Sunday, October 29, 2006

Back with a block

I had a fun trip to Canada and back. The visa interview itself was uneventful and smooth, and it seems like the US Consulate also has lost hope of me finishing my Ph.D anytime soon, they extended my student visa for the next five years! Hah! :-)

And now I have bloggers block. I was storing away bits of my trip to blog about later, but I just cannot get myself to write. Ottawa was fun and Montreal was very beautiful. I'd love to live in Montreal, actually.

I will write more later. For now, let me leave you with snippets of an "interesting" conversation I had during my trip.

place: At the duty-free shop in the Departures lounge @ Atlanta airport

sign at entry to shop: "a valid boarding pass is needed to enter beyond this point" and a young lady (30-ish, at most?) manning the sign.

Lady to me: Now lemme see your boarding card
Me: *Shows her* I am looking excited and happy, I guess just because I was excited and happy!
Lady: Now, whe'you goin'??
Me: Ottawa, Canada.
Lady: Canada? Now, wait wait, isn't Canada a part of the U.S?
Me: (I didn't get that memo!) err no, it's a country by itself.
Lady: (Now she thinks I am pulling a fast one on her) No, no, I remember, Canada and Puerto Rico are a part of the United States, you can't go in here!
Me: Canada is really a country by itself. Puerto Rico is a US territory, yes, but not Canada! (I must've been smiling now, more out shock at having this conversation than anything else)
Lady: No, no! you can't go in here. Wha'you wanna buy? cigarettes???
Me: I just want to look at the perfumes. *Smiling imploringly*
Lady: (convinced that I'm trying to slip by) No, no, (laughs). You a smart girl now!
Me: Look, I need a visa to enter Canada, it's a country by itself, really!! And there are only international departures at this concourse, aren't they?
Lady: Shakes head and laughs me away. Jeez!!
Me: (I wanted to say, I want to see your manager ;) ) but instead, I played the birthday card. "It's my birthday, will you please let me by??". Because at this point, any geography lesson would be lost on her.
Lady: Let me see.. is it really your birthday?
Me: show her my drivers license.
Lady: Laughing. Okay, now, you can go then, and Happy Birthday!
Me: Thank-you. And you really need to believe me, the Canadians will be very upset if they hear you say that Canada is a part of the US.
Lady: More laughing.
Me: siigh.

They need to put the map of USA on all drivers licenses.


greensatya said...

Hehe, that was funny but typical geography knowledge of average Americans.

Canada must be beautiful. And it is unbelievable that you got blogger's block.

Born a Libran said...

wo... u slipped by yaar... welcome back... and as a fellow grad student, I hope it doesnt take more than even 20% of the time that the visa has been extended to get the prefix added to ur name.... :)

qsg said...

ROTFLMAO! When in Canada though, I also forget that it's a different country! ;)
Yes, I loved Montreal too - I could live there - that's what I told people! Just love it! Just don't like the winter!!!

Mediocretes said...

The TSA has really stepped up security, huh?

P.S.: 30-ish is hardly young :p

jane said...

Haha! Typical only. Once on a tv show, random Americans on the street were asked q's abt Canada and they failed miserably. They couldn't even remember the flag had a maple leaf on it. Unbelievably ignorant!! Tell us more tales, dying to hear the *details* of yr trip! ;)

Basanti said...

rotfl!! hahahahaaha! Oh, and Happy Birthday! :-)

And yea, like Jane, we all want to know the *details* of the trip! ;-)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeah, indeed typical. unbelievable? nai yaar, it's here, and it's here to stay.

thanks. :-) i am aiming for 10%, yes. :-)

yeah, the cold is the downside. but everything else works in its favour, including ample eye candy!! siigh

hah. security, indeed.

p.s: i agree. anyone a few weeks over 28 is old, for now. :p
seriously. people that work at airports atleast you'd think would be better clued in. details..hmmm..what details? ;)

thanks :-). kya details yaar? ;)

Sayesha said...

Hahahaah! Reminds me of this guy in the US who sent me an envelope with the following:

^my address^

Hahahahahhaah! :D

Sakshi said...

@ TGFI - Canada is the attic. Its there but people really forget that it is, y'know.
I am amazed at the geographical knowledge or lack there of Americans. Here's what a student asked me - Do you know how to belly dance?
Me : No, that is middle eastern. I am from India - Asian subcontinent.
Student - so its like your neighbour right?
Me- Good you are aiming to be a doctor. One's anatomy remains the same. Lesser things for you to remember.
Sadly, the sarcasm was lost on him :)

jane said...

LOL @ Sakshi's and Sash's comments! People are rearranging the world map at will, eh! :D

Mosilager said...

happy birthday, happy halloween and I wish our nation's neighbours were as nice (and friendly) as the USA's. maybe power does flow out of the barrel of a gun...

Soumyadip said...

We Indians are not much better off. I had a lot of similar experiences and had also posted about one.

Jagadish said...

Can't expect much from a country which calls its premier tournament the 'World Series' featuring teams from as far away as Canada.

Macho Girl said...

So there you are! Ur old link on my blog wasnt working and I didnt know where u ran off! :P Anyways... found ya! And it has been a reeeeeeallly long time! Good to see you around :)

I havent read this post yet :P Me just replying to ur comment on my blog to say good to have u back on my blog roll! I will come back from class and give my proper comment :D

*sigh* not again :) said...

I'm not really surprised. The other day, we had to cancel a meeting that we'd planned for months. A bandha from US was supposed to be flying here for the meeting.

And why was it we needed to cancel the meeting at the last minute? Because this guy was turned away at the airport trying to get on a flight to India without a visa!

And he is surprised that he needs a visa to enter India!!

Supremus said...

ROFL ROFL - O Jeez - and to think she's actually working at an Airport, where I am sure she did have seen enough ppl going to Canada!

God save America :P!


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ahahahaha! :-) Singapore, China. yes, yes. makes total sense. After all, isn't Singapore the name of a city? ;)

sigh. sad indeed.

you bet. making borders disappear and inventing new ones. all in the name of world peace and harmony i guess. ;)

thank-you, and thank-you :-) Ah, you think we'd benefit from having an NRA of our own?

hi soumyadip!
I just read your post. Hmm..I don' t know. I still think the average Indian has a better grasp on geography. How many Indians will call Bangladesh or Nepal a part of India?

hi jagadish!
oh yeah! The "World series" gets my goat everytime!

welcome back and long time no seeeeeeeeee. yes, i moved urls a while ago. its good to see you back here!

hello, *sigh* not again,

is desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta. :-)

Gaurav said...

ROFl! I am sending this to Simon, my friend here in the PhD program. He is from near Montreal and is very assertive about "Quebec is NOT Canada". Will be fun to hear his take on Canada being part of the US.

Tachyoson said...

ahhahahahah ... i thought that was only a figment of humorists thoughts... the classic lackofknowledge about geography.

thank your stars u didnt have to discuss the difference between India and Indiana...

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hi gaurav!
so what did your friend say? ;)

:-) lol! indians and india, yeah, that won't surprise me now.

The Smiling Girl said...

This just goes on to prove that the US think that US is world... no wonder if they come back and say that West Indies is also a part of US coz its soo near to them!
Uff.. *bugged with US attitude*

Btw, tune notice kiya.. M here after long!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

haan re, bohat dinon baad yahaan bhi aur "wahan" bhi. kidhar mar gayi tu?

fafridi said...

lolzz, my geography (even history for that matter) is pretty bad too, so much so that back in school, a new social studies teacher had joined the school and at the end of the first unit tests, while announcing the marks in class he says "Farhat! I thought you were a good student!!!" :P
but i still know for sure that Canada is not a part of USA, i wish my teacher would see this,,,i wasn't so bad after all :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hehe. email it to your teacher. :-)