Monday, September 04, 2006

Inside out

Bodies..The exhibition is doing the rounds in some cities here in the U.S. Went to see it today- it was pretty damn cool, but I didn't have great expectations. That always helps.

The exhibits consisted of real human bodies preserved using silicone polymer..and showed you how the human body looks on the inside. It was all quite fascinating- one could see how the organs are placed, the bones and tissues in the body, the nervous system, the skeletal various angles and sections. Quite awe-inspiring it was.
They had whole-body specimens (Which were mostly male bodies, I am not sure why) and then individual organ/system specimens. There were various sections devoted to different aspects of the human body- my favourite was the circulatory system- where they had replaced all the fluid in the arteries and veins with coloured polymer, and then selectively destroyed all the tissue/bone. So you could see every organ separately as a bunch of blood vessels. I thought it was really cool.

But that was before I went into the birth room. They had preserved specimens of the human embryo and fetus in various stages-starting from 2 weeks old to 30 weeks old. That was THE MOST amazing thing of all. The same room had preserved specimens of babies born with birth defects and that was rather disturbing..

Admittedly, at some point it got a bit repetitive, and at some points it got to information overload.. I think it was of some educational value, but unfortunately people were too loud and noisy wanting to show off all their knowledge while looking at the specimens and that put me off. I almost wanted to yell at everyone to shut up! I guess going on a sunday was asking for crowds..

P.S: All of the bodies were got from Dalian medical univ, China, it says.
P.P.S: I am an extremely queasy person myself -but the exhibition was not at all gross as I feared- it was too cool to be gross, believe me!


qsg said...

Eeeew.... bodies...I went to the exhibition of the mummies - I was a little freaked out at the thought of dead bodies around I won't be able to sleep - thanks for a great image, lajjo! :(

greensatya said...

Creepy! not a good choice for weekend. In my school lab there were embryo and fetus, and it was always disturbing to see them. So I said goodbye to biology as soon as I could.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

anytime, baby, anytime. :-)

yaar, it was amazing to see how teeny weeny an embryo is- and how at nine weeks it has most of it's organs developed- it was awesome!

Nirwa said...

Erm.. I am not sure if I would like to do that.. Once, we were taken to yet this Cancer research foundation by our school, and after I saw some images, I could not sleep! :O :O :O

Science always gave me the creeps!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ab ek hi dialogue aata hai dimaag mein- kabhi apne khud ki profile pic dekhi hai?? :D

Nirwa said...

LOL!! C'mon! My pic makes you laugh! it's not scary yaar.. look at Asha's imaginery lotus, doesn't that bring a smile on your face? :D