Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saturday Oct 7th 2006

Woke up early for my standards on a saturday. Made breakfast. Listened to cartalk. LOVE those two silly brothers and their guffawing. Had long chat with a friend in India. Fixed bike. Went grocery shopping. Game day today. rowdies all over town. When I was driving back from the grocery store, insane traffic. And this girl in the car in front of me was brushing her teeth in the car. Then she opened the door at teh light and spat out. I was SO grossed out. Honked loudly. yuck!

Dropped off A and E to the game. Went to lab. Was stopped by a cop on the way ..for biking without helmet. Cute cop. :-) Started on new experiment. Very excited about it. It's all I thought of all week, and it started off well. *touchwood*. If there's anything I'm superstitious about in life, it's my cells and my experiments. I know, unscientific. But I am like that.

Came home, had dinner, couldn't stand all you buggers asking me to update. SO HERE YA GO!


Born a Libran said...

Perfect update... Not that I asked for it :)

Anonymous said...

Have a nice weekend!

qsg said...

Here's to the cells! And may they thrive and live happily ever after - may they also let the "others" live happily ever after! :)

The Smiling Girl said...

Thanks for the day's update, lekin humne blog par update poocha tha.. :P

Btw, US mein bhi log aise road par spat karte hain kya?? :)
And shall I tell your Mom about that cute cop.. ;):P (Lajjo ko phasane se zyada maza kya hain.. :))

And all the best with those experiments of yours on all those new cells and bacteria.. :)

Janefield said...

:-) Cool updates! Saturday ko cute cop se mulakat hua...wot phun :D good luck to ecoli and to you for experimenting on them. go easy on them, will ya? ;)

janitor's jealous of me said...

the words "cute cop" is an oxymoron in these parts....

Rebellion said...


That "cute cop" was really cute, made me smile! Chota sa cute sa update tha but next time I want a better, rather bigger one :P

All the best for you experiments & cheers to the cells :D

Take care,

The Smiling Girl said...

abba... update chahiye.. (Teri billi tereko meow!)

Deranged said...

hehhe.. we do this all the time..dont we ? obligatory updates..:)

~jus deranged~

I am off blogger said...

Nice update :)
Mere blog pe bhi aisa-sa hi update check....

I am off blogger said...

Sumit Tada

M (tread softly upon) said...

loved the update :))

shub said...

cute cop? SHANE BOND! If you dunno who that is, google away! :D

Good luck with your experiments :) [Since that line followed your cop story, I thought you were experimenting smthng on the cop!!!!]

Tachyoson said...

hellow .... your saturday was better bar the toothbrush person!

Sayesha said...

Heh heh! :D

Selma Mirza said...

sorry about a comment i left somewhere on your blog. i don't know why i thought you were a metroblogger - deep_thought. until i realised the mumbai blogger was a guy and you are TGFI.


Andy E. said...

Just dropped in to say 'hi' disguised as a comment, but can't think of a comment even remotely intelligent. So, hi!

Andy E. said...

Since you're a grad student, I must point out the long-known scientific fact that there is no such thing as a Saturday morning. And also that, as a corollary to that fact, there is no such thing as a Saturday breakfast.
(I warned you I had nothing intelligent to say :) )

The Smiling Girl said...

Abbe.. kam se kam comments ka reply kar.. kahan chali tu... update kar apni blog ko.. nahi, here I take the next flight to US... :D

qsg said...

abbe likh!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Apologies to all for this late response..I have been busy.

:-) glad u enjoyed.

thanks, i did!

heheh thanks. i hope they got your wishes

thanks girl. aur please, it's not like my mom needs to know those details. ;)

am really nice to them, believe me. :-) lol @ oxymoron. more like moronic oxen, eh?

haan yaar, nothing happening to write long posts..

chal be. aa gayi main update karne

hi deranged!

will come see...

it was meant to be a "just-for-the-heck-of-it" post. glad u enjoyed :-)

er..what has shane bond got to do with cute cop? aha i just found out! thanks for that trivia. ;). hehe no experiments on this cop. just hope that i see him again .. :-)

yeah seriously, that was one disgusting episode!

heh heh heh!

glad we got that straightened out. ;)

andy e,
hi, and i'll just ignore that other comment of yours lacking in intelligence. ;)

tu aa rahi hai? was busy re.. just got to my blog today!

lo likh daala! padh! :-)