Friday, July 14, 2006

Space filler

Pet peeve of the day: Have you noticed how, if you're with company (often of the opposite sex) and bump into someone familiar, whom you're seeing after long, and go "HEYYY JOHN, HOW are you.. long time no see"... John, in turn, goes "heyyy...tgfi.." but is busy looking (checking out questioningly- not even smiling) at who you're with?

Sooo irritating! Arre, I am the one who said hi. Look at me and talk!

Anyways, here's my shamelessly self-tagged exercise. I think these are fun to do

I am thinking about:
doing the dishes

I want: to get out of here

I wish:
I was at the right place at the right time

I miss: the 9:45 bus. everyday

I hear:
the fan whirring, the birds chirping

I wonder:
why some things that are so hard to make are so easy to break

I regret :
nothing, really.

I am: terribly disorganized

I dance: to my own whims and fancies.

I sing: silly songs and get stuck with them in my head all day.

I cry: every time I'm at a Ph.D defense and the person gets to their acknowledgements at the end (ok, not bawl, just get misty-eyed and all)

I am not always: as patient.

I write: with my left hand

I confuse: left with right sometimes :)

I need: to practise yoga more often

I should try: getting up early for a change

I finish:
the last piece of chocolate, always

I tag: you, you AND you, yes, you.


I am off blogger said...

Me first!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice list..........i am ALWAYS confused between right and left, so try to avoid using them!!

I am off blogger said...

And yaar the only time I want my blog to be back is when i look at the link on your blogroll. Dont want it to be removed but also dont want your blog to have a broken link :(

sharda said...

No-No dear Yoga and every piece of chocolate(even the last piece) can not go together.

qsg said...

I have a serious problem with songs getting stuck in my head - I had "I'm like a bird" stuck in my head ALL day - until I heard a really bad version of it, and now I am okay! :)
but is busy looking (checking out questioningly- not even smiling) at who you're with?

I know EXACTLY what you mean! Very irritating, indeed! :)

greensatya said...

Lol, that is so true. It happens all the time. But I guess, people do that cause they can't wait for the 'known' person to fill in the gaps.

On the other hand, this checking out thing, goes on perpetually, but noticed only in those times. So may be.

So you also don't regret anything. I had interesting discussion about it on one blog. I wonder, if no one has regrets, why do I have so many regrets in life ?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

congrats! on getting your place back! :)
that link will never go, even if it's broken.

heheeh. :) thats why the difference between needs and wants in life, i guess. :)

you hear me, don't ya? i've been having autorickshaw songs stuck in my head all day.

yeah, you are right, people are checking out, scrutinizing, staring, all the time.. but it gets prominent in such meetings.
about regretting..don't know. I thought long and hard about that one. Whatever upsets/disappointments I've had in life, have made me a stronger person, and taught me something. So I definitely don't regret them. I guess after I put them past me, it becomes easier to accept it that way..
I've never done anything really terrible ;). regrets.

greensatya said...

Lol, I must say that I haven't done terrible anything either. But regrets could be for something bad happening, which one could have avoided. Or regret for the effect of someone else's action.

They indeed do teach something and make strong, but I still wish if they didn't happen.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

sure, a lot of things could be avoided. But that's what I chalk down to lessons learnt the hard way...

the effect of someone else's actions? can i regret what someone else has done? I guess i can, theoretically. But I was limiting the scope only in terms of regretting what I might have done, or been through, or had control of. (or not).

hmmmm, all this rubbish i'm writing, means i should go sleep. :)
have a great day over there!

Macho Girl said...

At least songs get stuck in your head just for a day... for me it remains there for a week at least!!!! (in one case, i remember it remained in my head for a month! :O)
And hey! almost everyone confuses left with right sometimes! Or at least i think they do... because I most certainly do! (and thats not a good thing in driving class :|)

greensatya said...

Nope, they made lot of sense. Is it going to be 2 am there ? (:P)

thanks and you have a good night sleep.

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! So you finally did the zabardasti wala tag!

Hey, you a leftie?? Lekin lefties are supposed to be really talented! What happened in your case man? ;)

:D :D :D :D

Prashanth said...

I get confused : All the time :D

I should try: Getting up early for a change. But I know I won't!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

a whole week? thats torture man!

it was close to 3 then! see the timestamp! :-) confusing me again!

what "leftie"?? are you a "righty" ??
grrr. :-)
lol. arre, given that i confuse left and right, my "talent" shows up occasionally. ;)

> "But I know I won't!"

what the hell? that part was not meant to be seen!! :)

Anonymous said...

ae leftieeeeeeeeeee

LOL. peace and all

Rebellion said...

//"here's my shamelessly self-tagged exercise. I think these are fun to do"
Thats ok sweets.. Even am planning to take up this tag on my own :P
Dunno why I loved this tag.. Just a line but says a lot about you! Very sweet answers dear :)

LOL @ your pet peeve!
Guys.. ufff!!! :P:P:P

Nice one dear,
Take care,

Janefield said...

nice list :)
finishing the last piece of know what that means, doncha :P

The Smiling Girl said...

Well.. thats what these guy friends always think of..:)
Btw, how r u doing?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

kaun hai tu???? :)

:-) actually, that wasn't just guys. i meant if i were with a guy friend the opposite person starts scrutinizing. I wish they'd atleast smile at my friend, instead of gawking like that. plus i hate that they don't make eye contact with me, while talking to me . ufff!

you are now officially tagged! it will be good to see a reluctant blogger like you do this one.

arre, that last bite thing has different meanings in different cultures, i found out. so i just eat. ;)

yeah. refer to clarification above :p
I am doing good, dear, thank-you. pretty much back to normal and everything.

bablu said...

I agree with you - it happenned to me so many times. But after that i try and avoid such guys.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

I miss: the 9:45 bus. everyday
Hahahahaha, at least the bus passengers are saved from you...*is very happy for the poor people*.

And I write with my left hand too!!! Actually, with both of them. :P Muhahahahaha...*proud grin*.

And I've been tagged twice with this already. I'll do it. I really will. :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


fashionably late, eh? ;)

you write with your left hand too? wow. then our skirmishes will indeed be fair ones. I have no guilt about winning them now.


I would like to see you do my tag, about 5 things that make you normal. really. :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hi bablu!
oops i missed your comment, sorry. arre yaar, can't always avoid such people (you're referring to my pet peeve there, are you?)