Thursday, September 21, 2006

There's a censor in my e-mail!

While exchanging emails with a friend this morning, in which I was bestowing him with some choice adjectives, entirely well-deserved, I might add, I had to spell them out for full effect. Hit send, and this happened:


Your message to regarding "the war is on" has language highly likely to be found offensive.

Followed by the "offensive" text labelled in red, and two buttons:

Cancel? Send Anyway?

What the hell? And this from a program that lets in all those viagra, hot dates and stocks falling/rising spam.

Give me back my notepad, pen and stamped envelopes please, thank-you.

In the meantime, who knows of a good email client for macs? I am dumping Eudora. She is ruining my spontaneity.


Born a Libran said...

How can it allow Viagra? Doesn't it allow V1agraa or some such mutant??

But you know what war means in this country... LOL!!

Duhita said...

Hahaha, thats the first I've ever heard of such a msg!

Anonymous said...

Dont you think you forgot to mention the ""offensive" text labelled in red"??

//Give me back my notepad, pen and stamped envelopes please, thank-you.

Well, that would cost $25.5. ('back'?? I didnt owe you any notepad and stuffs. :|)

PSV said...

hahaha...funny post
agree with "Born a Libran"
Keep Blogging!

Janefield said...

hahhaha!! i hv a thing for cool stationery, it gets me high...khi khi khi khi..

qsg said...

hahahaa - forward that email re... I am so dying to see the actual contents! ;)

I am sure they have means for x-raying snail mail contents too! :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

lol! that was mistake, yes. "war"!

me too! probably because I usually use desi cuss words! ;)

you want me to use those words? on you? you're asking for it now.

:-) i suppose..

ooooooh do you? *files away the useful piece of info&*. ;)

hehe. believe me, for my standards, the contents were pretty mild. :-) i've said and typed worse words and gotten away. :-)

greensatya said...

Was it your email client or the censor from mail admin of the .edu id ? Most of the educational places don't want their students to get those worded email.

Must have been a 'big brotherly' experience :D

Andy E. said...

Some people just have no sense of gratitude. Tch tch.

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Just make up codes for cuss words and share them with your friends:)That way they'll know what you mean and the censor board will have no idea what you are talking about :)
Ain't I practical??:)

Sayesha said...

SHEESH! Us non-living thing ki itni himmat??? :/

Prashanth said...

I gave up on email clients long ago. These days I forward all my email to gmail and sort them out there :)

Tachyoson said...

hahahahhaha ... well technically, the client - read 'email program' for you non-techies :P - is not responsible for spam-that's like saying the car is responsible in drunk driver deaths or something :)

but this was funny!....

do you use Mac OS X ? if so u could get the THUNDERBIRD email client thats pretty good.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

nai yaar. it was from my client allright. not mail admin.

andy e,
gratitude? excuuuuuz me?? :-)

very practical. :-) i am sticking to desi gaalis. and teaching my non-desi friends the meanings. that works too.

wohi to!

well, it's nice to have my mail stored offline..but this i cannot take.

exactly why it'd bother me if my car told me how much i could drink! ;)

haan thunderbird dekhna padega. OS X it is.

Gauravonomics said...

ROTFL! The conscience in the e-mail editor!!! Also, we do want the original e-mail, just for kicks!!!