time/effort takes courage - but people are too stubborn to accept a mistake...

Janefield said...

You've been pulling out a spate of thought provoking posts outta your hat lately! Very nice indeed. Yes, shit happens, but remember the all important other cliche....

This too shall pass.

Chin up and look ahead, girl! :)

Rebellion said...

Deep... verry deep TGFI but lots of it in b/w went kinda bouncer to me!!! Guess my frame of mind is not in a state to understand it now!! Will get back tomorrow & comment again...

But I loved the way you started & ended the post! All I could understand was The pressure, that you're going thru!! Lagta hai politics ne aapko bhi nahi choda!! Don't worry.. Everything will be just fine sweets :)

Take care bacha,

The Smiling Girl said...

Hey buddy... how is that already-happened-shit doing now?
See... as the others said, things do happen, but the beauty in us lies when we overcome it and go ahead... I know that you already know this, but most of times, we fail to exercise these things when our head is somewhere else..

As QSG said, sometimes we would have invested a bit too much to move on, but then what for is there a world called - Detachment?

Duhita said...

Oh ho... for a while its been same shit different day for me...but like you said, stay because I have to, and I cant wait to go when I can! Hope things start looking up for you soon:)

Crimemaster Gogo said...

You are now on resident lascivious MCP's hit-list. Watch your back at all times. Aye.
Know that the journey or the goal, they are both naught. Yeh sab mithya hai.

confused said...


One of my usual daft comments....

But I wouls say, giving up is not an option.

Don't fight battles, you can't win.


and yes, may I suggest a chilled Michelob, gets one out of such moods pretty fast. Two Michelobs, and I think I am the most desirable guy in the world, no I am not telling what happens when I have 3. :)


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yes! you've some catching up to do, eh?

hmm...apparently, the lows in my life bring out the depth in my posts. :-). it takes courage and a good dose of detatchment. something i am still looking for.

yeah baby! :-) chinned up as soon as i read your comment. thanks for reminding me, i hope this passes soon, and that the next thing is nicer.

I was a bit worried about you. Good to see you back. Hope all is good with you back there.
The post didnt have any clarity. All these people going "ooh...profound.." actually didn't get it either. :p Truth is, I didn't get it either. atleast you're honest. :p

Yes, you're right about the pressure fact.. but no, no politics. this has nothing to do with my earlier posts..if that's what you're thinking. Just life, and the turns it takes. Thanks, dear.

peace, y'all! :-)

Yaar. it's all there..kahan jaayega? :( But I'm taking a leaf from fafridi's book, and treating this as the beginning of a new diversion in my road map. We'll see how far that takes me.
Detatchment, yes. I'm too mortal for that.

you too? yes, it sucks. hope you see better days too! thanks!

c. gogo,
statutory warning: this blog belongs to a militant feminist. LMCPs meet a very sorry fate on here. You, sir, will want to watch your back.
I refuse to buy that mithya philosophy. If that's true, we're all struggling too hard for this apparent falsehood. We should all kick back and relax and be eating ice-cream on the beach, no?

Hiren said...

Very interesting to come across something like this than blind optimistic nonsense on how one can always win in life. Acceptance is as important as striving hard when the situation calls for it.

Rebellion said...


That was a very sweet reply dear :)
Don't worry, am just fine and so are all my near & dear ones too!! One very close relative escaped the incident very closely, am glad he escaped it :)
But this incident has left me with lots of frustration & depression. I wish I could move ahead & do something about it and most of my frustration is bcoz I can't do anything about it!!! Forget it, I don't wanna start it all here :)

Honest... err, yeah, I tend to be honest and I always keep sayin also.. Yeh honesty hi ek din meri jaan leke rahegi!!!

As far as your post is concerned, I really loved many statements you made but somehow I couldn't find much connectivity b/w many of them and thats what made me confused. But as I said I really loved your first & last line :)

Hope things are better now.. Something for u:

Feeling bored?
Think of me-
Feeling sad?
Call me-
Feeling sleepy?
Dream of me-
Feeling lonely?
See me
My name is
Self Confidence......
Never Lose me!!! :)

Take care dear,

Anonymous said...

very true what you have said...
one must take a breath in a while and see that where the path is leading and whether that is what you want ....

cheers !


Enigma said...

hey good post
"Don't fight so hard that you lose sight of the goal"
true very true but we all do that at some point in life. we learn our lessons in a hard way i guess!!!

Born a Libran said...

Hey, the lows in the life are a good time for philosophizing... All my poems are pretty low/dark because I get the inspiration to write them only when I am at a low...

Nirav said...


I have been a regular reader of your posts here for quite some time (came to your blog through DesiPundit, I guess). But this is the first time I am posting a comment.

Nice thoughts. Quite true in real life with a lot of things.

But frankly, I didn't understand the last statement. To me, it appears to contradict itself.

Anyway, I hope the goal's nothing to do with you pursuing a Ph.D. All the best for it.

PS: I wanted to know how to keep track of comments on a post. For example, if you reply to this comment of mine, how would I come to know of it. I currently use Bloglines, which does not update posts based on comments date and time.

Janefield said...

Although whatever you had in mind and wrote about, most here might not be party to, but some lines you had written are so true, it can be applied to anybody's situation/frame of mind depending on what they are going thru. That's why philosophy is so cool! :P

Sayesha said...

Tera yeh roop thoda scary hai, lekin it's a pleasant surprise too! Makes sense? :O

PSV said...

the post was not leading upto anything,or atleast it did'nt made much sense to me(duh!).Write something more ellaborate or write something which is understood by all.
Keep Blogging!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

your comment had to wait until friday night. ;)

> giving up is not an option.

>Don't fight battles, you can't win.

hmmm. thanks a lot. that cleared it all up for me. :D j/k
sometimes you think you can win the battle, or rather you want to win it. the realisation that you cannot, comes only too late.

> no I am not telling what happens when I have 3. :)

ah come on! do tell! perhaps you need to have those 3 to tell, eh?

hi hiren!
yes, acceptance is important. and not easy. :( kya karen?

aarti dear,
thanks for the poem. that will help.
i can only imagine how frustrated and helpless you feel about the scenario there. most feel that way.

hi ShallowOcean!
yes.... siigh..

true. some things are just learnt the hard way. i guess the least we can do is file away these lessons as reminders for the future

yeah...that's true. atleast they inspire creativity, eh?

hi nirav!
glad you decided to stop and comment.
i won't attempt to explain this post. it reflects a confused muddled and sad thought process, that's all.

i don't know how you can track your comments, or replies to comments, atleast on blogspot. sorry. :(

thanks for the best wishes. i need those. :)

sahi bola tune. now tell everyone else who's complaining that the post didnt make sense. hmph.


pleazhant surprise? hmmmm. i see you had this impression that i could only indulge in gold-snatching, bullying, and getting chased by ducks,eh? hmmm....kuch karna padega. will write more such ambiguous posts now. ;)

inconvenience caused is regretted. :)) j/k.

yaar, elaborating is beyond the scope of the blog..i just wrote it to unburden my mind, and it worked! :)

Anonymous said...

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