Saturday, September 23, 2006

Two things my life lacks

1) A GOOGLE search button
So that next time I'm hyperventilating about "losing" my passport or ATM card or keys, it will jump to my rescue. It should be fairly simple, really.Every time I perform the action of picking up something and putting it somewhere, a little chip in my head should record item name and location and file it away in this giant database. Each item goes by it's common name as the key. Perhaps we can even grade items- from trivial to crucial, so that it records the last ten locations of crucial items, and only last location of trivial items. See! Easy it is.

2) An IGNORE button
So that next time someone is irritating the hell out of me in real life, instead of working myself up to want to punch said person or scream obscenities (yes, i gave up on emailing obscenities) I can coolly push ignore. And carry on humming my favourite song. Preferably, this button should miraculously take form on irritating person's forehead, as soon as my BP is reaching certain levels. How cool it would be! ahahahahah! love the very idea!


qsg said...

heheehehe - i want a google search button too!!! And ignore button will be very helpful, too...thank you very much!

Can you please get working on this??? ;)

Janefield said...

LOLLLL!! wot a cool idea, we could certainly all use these buttons. Don't forget to patent it :P Very creative post indeed, me likey the muchly :)

Prashanth said...

LOL... absent-minded li'l me would like to have #1 :)

Sayesha said...

Hahahaha! LOVE the ideas! Mere ko discount mein bechegi one piece each? :D

greensatya said...

Solutions are available for the 'Google Search'. Might I suggest warehouse inventory management application ? :d

Hmm, ignore thing would be cool :)

Gauravonomics said...

ROTFL! I want them too. And for a list of my favorite fantasy gadgets, check this!

Rebellion said...

Aha!! How I miss those too Lajjo.. In addition, I'd like my life with "A Delete" button too, verrry important :)

Kaash yeh sach ho jaaye Lajjo!!!

Take care,

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yes ma'am!

:-) will patent right away!

:-) well, they're going to cost, you know..

discount? kya madam aap bhi! zara dekhke baat karne ka na. itna mast button hai, aap ko discount mangtai??

haha! warehouse inventory! all i need to work on is the chip in my brain part now.

saw your list....we can do some business, methinks. ;)

delete also! good one. will put on list. :-)

Born a Libran said...

One thing ur life does not lack is a healthy dose of imagination ;)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ha! that is true. how come you're commenting around now? shouldn't you be at a meeting???

SF-1 said...

Great ideas.. Both.. I can help you market both the stuff. Shall we go ahead and build a website based solution for selling this stuff? And we need to hire people to do this.. SO why not get started on an HR application to help manage the employees ;-)