Thursday, October 19, 2006

Home, sick again

Yeah. I know it's the whole Diwali spirit. I could see it coming. And being a part of the blogworld actually makes it worse now. Next week, the indian students association celebrates diwali night here. I will go to that, and that should be nice. My non-desi friends are great sports and will enjoy coming to them with me. But right now, am missing my desi friends a tad more. Been wondering why I never made an effort to integrate better with the desi community here. I guess, as long as I had my friends, it was okay, and then they left and I just didn't feel like making any new ones. It's hard to find friends of your type anyways, and I will admit I actually deliberately steered clear of the desi community because some aspects of it always put me off. I have been happy with the peripheral involvement I have..the occasional hindi chats at the bus stop and bumping in at desi that way I still enjoyed the comfort of seeing my people...but could keep my distance - and that was a choice I made.

Ahh well. I have enough to keep me busy. As long as I steer clear of the happy diwali messages and phone calls (And blog posts ;) )I should do fine. For once, I want the weekend to come and go, as soon as possible, and then get on my flight to ottawa! yay!

p.s: Happy Diwali to y'all :-)


Sakshi said...

Gold :)
I am similar in that I have steered clear of the Desi community here quite deliberately. And I miss being around people who talk and look me around festivities. But on the flip side, I have made friends with people who really like me for me not just because I am one of them.
Good Luck with the Visa and Happy Diwali.

qsg said...

A warm hug from desh with all the wishes for a happy diwali! Keep smiling and enjoy the day! :D

Born a Libran said...

Happy diwali to you too... Unlike a lot of people I know, I stay clear of festivities. Firstly, I think everyday is special and it is upto oneself to make it as special as they want. People treat me special on my b'day and I find that so funny (today is the day and it is in my head at the moment). Secondly, I have started becoming more and more of an evolution freak and that means I stay away from religious festivities as a matter of principle.

Prashanth said...

Happy Diwali, TGFI! I want some sweets :(

BAL: Genesis is a purely Christian concept. Hinduism does not contradict evolution, to my knowledge. In any case, you should go to the festivities to meet people, talk, have fun, eat good food, etc., even if you're not a theist.

Thanu said...

Happy Diwali....

Hope u had laods of fun at the show

Aviraj said...

Happy Diwali

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

congrats. ;) and thanks for the wishes. Yeah- the festivities (or lack thereof) bring it out in me..

thanks babe! and you too! :-)

think everyday is special and it is upto oneself to make it as special as they want
that's a great attitude. happy birthday, belated. :p

I never felt conflicted with my religious beliefs and my belief in evolution. (Actually i don't have very many of those religious beliefs.. ..festivities are more a matter of getting together, ..the whole social/cultural aspect of it)

me too want some sweets! :-) i guess i'll just have to make something myself. :-)
yeah, i agree with your response to libran

thanu, aviraj,
thank-you. :-)

Kaushik Gopalan said...

Phew, you’re just homesick.

Your title gave me the impression that you had gone back to India and got Chikungunya or something.

Tachyoson said...

communities are just that ... you just get the impression you arent alone because you're surrounded by so many people.

have a great weekend and a short successful trip to Ottowa and back.

Anonymous said...

Hi babe. Chick. Whatever. How about a big ol' Diwali hug for me, yo?


Anonymous said...

Hi again, miss chick :). I was reading some of your older blogs (I discovered your blog recently). How many times have you fainted!? How about a blog which just recaps all your fainting episodes? :)

jane said...

Beeeeg HUGZ to you babe! And a special MUAH as well ;) Oh, and Heppy Diwali :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

woah! talk about putting things in perspective, eh? ;)

yeah...but it's a happy impression nevertheless. and thanks.

anonymous duuuude,
you're one charmer. i guess the next time i faint will be when i see you. :-)
Happy Diwali.

:-). thanks babe. am sure you're OD-ing on all those lovely sweets there. pah.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Diwali wishes, ma'am. I'd love to play rescue-rescue, sweep you off your feet and take you to a magical land, far far away. So please, reserve swooning for until we meet :).

I think I qualify as a random troll who's trying to get personal (not unnecessarily though!), so I thank you for not dishing out vunn tiiight slaps :).

Your Post!! post brought back many, many memories, including those of appying to undergraduate programs in tne US in the almost pre-internet days when Altavista was the coolest search engine around, and when my e-mail address was [myfirstname]

Duhita said...

Happy Diwali!!! Enjoy Canada instead.....don't worry its only a few days away:D

Kaushik Gopalan said...


I put things in perspective???

Kaushik Gopalan said...

Just to clarify, what I meant by my first comment was:

I thought the title
"Home, sick again"


"I'm back home, and sick again"

Mister Anonymous said...

These Ph.D. types can't punctuate to save their lives, right Kaushik? :p

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

the vunn tight slaps to the right are already implied- putting it up there obviates any further action to dish them out individually. All random trolls, especially self-proclaimed ones, that deserve them, get them. aa-to-matic!


you actually have yourfirstname@hotmail? no dash, no underscore, no 777 next to your name?

yes, i will enjoy canada. thanks girl. :-)

sigh. you put things in perspective because getting Chikungunya is way worse then a bout of homesickness. as for the comma between the home and the sick, please read new post. sometimes only i get my weird s.o.h , which is probably a good thing. :-)

mister anony,
(as against the previous one that was a miss anony?) new post just to make things clear. please read. thank-you.