Friday, August 04, 2006

Warning: contains mildly offensive language.

I am convinced that man is a ch!@#$##$4. And I don't know why you're still with him. And I feel helpless because there's little I can do here. But it hurts me to see you go through this. Without respite. How long? And it doesn't seem like it's going to get better.

It bothers me to see you have to endure things we never knew existed while we were growing up. It's a different life you're living now, and it's not a happy one at all. You're too young to have your aspirations snatched away so early. You're too bright to live this life of drudgery. You're too nice and too damn stupid to put up with it.

He has already proved himself to be a spineless d!@# beyond doubt. What else do want? Have a kid? So it can bind you down permanently? And have these stupid visions that it'll change things? Take it from me , it won't. He's an asshole. and i'm sorry i never told you that before, when it *might* have helped. For that, I cannot forgive myself.

Please, get out if it. To HELL with everyone else.



fafridi said...

you know what, the first one and a half para of what u've written is EXACTLY what i am telling someone these days. and i completey fail to understand how some women can put up with men like the one's we both are talking about. and what makes me miserable is the fact that i cant get myself to change anything about the situation. i never thought too high of most men's character (i know not all of them are like that) but this one man makes it even more tuff for me to think otherwise abt the 'man'kind. so i guess its only in the betterment of humankind that such men that i am talking abt be shot in the first and then in the head.

fafridi said...

ps: i m holding a peace flag to all the nice men out there! but u hv to agree some men deserve it

Perspective Inc. said...

My friend is dating this total loser and am fwding/mailing this post to her! :-)
Fiction I hope. If not, I do hope "she" sees sense. More than the men, its sometimes the women who anger me more. They invest so much of themselves into a relationship, they just never get the fact that sometimes they should just pack up and leave.

PSV said...

Some girls are dumb enough to get into such wierd situations.
iss duniya mein har tareh ke log paaye jaatey hain!

Janefield said...

UFF...wot gussa only.

sigh....this is a painful day indeed. everywhere upsets and gussa. depression is coming. can sound a bit harsh to blanket ban girls dumb...relationships are something so personal. Its easy to be objective from the outside. But yes, all sorts of twisted stuff can happen and the longer it pulls on for anyone, it just festers and eats into your soul.

Recently watched country singer Mindy McCready on oprah talking about her abusive relationship. Oprah had no sympathy for her. And anyone watching it would wonder WTH is wrong with that woman. Then all sorts of old ghosts came tumbling out thanks to Oprah's inhouse psychoanalyst.

Wotta tangent I went on...sheesh.

Born a Libran said...

Change is frightening... That is what keeps the people bound in a relationship leading nowhere... As soon as people start doubting whether there will be anyone to replace the guy/girl, thats when people get into trouble... It is difficult to be aggressive about such things in life...

qsg said...

I had a friend live through a situation like this - survive it and walk out. She is happier now that she is out of it. I think she stayed in it too long, but... Overall, seen two close people go through this... no wonder I have this mortal fear of relationships and marriage!

It's not easy walking away from relationships - there is always hope, and personal pride in making it work. She will have to come to terms with it herself, and will probably have to suffer in the bargain, but it has to come from within.

Relationships are tricky. Very very tricky! :)

satish said...

please girl, get out of it!

(tell her that i have said so, she wud definitely get out of all this $#!T. )

The Smiling Girl said...

Add my gaalis also to that man!!!

greensatya said...

Love makes one do 'irrational' things, which is realised only later.

Each one has their own limiting point. May 'she' reaches her limiting point.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

that such men that i am talking abt be shot in the first and then in the head.

no question about it.

unfortunately, not fiction. :( i guess it's not simple as we think, to get out of it, but sometimes they have to take the difficult step.

what t.c.o said. it's not about being dumb yaar.. its more complicated than that.

:( you're right...
but why are you watching that oprah crap?

yeah, that's part of the problem. in india, soceital pressures on married women make it worse.

tricky. yes. she is suffering too much. i hope it stops soon.

i can't tell her anymore. have been forbidden to.

!@@##$#$. $%^$^$^0o3343. bola re usko. @@#!@#!@45.

i am worried that my friend may go beyond her limiting point, into the 'resignation to her fate' zone. :(

Tachyoson said...

how common this thought "if i love him enough i KNOW i can change him ... see (cites example 1,2,3 ... n "

i have never understood this facet of the psyche of some female.

i too have a female friend like this .. i pray your friend has seen the light by now!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

@ tachyoson,
it's not just a facet of the female psyche that's responsible for this. there's more to it- soceital pressures play a big part.
but yeah, thanks, i want my friend to get out of it soon

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

Arre I was expecting tons and tons of more gaalis.. see movie The Boondock Saints.. will definitely help ya.. and yea say few gaalis from my side too..

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yo kat,
will put that movie on my list.
^%$%$#%$#%#$#$#. *&%*%^$##$##$*#ee3333

there. @!#@$@#$#@$($#.

Anonymous said...

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