Friday, August 04, 2006

Favourite chin-uppers

What cheers you up when you're down?

#1 Kick the wall

#2 Write it out or these days, blog it out

#3 Go out on a walk/ bike ride. Or go swimming. Fresh air does wonders, and there's something about being in the water- perhaps its the different medium- that all my worries just disappear. (Or perhaps it's because there's only one worry then- staying afloat ;) )

#4 Curse the person responsible for my bad mood. I mean total high class gaalis, not (shift & 1, 2 3 type stuff)

#5 Read Nietzsche or some other heavy stuff that makes me forget what was bothering me.

#6 Read a light book or watch a silly tv show/movie. Along the same lines, play some dhinchaak music. Not senti stuff, please.

#7 Work

#8 Shop, pamper myself, get an ice-cream.

#9 Sleep

#10 Remind myself of a few good things I've done, seen or had.

#11 Call/go meet a friend, get a hug, a drink, and pour my heart out - it's funny, that this is really the last resort for me. Not that I undermine my friends' abilities in cheering me up- they are great at it- but for some reason, I need to sort out my troubles for myself before reaching out. So it usually waits until a day or two later...

#12 Call home. Avoid discussing the actual problem, work hard to pretend that all's normal. and before you know it, it is!

#13 Cook something fun and nice.

#14 Almost forgot this one - cleaning up around the house- it's an awesome de-stresser!

#15 And if all else fails, I resort to the famous water-works, and they always work! :-)


Prashanth said...

Liar :) I bet you turn on the water works first!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

haha of course you would know, kiddo. :)

Sayesha said...

Water works ki jai ho! :D

Abhishek said...

i just go home n sleep when things arent normal on my side....esle i resort to those Shift+123 type gaalis....
or i just keep on pondering on bad things...

I am off blogger said...

Water works :-?
For me its a walk and talk with myself...

Janefield said...

arre silly billo...i like this post very the muchly :D lekin numbarr vun mat kar yaar :P baaki sab are good, i also do same to same, except #13, altho' i used to back in the good ole dayz.

greensatya said...

Hmm, each one has its own trick. I guess 'Work' or try to solve someone else's issue might make you forget your own issue.

'Water-works', matlab ???

Janefield said...

waterworks means lajjo is saying the water sanitation dept in her town works properly (not like india). and why she has soft corner for it is coz the guys who work there are cute.

qsg said...

Cleaning around the house is the BEST de-stresser with dual benefits: the house is clean, your mind is off whatever.
Good... used some of these very very recentely! :)

Duhita said...

Amen to water works:)

neihal said...

1. you have a cool blog
2. sayesha stole my line
3. please stay away from no#1. you may end up with a rectangular i did.

Prashanth said...

Hmmm whats it going to take to get you to stop calling me "kiddo" and "bachchu" etc?

greensatya said...

@the chosen one - aha, now I can see, why every girl in here, is rooting for 'water works'. And too bad we can't use 'lajjo', ain't it ?

So any openings in your local 'water works' Ms L?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Jai water-works!

tune naam badla? yeah- the pondering doesn't help me. makes it worse.

IAOB, need to have 2 X chromosomes to get that also. it's a special power that women have. ;)

:D. nambar van really relieves the tenshun now what to tell you.

glad T.C.O explained to you the funda behind water works.

yes- cleaning around is super formula.

amen, amen.

hi neihal!
1. thanks
2. sash is a big line-chor
3 oww. ok. will remember. but i always kick with my shoes on :p

whenever you're over-qualified for it...;)

ha ha. Who is Ms L, huh? And thanks, the water-works are functioning very efficiently right now. :)

confused said...


Rebellion said...

Intereshting Lajjo!!

You've been writing real nice interesting posts these days!

I was planning to steal your previous 150 wala bada list too, still in 2 minds coz 150 is just tooo much ;)
And now, I like this too :D

Btw, I agree with most of them except for cooking.. I'd take up music & dancing which acts as a a great de-stresser for me :)

Verry nice post Lajjo, I like it :D

Take care,

Nirwa said...

Hmm.. interesting, most of them work with me too, but kicking the wall?? never!! why hurt yourself re!! :O :O :O

And if you so badly want to kick something, kick the person because of whom you're upset! :P :P :P Makes more sense! :P hehehe

Rishit Jain said...

My favourite: Get yourself a warm hug.

Born a Libran said...

I think 1,2, and 3 combined with cooking/sleep/immersing oneself into work/social life makes the best combination but a little physical action gets it out of the system while the rest just make you forget about it...

Abhishek said...

yea...thought its better to make the blog name known to all :):)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Kick the wall? *Shakes head sadly* Why hurt the wall, sistah? Kick the person responsible for your troubles...matlab, YOU...muhahahahahahaha. :D

Oh, and doesn't listening to music figure anywhere in your list? :O *gasp*

Hiren said...

Well, socializing and doing work or playing a sport that you like(occupational thearpy) should work wonders.

Also being one with nature.

Since sex is deemed the best form of meditation by many, it too should be mentioned in passing.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

confused dude,
i'm trying, i'm trying. next post will be down a few notches, to your level. okay?

feel free to steal all. we will come and read. you get away with a lot you know, don't blog but hound everyone else like this for details. :0 :)

sometimes the person is not accessible for kicking na..methinks i should learn voodoo as an alternative. what say?

yes, that always works. but also depends on availability, no?

yeah, sleep is more escapist for me. and nothing gets it out completely, unless you've dealt with it. but we're happy to avoid for time-being. :)

ok! so you play the guitar then? that would be cool. it would be your way of de-stressing, then.

myuuuzikk is right there, #6. and i'll save up my kicks for when i meet a certain wonderful person with such bright ideas. ;)

yes, being one with nature. and yes, sex too, deserves equal mention, just not in passing..;)
siigh. (ok, not that kind of a sigh. more about the world of haves and have-nots.) ;)

Perspective Inc. said...

I like to just go the time am exhausted..done with whatever was getting me down and feel so much better!

Nirwa said...

voodoo.. reminds me i must go for my fornight refresher course on this amavas! :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yes, that must work.

tujhe voodoo ki kya zaroorat? apna fotu dikha de, bas. jo bhi sata raha hai, apne aap bhaag jaayega.

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