Saturday, October 14, 2006

Of one night stands and jerks

The past week was a crazy week. Crazier than many that I've had in the past couple months. Mostly self-inflicted, so I shouldn't be bitching. But as a good friend once told me- what use is the blog if you can't bitch on it? So bitch I will, and merrily so. :-)

I can't do one night stands anymore. Until recently, I could pull them off which such grace, such flair. I remember all those long nights spent- sometimes on a whim, sometimes being pressured into them- but enjoyable, nevertheless. If it did get tiring, I'd always remind myself that it was just one night, and most of the times, it was all I had. That alone was enough to fuel me. There was some kind of joy in being up all night- the background music alternating between smooth jazz /instrumental and then some up-tempo stuff. Before I knew it, I'd be looking out of the window and watching the sky change, the sun rise. Then getting out in the cool morning with a heady feeling of accomplishment and taking the first bus home, when everyone else on it was heading to work. A refreshing shower, a hearty, caffeine laced breakfast, and I was ready to get back to work myself, all charged up. I functioned fine in the day, as long as some more caffeine and lots of water were consumed. Later in the evening, some attempts at keeping myself afloat in the swimming pool ensured that I only went to sleep at normal bed-time. And ta-da! my sleep-wake cycles were hardly affected.

Not anymore. My last few attempts at spending all night in the lab, with my first, second and third loves, have not fared too well. One time I managed to spook myself out with random weird noises I was hearing in the lab. At first I thought I had achieved the impossible by making the E.coli talk back to me; but soon realised it was the new building we had just moved into. Driving myself home in the wee hours of the morning was not fun. The following day saw me grumpy, incoherent and barely able to think clearly. No amount of coffee helped and going swimming at this point was a life-endangering risk. My sleep-wake cycles were completely out of whack and if you knew me, you wouldn't want to talk to me around then. It's too bad I cannot pull these off any more. OK, before any of you smart asses tries to say it, I'll put it out there, it looks like I'm getting old. Le sigh..:)

Rant #2: I hate it when people can't take for no for an answer. Why is it so hard to understand? I do not want you to come here, I do not want to see you. I don't care if I'm on your way to wherever. And I cannot spell it out any better without offending you. But I am not going to give in to being nice at the cost of my already dwindling sanity and much loved peace of mind. Sorry. GO AWAY. /rant#2

Such it is, this sad life o' mine. But there is exciting stuff too- am off to Canada next week for the same reason hundreds of sixth-year Ph.D students make their way renew my student visa. As if it wasn't enough, having to explain to all and sundry why I am still in grad school after five years, now I have to explain myself at the consulate general of the united states of america. blaargh. As is always the case before I travel, I try to accomplish the world before leaving and I know the craziness will continue until I get into my car and drive to the airport. Traveling always excites me. In the little time I steal from work, I'm researching what to do, where to go, where to stay while in Canada. Until my wise friend warns me, "it's all of 4 days, tgfi, do not over-plan." Some of my best trips were the ones I made impromptu, no planning, just pick up and go. And I've faced some of my worst disappointments from build-ups generated by elaborate planning. But I guess with all this information so easily available, it's too tempting to want to find out the exact street my hostel is on and the number of miles from there to the museum. Sheesh. But how I love doing it! :-) Hopefully, I will have a more interesting post when I'm back. For now, the brain is fried and refuses to listen.


Mosilager said...

I know exactly what you mean about the one night stands ;). Now I have a good excuse, the dog won't let me back in the house unless I get in at a reasonable hour.
I've been too chicken to go to Canada to renew the visa - what if they refuse? I've always done the whole trip back home to Lusaka. Anyway there is light at the end of the Ph.D. limbo tunnel... which I'm seeing right now. I think it belongs to a train - the train of future unemployment :)

qsg said...

Have fun in Canada! Montreal is perfect eye candy in more ways than one! :o Perfect place! :) Make sure you carry some good warm clothing! It feels like mid-Nov there already!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hi mosilager!
ah. if i had dogs at home i probably wouldn't come back home, ever! ;)
as for the visa..thanks for putting that fear in my head now..on second thoughts, if they refuse it, that'll be my excuse to go home! not such a bad idea. ;)
and finally, thanks for the encouraging words. i am not too enthused by my job prospects myself.

yeah baby! i have high hopes from montreal thanks to your recos. it better not let me down. :-)

Mosilager said...

awww... gotta give the doggies a chance - they think you are God and are just waiting for you to give them orders, if they don't get them they try to jump and ask you for them.

hey we'll probably make more at McDonald's than as postdocs so it's all good.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

my problem is they smell my fear. and it's all downhill from there. :(..and i didn't realise the jumping meant they wanted orders! why didn't anyone tell me??? :@

hey we'll probably make more at McDonald's than as postdocs so it's all good.
hah. true that. {sigh}

Born a Libran said...

One night stands at the lab - I will never ever look at work the same way again, and it is you to blame, TGFI :)

About the trip to Canada, have a good time there and show us some photos to show us what you did there... I agree with the impromptu stuff too :)

jane said...

yeah! bring back lotsa fotus from montreal! and remember the promise you made to me! ;)

Mosilager said...

sometimes with doggies it's a language problem. People who are afraid of them tend to react in ways that signal the dog to come to them, instead of staying away. So if you walk in to somebody's place and the dog comes running, someone who is afraid will take a step back, move their upper body away and put their hands up. In doggie language these behaviours mean "yes come and play with me and try to smell my hand by jumping on me".
When I walk into a house with a dog, and the dog comes running, I'll tilt the upper part of my body towards the dog and tell it to sit or lay down. Once it does that then I will let it sniff my hand. If you are scared of dogs, I would suggest that when the dog comes running, take a step towards it, bend a little at the waist towards the dog, form an image in your mind of what you want the dog to do instead, and usually I'll raise my index finger of one hand and say something like Shhh... sort of like what teachers do to naughty kids. Works well, as long as you do it fast enough. Once they settle down you can let them sniff your hand (and maybe a lick). Of course all this is for well socialised dogs belonging to people you know, don't try this on street / stray dogs.

sorry about the long comment / lecture but it's very easy to keep dogs away if you speak their language. Might come in handy if you meet a dog alone and the owner is not nearby to pull him off. And it isn't many living beings that will offer you unconditional love, so might as well take it when it's available.

Rebellion said...

KHULLAM KHULLA PYAR KARENGE HUM DONOOOOOOOO! Aisa hi kuch chal raha hai yahan par ;):P

What "one night stand" and all Lajjo!! Go unplanned on your trip & enjoyyy. Disappointments after planning is heart breaking.

Btw, I laughed like crazzzy on your making E-coli wala joke, hehehe. still gets a smile on my face :)

Wish you luck dear,
Take care,

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hehehe. like i said, this life is sad. :-)

yeah, will bring back some good photos

would i ever forget? ;)

ahha! one should be careful about what she says around dog lovers. ;) but seriously, i will try what you said. i have gotten slightly better over the years, especially since having dogs for pets is so common in the US..hell no, am not trying that on stray dogs!! :-)

thanks for the tips. :-)

abbe chup! tu bohat fudak rahi hai aaj. thanks girl..

shub said...


The Smiling Girl said...

I can understand everything about the Rant 2 baby.... irritating eet ees...
One night stand itseems... haha.. :)
And have a wonderful trip to Canada.. :)

Basanti said...

At first I thought I had achieved the impossible by making the E.coli talk back to me

Priceless! :D

And yeah, do not overplan! :D I so wish to pick up a bag and leave impromptu.. sigh.. i am going insane too! :P

it wasn't me! said...

maybe its just semantics, but, did u mean 'All-nighters' instead of 'One-night-stands'??

One-night-stands have a very different meaning in the US, more to do with being promiscuous than with working hard in the lab... :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

thanks dear. i can use a hug :-)

yeah, bleddy pains some people are.

:-) . yes i am refraining from the planning bit.

it wasn't you!
hahah! that was just a lame attempt at sensationalizing my boring life. obviously it didn't go down too well. :(

Mosilager said...

sure, let me know how it goes. it should eb quite easy to keep a dog away if you don't want it to come near you, you just have to assume control of it. It's easier with bigger dogs than smaller ones because the smaller ones tend to be more spoilt than the big ones (little, bad behaviour can't really hurt anyone and looks cute so the owners encourage it).

recreating space said...

ooh i so agree with rant no.1, before night out's were exciting and made you feel hep and energetic the next day, now just can't handle it. it does have to do with age, longer teenagers with a happening life!:(