Tuesday, October 31, 2006


So while I was in Canada, Cingular screwed up somewhere, and apparently people trying to call me and access my voice mail to leave a message were getting routed to my "retrieve messages" number and got to listen to my messages instead.

Double-U Tee Eff is all I have to say. Now I like saving some really crazy messages others might have left in a drunken stupor, mad fit of rage or the like. They're really fun to listen to many days later when you need a laugh. Guess what? Lot of people have been laughing over the past few days.

And no, please don't reach for your phones, after all those callers who might've called me and enjoyed listening to my voicemail, atlast one had the decency to tell me about the snafu (in an email- he also left me a voicemail about it, but apparently someone else got to it before me, and so I never heard it!) ; I called cingular and they admitted to a bug and fixed it.

Now, if you use cingular, you might want to call your own number from another phone and check. And if you ever called me drunk or left an angry message on my voice mail, sorry pal. You need to sue cingular for emotional damage and hurt caused. :p


greensatya said...

Hehe, this is so damn funny. Few days ago someone was telling this about T-mobile as well.

Guess what, you can sue them for all those mental stress this bug caused you. :D

jane said...

OMG!!!! lollllllllllll...damn i shdve called u! wd've beaten any postcard that one was SUPPOSED to have gotten :P

Gaurav said...

Funnee. :)

Born a Libran said...

Missed the boat... But I do have cingular!!! *looks around suspiciously and grabs phone*

Tachyoson said...

woah, and i thought only cellcos here were adept at shoddy / mixed up service...

welcome back

Sakshi said...

Haha.. Now can you post the said drunken messages?
But like you, I saved some drink driven calls and slurred messages on mine (and yes I have cingular) .. may be I should delete them.. but then again I am using them for some blackmail..

Mosilager said...

d-oh hope I don't have any incriminating messages on mine... will check.

Prashanth said...

Damn :) wish I'd got to listen to those!

Mediocretes said...
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Mediocretes said...
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Perspective Inc. said...

That would have been soooo entertaining!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

really? T-mobile also? hah. suing is an idea.

hehehe. what postcard? :p

hi gaurav!
funny, very.

wait, wait, let me call you! :-)

lol., post them? they've got more publicity than they were ever intended to..
yeah, well,. now lot of people can potentially blackmail the said drunkard. ;)

and??? did you?? ;)

right. you wish. :-)

my Ph.D involves lots of smashing, and lots of wish i could smash, but they're mostly macroscopic objects or peoples' heads.

hmmm i smell a conspiracy theory too. someone doesn't want me to buy perfumes, and someone wants to listen to my messages! what the hell??

where are you woman? where are your poems? your 55s? your stories? we demand!
yes, entertaining it was. :-)

Mosilager said...

Nope nothing bad on there... just somebody who left their phone number on it and I saved the message so I could jot it down later.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ah. how boring. :(

Inder said...

i hereby declare that i am in no way connected the situation you faced. i may have been involved in the billing software that may decide to generate you a bill for a few thousand bucks more than your actual call charges... but, i have nothing to do with the call-routing software :P :P :P

M (tread softly upon) said...

That is hilarious. But not so much if it happens to you. I had better go check on mine before i laugh some more.

Macho Girl said...

haha. What a screw up! Thank god that hasn't happened to me here *touchwood*. not that i got any weird voicemails on my phone... but u never know what one might find in the infinite depths of my phone :P

jane said...

lajyy lajjo, update karo! :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hi inder!
hahaha. thanks for saving me the trouble of trying to sue. ;)

yeah...seriously. :-)

:-) good to see you here again!

sorry babe. this laziness has taken over.