Friday, November 10, 2006


Since an update is long overdue here, and I have no time for a deep, thought-provoking post like I'm well known for, ;) I will steal shamelessly and put my list of minor and major irritants as detailed by QSG here.

1) "Low talkers" : The ones that make you say "AAAAA? AAAAA?" after every sentence they utter. Yeah, after a while I get tired of all the polite "pardon?" "come again?" "sorry?" and "saythatagain" so "AAAAA???" it is. So irritating!

2) "Sentence completers". People who complete what you're saying. Bleddy #$Ss. I know you have a voice. Save it, this is MY line.

3) Inconsiderate people: like using up the last of supplies and not replacing. I HATE such people with a passion. And I run after them and nail them down and beat them up if I ever catch them in the act.

4) People that play devil's advocate for every effing issue or rant you bring up. They have serious issues.

5) People who start talking loudly all of a sudden, clearly to impress others in a public place like a restaurant. Dude, most efficient ways of asphyxiating mice is not the best dinner table conversation, tone it down a notch.

6) Nosy bastards. Need I say more?

7) That overdose of modesty. Self-deprecating humour can be funny, but insisting that you are a "small, inconsequential player" when you are well aware otherwise is plain annoying and patronising.

8) People who can't answer a simple question with a simple answer. EVER.

9) Yeah, the superficial compliment-dolers. Cannot stand.

10) Bad breath. Imagine when you're on a bus full of people with this problem and they insist on talking over your face to each other. I'm permanently scarred.

11) Pakaus

12) Gossip mongers. I cannot stand them.

13) People that try to refute everything you say, and behave as if they know more than you, when they have not added anything important to the conversation. Dude, were you even listening?

14) Self-involved pricks.

15) Gels that crack

Ahhhhahahaha this feels so good! :-)))


Kaushik Gopalan said...

Good thing we don't know each other, you would have seriously disliked me.

qsg said...

hehehehe - I'm lovin' it! :) Great list - I concur with most everything here! Most everything! :D

greensatya said...

Looks like you poured your heart out :d

asphyxiating mice !!!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hmmmm let me guess.. you head the gossip pack, don't you? ;)

you inspire muchly, babe!

yesss i did! and it was so liberating! i have more, will do a part-II. :-)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

p.s to satya,
yeah, what to tell you? some people insist on broadcasting their talents ..gory ones at that.

Shripriya said...

How about also --

- People who feel compelled to tell you that they own expensive things or give to charity

- Riffing on #3, People who take the last of the supplies AND put the empty box back as though there's still stuff in there!

- Fake visit recommenders: "We *must* get together for lunch" and then you never hear from them, but they keep saying that every time they see you.

Ooh, this is cathartic! ☺

Rebellion said...

Whoa! Does that really feel good Lajjo? If yes I think I should take it up!! Me too agree with most but sadly speaking, I do belong to one or two of the irritants :(

Does that mean you won't meet me Lajjo??? Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

*sob sob*
Take care,

Kaushik Gopalan said...


No, I'm quite good at minding my own business, thank you.

It's 4,8 and 10 actually.

Anonymous said...

I inspire to be 14. I hope it is a major irritant.

Anonymous said...

i'm hungry and don't know what to eat.

jane said...

LOL!! cool kaavya job done :) put part II quickly! i feel yr pain, esplly with 1,3,6 (this one must get the unanimous vote universally),12 and 14. Arrrrghh!! x-(

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

People who take the last of the supplies AND put the empty box back as though there's still stuff in there!

@#!$@$. those need to be beaten up in public!

oh yes, and those other two too. eediyots all!


he he. which ones are you now? i won't hazard a guess here ;) and unless it's bad breath, i'll still meet you girl!! ;)

#10. sicko. :-) as long as you mind your own business, then..

it is a minor one, really. those types don't do much damage.

hungry anony,
what's in yo' fridge yo?

:-) making up part II in my head as I cook chinese-stir-fry veggies. :p

Mediocretes said...

My fridge's always empty. If you say "PLEASE post a picture of what's in your fridge on your blog", I just might.

You've got to see the low talker Seinfeld episode if you haven't.

sd said...

Blog-therapy at its very best! Post paad kar mazza a gaya:)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ah mediocretes.
didn't realise hungry anony was you. i wouldn't have asked a guy to fend for himself from his fridge. that's too much!

yes, have seen both "low-talker" and "sentence-completer" episodes. :-)

haan bhai. solid therapy. today i was dealing with a certain "low-talker" and surprised how my irritation was so little. i highly recommend this therapy.

fafridi said...

hmmmm gud... no, gr8 list, but u know some gossip mongers are fun :D
ps: i am not implying that i am one :|

Basanti said...

Hmm.. I might write somehting like that.. sounds good to me.. and I am no.1 whiner! :D

Sakshi said...

LOL@ Gels that crack.. I can feel that pain. Been in that boat multiple times :)
Btw.. I might do a similar rant.. I am due one

Andy E. said...

Yo! How's tricks? And how about getting inspired by the qsg's other list? And how about I stop asking questions?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeah..drunk gossip mongers are even more fun :D..
not that i'm implying you are one ;)

likho likho. fun will come

yeah sistah! rant on!

andy e,
howdy!!! well too much inspiration can be mistaken as ..y'know..copying! ;)