Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Only three days!

and I miss my darling niece so much!

and that was wayyyy tooooo less to have all those long chats with my sister, bug my b-i-l and play with my niece.

and I crave even more for big-city life now.

and I must've put on a good few pounds with all that eating.

and I am SO happy to be back to MY apartment, MY shower, MY lab, and MY bed. :)

Highest high point of my trip: my niece! and discovering that she is displaying left-handed traits. Mera naam roshan karegi! :)

Lowest low point of my trip: Refer to picture.

I want those two hours back. (yes, i forced my sis and cousin to leave in the middle of the movie, just could not take it)
P.S: Am I the only one who's surprised to see a bollywood hoarding at a train station in this country? or is this just normal for New Jersey? (kya karoon, gaav ki chori hoon na)


Duhita said...

Aren't little nieces and nephews the cutest things alive, my nephew just rattled off 'I miss you bhua...I love you bhua' last weekend and I've been telling everyone abt it! I hate it when family is so far away:( But glad you had a lovely time!

And did i just bag a gold?:D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Awwwwwwwwwww.... your nephew said that? (now i have to start egging my 11 month old niece. ;) kya kya pressures) lol

yeah, duh, the gold is yours! :)

Subroto said...

"Mera naam roshan karegi"
There I was flipping through blogs when those words lit up some neural connection. Then I get a free review for the movie I am going to see on Friday. Too late to back out of that one now :-)

Janefield said...

Leftie aunty! Walcum vaapiss :P
I'm sure your li'l niece is heaving a sigh of relief...i mean...missing you too :D

greensatya said...

Glad to know you had a nice trip. Nieces are always nice. Will get to see mine, hopefully, in the next two months.

Rebellion said...

You bet Lajjo.. Neice's are the best things to happen to you! My little neice gives me a missed call from my sis' cell & brags to her bua.. "Dekhna, abhi Aarti maasi mujhe phone karengi" and very obvio, I do call the min I get a msd call coz I know only she can gimme missed calls :P:P

I was shocked when I came to know of her bragging thru her bua! Kids.. aawwwww.. bas, lets not get further with it.. I get goosebumps!!!

Glad you had a nice time. I agree with TCO, you're neice is heaving a sigh of relief.. matlab missing you yaar, don't get gussa!!

KANK??? HEHEHAHAHAHEHEHAHAHAHA. Did you know the climax finally? *sees left & right to find no one around* All are fooling you haan, don't beleive them :P
*runs b4 any sistah gets hold of her*

Take care,

Prashanth said...

Glad I didn't try to watch KANK then :)

One thing I don't know...
Why does everyone call you Lajjo?

(Heh, that rhymes)

qsg said...

Welcome nephew leaves me these adorable messages - and he is so cute... all my nephews and nieces - I always tear up when they say - I love you I miss you bua... gosh...kills me! :)

Kya re.. wait and watch... you are over! So over!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hi subroto!
kemon aacho? :) there's still time, i'm telling you. save your money and buy yourself two beers.

thenguberrymuch. abbe shaani she is missing me, she cannot tell me, but i know! i've been coughing/hiccuping like crazy all day. ;)

yes they are. they are the best! have fun with your niece too, and tell us about it!

your niece is ten steps ahead of you, i see. :) how sweet. and honestly, i couldn't care less about the ending of that stupid movie. i was forced to go, couldn't sleep too well in those chairs, and wanted to leave. thats my story. and abhishekh bacchan is SO yucky looking. some people need to upgrade their taste.:p

i am glad i stopped you from going. its a damn waste of time and money. horrible acting and.. don't get me started.
Why does everyone call you Lajjo?
i don't know either. :) it's just girls being silly.

thankya. aww, they all tell you that? man! my niece needs to start talking soon! kuch karna padega. ;)

qsg said...

Yes, they do. And they mean it. That's the best part...! :)

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Hey aby baby looked much better than SRK in the movie! :) Except for one extreme close up where we unfortunately got to see his nose- hair :(

neihal said...

no niece, no nephew...what should I say :(
KANK.... I am all lost

The Smiling Girl said...

U yearned to come back to ur home, right?? Ab samajh mein aya ki why I like Hydie more?? :)

Koi Dhakkan hi hoga jo holiday par jayega family ke saath aur movie dekhega.. whichever movie itis, its a waste of time, nah??

Tera naam roshan karegi woh pyaari bachi.. I just hope not... ;)..
We dont want another khopcha-rani, right?;)

The Smiling Girl said...

RT ki bachi.. tu wait kar.. teri dekhlenge..
And no, Smaller B is a nice guy, ok?? Gems, I am siding with u on this.. ;)

Rebellion said...

*glad to find herself alone on this space*
Sorry sistah's but considering the fact that it really didn't make Lajjo a big difference, I thought she deserves to know the truth, at least to tell her sis coz the fact was that the movie had the most pathetic ending :P:P:P

But Lajjo, I agree with Gems here, junior AB is good.. Anyday better than AB :-s

*runs b4 Gems & SG get back* :P

Take care,

Born a Libran said...

You had just 3 days with ur sis's family and u went to watch KANK?? Serves u right!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


Except for one extreme close up where we unfortunately got to see his nose- hair
i am glad i missed that, but in all honesty, even there he must've looked atleast better than SRK. The bar doesn't go too lower than that.

arre- what about the bollywood hoarding at a train station in New Jersey? i was hoping someone would be as kicked as i was about that!
and good, don't see KANK. crap .

arre...tera hydie tereko mubarak. ;) arre the movie going was not my bright idea. it was an attempt to bring back memories of the old days when all of us cousins got together and went for "Second show", much to the annoyance of all elders. even then, i was the good girl who didn't want to go . khi khi khi khi khi.

and i'm not wasting anymore space on that AB junior.

aarti, sis is all curious now, about the ending. hahaahah only too happy to know i fooled her, unintentionally. ;)

hmm. i was forced. against my will. taken involuntarily. anyways it was at 10 pm, when the little one was asleep and we were out of entertainment. ;)

Sandeep said...

two hours?? It was a full three-and-a-half !! And they don't have an interval here either... People were running to the loo whenever a song came on-screen... Hehe..

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yes, i got out after 2 hours, couldn't take it. didn't have interval here either.

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

Lowest low point of my trip: Refer to picture.

ROTFL.. KANK!!!! hehehe..

Perspective Inc. said...

So sweet..looks like you had a great trip..
I so get the MY bed, MY shower bit.. or in my case MY side of the bed.. lol
Geez..the movie sucked..i felt like i aged a decade before the movie got done.. eecks!