Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just for the heck of it

Sometimes I'm forced to post just to displace a post. This is one of those times. Bohat ho gaya love shove. kya bakwaas.

There is going to be no deep thinking this weekend. I am going to visit my 11 month old niece!! I went to "Toys-R-us" to get her something today..and was so kicked by all those cute little outfits in the store! Am going to see her after 8 months, and cannot believe how fast she is growing up! So after I exercised a lot of self-control and stopped myself from buying out the whole store, I was grinning from ear to ear just excited at the prospect of seeing her. I realised I was walking all around the store looking silly like that, when someone gave me a look as if I was mental or something. Quickly tried to gather myself into displaying some semblance of sanity, paid and scurried out. Continued grinning all the way on the drive home. Haven't stopped yet. This is going to be problematic at security at the airport, for sure. :)

Yay! See you all next week! :) :)


qsg said...

That is so cool! :) I love to buy for kids's just way too much fun! :) I wll be going to see my one month old nephew soon... :) These nieces / nephews I tell you - a complete delight! Their smile is worth every single penny you spent on the gifts... and more! :) Precious. Enjoy your trip, girl!

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Have a great weekend!!

qsg said...

Sorry for the OD on smileys! ;) Oops, there I go again! :)) I can't seem to be able to stop myself! :D This must stop - this smiley obsession! :p

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i knowww! those chotu chotu frocks. they are the most adorable.
This must stop - this smiley obsession! :p

:) you should've come with me to the store today- we'd look like two idiots grinning away- or may be i wouldn't look like such an idiot as i did grinning alone! :)

thanks! i will have a lot of fun reminding my sister what "akka" means in afrikaans! hahahahahaha

greensatya said...

Have a nice time with your niece and family.

Perspective Inc. said...

Have fun!

shub said...

absolutely! I was just telling sis how cute my niece's little clothes look on the clothesline! haffun! :)

Janefield said...

ahemmmmmmmmmmm! all this grinning bizness, eh? it seems someone's "motherly instinct" is kicking in, and HOW.

khi khi khi khi.

that poor li'l niece of yours. try not to torture her too much dressing her up in all the frocks you got her and thinking she's a baby doll...wait, she probably IS a baby doll :))

//I realised I was walking all around the store looking silly like that, when someone gave me a look as if I was mental or something.//

about ^^ -- the 'or something' part of the sentence can be deleted. :D

Tachyoson said...

have a great weekend :D

anyway ... now u've got ample practice ... apparently babies are SCIENTIFICALLY proven to cause goofiness in most people with hearts and intellects so you're MENTAL al right :P but not in the way of colloquial usage...

Nirwa said...

Lots of love to your niece!! I love kids!! I can't wait to be a masi, and I am going to spoil my niece/nephew! :P

He/she will be exactly like me :P Crazy! And yeah, I'd probably go crazy buying gifts for him/her!!!!

neihal said...

not a bad reason to write a post :)
"Quickly tried to gather myself into displaying some semblance of sanity"...kuch safalta hath lagi?
Have a great time.

Rebellion said...

Grinning?? You know my incidents lajjo :P

Buying stuff for kids.. ooooooo, its sooooo dam tempting yaar! Today only I got my neice a yo-yo-bat-ball, a Doremon, a Pink Panther, A watermelon-pillow and got a nice trashing from my sis & jijaji :P hehehe :P:P

LOL @ Chosen one's comment and her khi khi khi :P

Enjoy Yourself dear and get back soon varna yeh shaanti hamein khaa jaayegi ;):P

Take care,

Ekta said...

so fact i too recently shopped for my 18 mth old niece at touyrus and was such a joy..though I bought her one of those educational toys...there were so many of them that just cldnt decide on one!

Sayesha said...

Oh man! I wanna see Aish now!!!! NOWWWWW!!!!!!! :)

The Pirate said...

Hey Ipanema girl,

Just commenting coz u like comments and wanted to visit ur blog for so long, i got the chance today... yippeee ;)

Rishit Jain said...

I hope you get out of this condition of yours soon enough, it might make things difficult for you at certain occasions.

Born a Libran said...

Clothes shopping for toddlers is so much fun... IT gets less entertaining as they grow up but when I did it for my nephew and neice, I had a ball of a time going through all those cute little thingies..

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

satya, perspective, shub,

thanks! i had a blast. :)

arre all the clothes i took were a loose for her! (Thats why my mom always told me, khud ka dimaag nai laganeka! should've gone by the sizes. anyways, she will wear them in a few months.)

:) hahahaa now i've an excuse for it, eh?

thanks. :) i spoilt her rotten, indeed.

"Quickly tried to gather myself into displaying some semblance of sanity"...kuch safalta hath lagi?

what do you think? ;)

wah! tune to aadha dukaan utha liya apne niece ke liye. :) i also got carried away.

:) (}) yaar, you can never have enough of them. :)

the pirate,
hey! thanks! :) keep coming.

LOL. daaktar ne bola ki yeh paidayishi hain, nahi jaayegi.

yeah, it is fun!