Sunday, October 22, 2006

Two girls and a futon

AR: Where is it?? I can't see it.

TGFI: Here.feel on this side here..can u feel it? It's on the underside and the hole is outside. So we've to go through this.

AR: Yeah i feel it. Let me try.

AR: *grunt urrgghhh* not happening!

TGFI: No no, we cant do this sitting down. We have to lie down and do it.

AR: I'll hold, u turn. one of us has to hold.

TGFI: Can you move a bit I can't see. You're blocking the light

AR: Is this better?

TGFI: Yes. *urrggh grunt*

AR: Here, why don't I turn , you hold

AR: Wait wait, someone also has to hold the arm while doing it.

TGFI: Ok. Lets try it,

AR: Am turning. Can u feel it?

TGFI: No I can't. I don't think you're turning it properly. Is it inside? Are you sure?

TGFI: ouch! thats my finger!

AR: sorry!

AR: *urggh grunt* i cant find a comfortable position to lie down and do this.

AR: Here I am turning now can u feel it?

TGFI: Yeah i think u got it now. Turn turn

AR: yeah i can feel it. Don't let go now.

AR: *swears*.

TGFI: Tired already? Who'll do the other legs??

At this point the two girls trying to put together one of those "assemble it yourself" pieces of furniture are literally ROFL-ing thanks to the above dialogue. Any hope of accomplishing this task is lost thanks to the giggling fit that has taken over. Tears streaming down our eyes, the futon falls apart. Luckily, the door is open and my next door neighbour passing by hears the commotion. He's a bit alarmed to see two girls apparently crying over an unassembled futon, and gallantly offers to help. We gladly take up the offer, futon is assembled and sanity is restored, as the three of us achieve the task with minimum dirty talk. :-)


jealous jane said...

ROTFLMAO!!! Notty gals ;) neighbor cute?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

I knew you'd be here. neighbour was not my types. teen saal pehle ki baat hai, waise. he's married now. ;)

Artful Badger said...

was that from Ikea?!..
It helps to read the intstructions. Huge saving of time. Thats what I learnt from assembling furniture.

Basanti said...

hahahahah..good one.. notty girls

ROFL @ Jealous Jane


Anonymous said...

Oh man.... tooooooooooooooo funny... main yahan ROFL.. :D:D:D:D:D

Born a Libran said...


Sakshi said...

That is way too funny.

qsg said...

ROTFLMAO! Too funny - daarrrttty and knotty, i meant naughty lajjo! ;)

Too funny, indeed!

The Smiling Girl said...

Happy Budday darling.. :D:D:D

Prashanth said...


Badger and I assembled the furniture in his house, but our conversation mostly consisted of threats to the furniture (screw this, hammer that, etc.)

Prashanth said...

Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday TGFI!!

Perspective Inc. said...

And did I hear a birthday??!!
Happy Birthday!! :)

shub said...

budday tha? belated wishes!!!
*hugs* :D


it wasn't me! said...

its a good thing you mentioned 'futon' in the title, otherwise i would've been sure you were having another conversation with your parasites.

Rebellion said...

ROFLLL Lajjo, awesome it was! Really funny. Poor Jane :P

Good good, enjoy :)
Take care,

dharmu said...

hilarious post, good one

Sayesha said...


greensatya said...

Hehe, quite funny. I see you have put new mugshot of 'you - the blogger'

Happy Birthday and I will come back to check your other posts, which I missed in these days.

Di said...

he he he..nice cheeky one.. ;)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

ROTFL! TGFI at her insane best! :P Poor neighbour...I think you scared him with your "crying laughter". :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Late again, things were crazy before I left for my trip....sorry!

artful badger,
Nah, it was not from Ikea- there were no instructions, you see, it was one of those hand-me-down things..

basanti, SG, libran, sakshi, qsg,
:-) i still lol when i remember that day.

thank-you girl. :-)

hehe, screw this? sheesh.

prashanth, perspective, shub,
yes, happy budday was in canada. thanks for the wishes. :-)

it wasn't me.
lol! so now expectations from this blog have reached an all-time low, eh? ;)

aarti, dharmu, sash,

warm welcome back hug to you. :) thanks for the birthday wishes, and yes, that is my new fotu. :-) it's a character in the phd comics series.


looooook who's here!!!! ha ha ha. yeah yeah, insane best indeed. better than inane best that i usually am at. ;)

fafridi said...

hahhahah ROFL...
and hey belated b'day song for u 'hic hic happy budday to uuu
happy budday to uuu
happy budddaayy dear tgfi
happy buddddayyyy tooo uuuuuuuu...

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

lol!!!!! you're a riot girl, big hangover it looks like. :-) i like that budday song. thanks. and nice to see you back.

Risha said...

ha ha ha ha ROFTL