Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Some (more) random's that time on this blog again. Don't expect any sense in here. It's 3 am and i should be either sleeping or working. Can't do either because work puts me to sleep and I cannot sleep because i have to work. Therefore I blog.

I have been having too many George Costanza moments of late- where someone has irritated the heck out of me, and I come up with a killer answer only much later, after the incident has passed. Very frustrating it is. Then I go on and on, improving the response in my head, knowing fully well that it is a bleddy useless exercise. For the next several days, my eyes scour the bus/street/hallway for the offender. Just once, please, I just want to use my comeback line. Please show up in my line of vision..I'm pleading to any gods of people-bumping-into-you that might be listening. Never happens. Many many days later, of course, said person shows up, and all i can say is "HI! LONG TIME NO SEE! HOW ARE YOU!".


My definitions of friends, expectations from relationships..have all changed. Sure enough, one might say. We grow up. Inspite of all the cynicism I have accumulated over the years, small things still manage to leave their mark. Both positive and negative. I like it when the positive happens. It's nice to know that small things still make me happy. Some people still matter, inspite of everything. Some acts still brighten up my day, sometimes, even inspite of the person that did them! :)

On that happy note, I think I will go and sleep!


Rebellion said...

First time I take GOLD on your blog Lajjo :)
Now lemme read the post.. hope good vibes coming, I need them :)

Take care,

Rebellion said...

Aaww Lajjo,

>:D< for you bacha :)

You know what.. you just saved yourself by going offline!! A little too late na, thats why. Glad you went off to sleep, hope you get some real nice peaceful sleep, know your in need of it :)

Dont worry, be happy :)
Take care,

Nirwa said...

Yup, it so happens with me too!! I just cant reply back the wya i want at that time, and then i keep hunting for the offender! :-)

Nirwa said...

Oh, forgot to add, good night! :-)

Janefield said...

hahaha, george link was funny. last para was very nicely put. good for you girl! you've got things in the right perspective :)

qsg said...

Lajjo - yes, good things happen and they make you smile! Hope good people come in your life and bring you lots of happiness!
And, may the bad ones disappear! And send the ones who should be with me to me! you know what i mean! ;)

Anonymous said...

hi the-girl-from-ipanema,
my first time on your blog. i could identify with this post of yours, it's really simple and so true, the second part.
best wishes for your phd.

Gauravonomics said...

@ Lajjo: What? The chocolates didn't work? :D

Anonymous said...

Well, one must try to find happiness in the smallest things, perhaps they are most amenable to our control.


Wondering if you own a choclate factory, this is about the seventh time I have seen you offering choclates, here and there. Mind sending me some? :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

thanks dear. :-)

yeah. very irritating.

funny wasn't it? you've gotta see that episode. i've never identified with george so much.
thanks girl :-)

:-). yes, i hope the buggers disappear too.

hi anonymous!
thank-you! i need all the luck.

oh no, they worked. thanks very much. :-)

anonymous 2,
perhaps they are most amenable to our control
actually, the best part is, they're not in our control. they just happen along the way!
Wondering if you own a choclate factory, this is about the seventh time I have seen you offering choclates, here and there. Mind sending me some? :)

hahaha! go on gaurav. you've a taker for your chocolates. i've had enough already, am watching my weight now. :-)

Tachyoson said...

hellow how's work and George Costanza ?

Prashanth said...

I see Tajel waving her fist at me from your profile :)

The Smiling Girl said...

I can sooo identify with the last para about growing up and friendships, expectations from them... uff... :)

Tu bhi kabhi kabhi sense boldeti hain re.. :)

The Smiling Girl said...

Errr... Gaurav, can I have few chocs too? :).. I would want the dark chocolates, pls.. :D
(I just hope he takes it in good sense!:))

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hi tachyoson,
work is crawling along. george is as funny and comforting as ever! :-)

how are you?

yes, she is. :-)

shaani. i always talk more taker for gaurav's chocolates here!

qsg said...

Stop being lazy - write something! :(

Rebellion said...

Gems, muaah :P
Had just come on this space to write something similar only!

Lajjo, you're getting bored na? UPDATE your blog! And don't look at my id like this, I know am late, as usual (:P). Am going, just 10 - 15 mins, pakka :P

Take care,

qsg said...

Aarti: youare worrying me now... first you commented that I will make a great wife...and then the muaah... hmmm... you are scaring me a little here! ;)

*now worried that I will be killed shortly!*

kidding kidding kidding! :)
Lajjo update before Aarti reads this comment! :)