Monday, September 04, 2006

My impressive track record

I wrote to my best friend about the bodies exhibition yesterday- she wrote back
"I am so happy you enjoyed your trip to the exhibition and also impressed, knowing your track record."

I am impressed too! And it got me thinking back in time..I was in my second or third year of undergrad when my mom was hospitalised for a surgery. It was not really serious, but a first experience for me. I go to the hospital in the morning when the doctors are just wheeling her out of the O.T., post-surgery. My mom is just waking up from anesthesia then. Just seeing her like that, being wheeled out and the whole atmosphere- disturbed me a bit. I followed the doctors to her room and next thing I knew I was on the floor and there were five doctors and nurses hovering over me . I had passed out and my poor mum had to be left unattended. They got me some fluids and sent me packing. The hospital was at one end of the city, and I guess we all attributed it to all the traveling in the sun, the stress etc. It was no biggie. I return that afternoon with lunch for my father- this time my mom is still drugged, and has all these i.v hook ups and what not. My father is happy that I had come and he could eat some food and catch a nap. But of course, I had my own agenda. One look at my mom, and yes, ladies and gentlemen, I could not deal with it and did my little faint and crash to floor routine again!! Again nurses had to rush to my rescue, in the middle of taking care of my mom. Twice in the same day! This time I also broke my glasses. Father decided that this was just getting out of hand, not to mention expensive, and banned me from coming to the hospital again.

And to think my mom wanted me to become a doctor. This became a standing joke in the family.

Then 4 years ago, one of my closest friends H, here, was pregnant. It was the day of her big ultrasound in her second trimester- the one to ensure everything was going well with the baby and mother, and where you can also tell the sex of the baby if you wanted to. Well- H's husband had to go out of town so she asked me to go with her. I was honoured. After a nice breakfast I drive with her to the hospital. We're in the examination room, and the doctor has hooked her up to the little screen- and suddenly, I can see this teeny tiny fetus in her belly, we could make out the little toes, fingers ...monitor the baby's heartbeat. It was beautiful! I was standing by H who was lying down.. holding her hand, marveling at it all.. I was so overwhelmed...and suddenly found myself go dizzy and sank quietly to the floor. Luckily for me, I happened to be already leaning against a wall. This was a split second thing, and I recovered in a few seconds. I decided to be quiet about it. When we left, H told me that she felt my hand go cold all of a sudden and wondered why. I confessed to her what had happened, and we laughed at the irony of it all! So much for taking me for support..

For all this drama, when my grandfather was hospitalized while I was doing my masters, I stayed with him in the hospital for nearly a month during his last days. I nursed him, took care of his medications, feeding him through those tubes and what not. Never once did I feel faint or dizzy while witnessing all kinds of procedures they carried out on him. Given my history, my relatives would always be surprised to find me at the hospital when they came to visit my grandfather. I am still amazed that I didn't have a single faint-and-crash episode those days. Indeed, we surprise ourselves, often not knowing our hidden strengths and what we are capable of, should the situation demand it.


qsg said...

hahahahaaha - I have always been very strong about this stuff - but a bodies exhibition would freak me out!

Yes, we don't know our own inner strengths...! The hero lies within us! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! You came through for granddaddy :) Track record narration was hilarious :D And after bodies expo, you are a pro!! :P

Born a Libran said...

That was hilarious... Glad that you got it out of ur system too... The bodyworks exhibition came to Chicago too but I couldnt make it because I was busy with grad school...

greensatya said...

I can say that you are not alone with those incidents. This split second dizzy thing has happened to me so many times. And this is the reason, why I felt that body exhibition would have been creepy?

But I appreciate you rising to the occassion, when it was required.

confused said...

Hmmm.. I guess youdid your bit when you were really needed. Thats what counts.

Klastos said...

I believe we had a similar exhibition in Denver a few months back. Maybe it was the same. I didn't see it though, but I remember there being some controversy about it.

I don't think fainting in a hospital is so bad. I fainted in a train station once. It's nothing to be ashamed of, really. I can see pools of my own blood and not so much as bat an eyelash, but, the instant I see a drop of someone else's, I'm swimming in my own sick. You're very good to your parents.

30in2005 said...

I'm dying to go see the Body world exhibition here in London (sorry should not have used dying in that sentance lest I become one of the bodies on show!)

As for fainting, congratulations on finding your strength to not do so when it was needed most. And here's a cute story to help you along the way. My dad always says that 'in his day' the only two viable career options were engineering and medicine. And he chose engineering only because everytime he saw blood or visited a hospital he fainted!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:-) I am still recommending bodies. It is not freaky. I got a few weird dreams, yes, but..

indeed, I'm a pro! :-)

I am supposed to be busy with grad school too..but I still went. :p

ahha. good to know, I'm not alone.

yeah, i guess. But what about all the jokes that went on in my family? :) btw, my actual post on the exhibition is below this one. (what shameless self-promotion)

This one isn't controversial, well, not that I heard of, at least. It was pretty cool. Thanks, :-) & I am glad there are more like me out there! i guess i wouldn't have been as embarrassed if it were not so ironical- i.e, me fainting when I was supposed to be helping out or supporting someone. :-).

hi 30in2005!
your dad says that? really?? :-). thank-you for telling me.
my friend saw the exhibition in london already- perhaps it will make the rounds again, eh?

Janefield said...

you're a pro? ho ho ho! khi khi khi...

Prashanth said...

Well, you *are* becoming a doctor... of sorts!!

Born a Libran said...

Laugh laugh all u want... If I were in Chicago I would have surely gone, but the weekend all my friends went (after I gave them the idea to go), I had to work the weekend... :( 2 weeks after that, it left... It is the 5 hrs of driving alone that stopped me from going... Not the actual grad school...

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


yeah, well. thankfully not the "fainting" kinds. :-)

arre! tere pe thodi hasa! :) just made a reference to how i'm indulging in extra-curricular activities..hmm- i don't think i'd have driven 5 hours for it , tho.

Nirwa said...

Yep, we often underestimate our strengths!! Once a classmate of mine fainted when we were on our educational tour to a hospital. (we werein 8th or 9th I think) And now, he is studying medicine! hahaah!

Btw, I still cry whenever the pathologist pricks me with that needle! :P :P

chandni said...

my god, I could have written this post!!!

caught the exibition when I was in NY..darn neat!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ha! i hate getting pricked too!

hi chandni!

you could? we must form a fainters anonymous now, i'm thinking. lot of takers.

it was neat, no?