Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mere paas mp3 player hain

2001, my first thanksgiving sale in the US. (The event itself was something else, worthy of a post of it's own). I decided to indulge in an mp3 player- it was a luxury for me. I didn't go running or travel long distance, I didn't like carrying any extra stuff to the gym, given my tendency for losing anything and everything...So basically, I had no use for an mp3 player, but bought it nevertheless, pure indulgence. In those days fancy iPODs and iRivers had yet to become the in-thing. So here was my $30 gizmo, it played mp3s, you could program it to replay some songs on the loop, create playlists, etc. etc. Fun it was.

It served me well for the past 5 years. Soon I bought a car-cassette adapter for it, and when I bought my second car, it became the official car-music player. A set of rechargeable batteries, and a battery charger, and I was all set.

My bus ride to the lab everyday takes all of 15 mins or less. I usually occupy myself with a book, or my "to-do" list in this time...but there are times when I am overwhelmed or stressed, and want to simply close my eyes and listen to a song- to cheer me up or drive all other thoughts out of the head. Other times I feel the need to have some music plugged in simply to drown out these loud voices on the bus. So, for times like these, I decided to bring my mp3 player out of the car and carry it to school everyday.

Here starts the trauma. While other folks on the bus have these nice sleek i-pods with colour-coordinated earphones, jackets and what-have-yous tucked in their pocket, or one of those tiny gizmos hanging by a cord around their neck, mine is er. just a bit bulky for that. So either I have to carry it, and make a spectacle out of it, or just hide it's ungainly self in my backpack. When I come to a song i want to fast-forward or replay, I look around to see if anyone's looking first. Then I stealthily draw into the back pack, and fumble around the buttons to fast-foward the song. Often, in my hurry to not be noticed, I end up skipping the song I wanted to replay and vice-versa. Sometimes all that tugging and pushing also creates "loose contact". Now I have to actually pull out this offensive, embarrassing contraption, so I can stick the cord back in, and play the song I want to listen to. Five years of wear and tear, and the door won't shut- so it also needs a little affectionate tap once in a while- until I came up with the good ol' rubber-band as the permanent solution for that. One time I had to pull it out in clear view to fiddle with it, and the person sitting next to me stared down - eyes popping out- first at this "thing" in my hands, and then at me- like I had pulled out a bomb or something. I hurriedly stuffed the damn thing back into the bag, and got off at the next stop, even though it was not my stop. The guy actually looked scared, he jumped out of the seat to make way for me, afraid of making any contact. I walked to the lab, head bowed and red-faced, vowing to never take the damn thing on the bus again.

Here's a picture of the damn thing. I now stick to looking out of the window on the bus.


Perspective Inc. said...

HAHAHA! I'd be a lil' scared too... :-)

Born a Libran said...

What to say, I have got an iPod ;)

confused said...

Er, ask your co passengers, they might be scared too. Looking at such a relic from the past, well maybe with you its compatiable!

(now that should ensure a stinging reply!)

guess-who? said...

HAHAHAHA! next thing you know, you'll be carrying your boom box on the bus.

qsg said...

hahaha - now that's not the tgfi I know - hiding something because of being judged by others...chih!

I wouldn't want to be seen with it, but...! ;)

ahem, please don't bring it with you to Boston! Or maybe, we could go for the thanksgiving day sale together and try to get our hands on the iriver or something? what say??? :D

Janefield said...

Yeah...what Gems said...I wouldn't care what others think if I still found use for something I treasured from the past. What is that remote like thing alongside??

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Wow! Sleek :)

Shreemoyee said...

Yeah technology of today is dinosaur of tomorrow.

Janefield said...

why would you carry such a bulky phone? :P

qsg said...

@janefield: ROTFL :D

greensatya said...

Haha, I just imagined you looking sideways and then stealithly pressing some buttons !!

Be careful, being an Asian and doing such things, you know what can happen next?

I am waiting for Microsoft's mp3 player.

Born a Libran said...

@greensatya: Microsoft really??

*Looks the other way as to what the world has come to*

greensatya said...

@born a libran - Yeah 'Toshiba' has got the contract for manufacturing the 'MP3' player of Microsoft. Apple is gonna face some tough competition and I bet MS's player will be cheaper as well.

Mustang said...

'd read it someplace...apt advice for the situation- 'technology is for retards'

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

et tu?

bring it on, show off. :-)

i don't get it..are you trying to make a joke about my age? y'know..my age doesn't really bother me, except when i don't get these juvenile jokes....but i think it's ok.

what is a boom-box?? :-)

arre i will bring it to boston. perhaps will just have to check it in, tho. might create problems in carry-on. :-)

that's the remote for it. does your mp3 player have a remote control???? hmmm???

:-) thanks.

hi shreemoyee!
yes, tell everyone else that.

what phone?

what ROFL?

hahaha. yeah, something like that..

arre. let microsoft bring out an mp3 player, apple is making iTV now. then i will be the first to buy it! muahahahaha

hi mustang!
see! that's what i'm talking about.

shekhar said...


Can't see the pic...

qsg said...

See you in Boston! :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hi shekhar!
you can't? i don't know why?

sure, sure. :-)

Tachyoson said...

thats a perfectly normal cd player ... sheesh the guy must have been what .... 11 years old ? :P

come back home, no one here uses ipods - only cellphone mp3 players :)) - of which i am bereft :D