Tuesday, November 21, 2006


As in Male Chauvinist Pig. How common is that acronym? Often times, when I use it, (and, er, I use it rather often ;) ) I have people asking me what it means. If a guy doesn't know the meaning of M.C.P, is that a good sign or a bad sign? Or neither?



qsg said...

He is lying!

greensatya said...

How can someone not know MCP? Yeah I guess 'QSG' is correct, he is lying or may be he thinks not knowing MCP prempts being one. :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ah,that too. But from the looks of it, it looked like an innocent question.

how can someone not know MCP?? Exactly my thought. But he's not the first to have asked me this. And why would someone feign ignorance? So that I'd think "kitna accha ladka hai, MCP ka matlab tak nahin jaanta" ? :-) lol

greensatya said...

Hehe, you are right on money. Any recognisable pattern in the sample under investigation ?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

in continuation..when he runs the risk of my thinking "kahan rehta hai yeh - MCP ka matlab nahin jaanta???!"

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

lol!! sample may be subject to further investigation before conclusions can be drawn.

qsg said...

I would investigate two things about the sample:

1. Is he or is he not an MCP - he could be!

2. How big of a liar is he? Small lies are a symptom of something bigger!

Just my pearls of wisdom - I feel wiser now that I am on vacation! :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

points noted. :) you're on vacation already? lucky bum. i better get back to work.

greensatya said...

Hmm it depends, if you are asking, all those serious scholars, head buried in books type, then they may not be knowing what MCP means. It is not part of any standard text, you know. So I was asking about some characterstics of the sample to understand better.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ah i see. yeah- this guy is in grad school too..but hey, we're a well-read lot. ;) like i said, further investigations pending :-)

greensatya said...

Hey don't confuse the sample. Not you all, but all those who don't know/are lying about MCP.

All analysis on hold till investigations results are with us :)

qsg said...

Yes...took the day - don't take off until tomorrow... best of luck to you! :)

Don't know MCP are liars - let's not waste any time over-analyzing it! i have a hypothesis and it's correct! Yea yea, I use a very broad brush to paint! :D

Green Satya: I would think the scholars, head buried in sand, i meant books, would know this more...don't you think? :))

greensatya said...

QSG, you got a point, and may be that's the reason, they have to deny knowing MCP more than others, hmm.

tgfi said...

Hmmm..the sample space is quite varied- i've had americans ask me that, desi software geeks ask me that..never a woman, tho. I want to know how widely used the phrase is.

Sakshi said...

I think in this metrosexual age most men are aiming to be the uber guys and refuse to admit that still have a long walk from the cave to make :)
So I second he is lying clause.

qsg said...

I agree with Sakshi and Greensatya - Liar Liar Pants on fire! hahahaha! :D
everyone knows the meaning of MCP...!

Duhita said...

How can he not know???? Lying!

Anonymous said...

If a guy doesnt know wht it means, he is trying hard to ignore the fact that he is one.. :D
Btw Darling.. in my part of the world, MCP means - MS Certified Professional... :).. (I am supposed to be one soon! Hehehe!)

neihal said...

well maybe he is ignorant...but the better chances are he is lying :)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Depends on your opinion about that person...if I really really like a guy (as a friend or otherwise), I might be tempted to believe that he really doesn't know...and probably, he really might not! There ARE guys who don't know its meaning. :P
But in 99% of the cases, the guy's a big, fat, shameless liar and in all probability, an MCP himself.

ROTFL@ SG-soon-to-be-an-MCP. :D

Inder said...

well, i didn't know the meaning of MCP when i heard it for the first time.
i didn't know the meaning of LOL, ROTFL, etc when i saw them for the first time.
i know people who don't know what ':P' means.
ignorance exists :)

fafridi said...

I agree with inder, ignorance exists! For a long time i used to think LOL stood for Lots of Luv, and would keep wondering why people used it at weird times :P i am sure they wondered why i kept using it at weirder places, like the end of a sweet email :D
If a guy doesn't know wat MCP stands for, it hardly is something to do with whether he is one or not!!

jane said...

yeah, even if the alien from outer space claims he's never the phrase, doesn't mean he ISN'T an MCP! :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

sakshi, duhita,

the lying is a possibility, but not for every person who feigned ignorance about the phrase..

Microsoft Certified Professional! interesting...perhaps that's what threw the s/w geeks off. ;)

welcome back!!!!! :-) ..another for the lying camp..

hmmm...i don't know this specimen- met him for the first time, in fact. but i think i'm going to do a poll of how many people find the phrase new.

hi inder!
yeah, true that. :-) that's the theory i'm leaning towards..

f a guy doesn't know wat MCP stands for, it hardly is something to do with whether he is one or not!!

true. except..if he is lying. it still doesn't tell us if he's an MCP. but tells us he is a liar! ;)

yeah, agreed....:-)

Perspective Inc. said...

Definitely Lying. Period.

Chandu said...

A gal just called me an MCP and i googled it.......ended up here!!! Well she took it back once i knew the meanng:)

Chandu said...

A gal just called me an MCP and i googled it.......ended up here!!! Well she took it back once i knew the meanng:)

Charles said...

I too landed here searching for the meaning of MCP;Does that make me a liar as most said here?

raynetory said...

No...you can't be lying if you don't know the meaning. You simply CANNOT generalize and assume that all people know the meanings of things. Also, I would be confused to the max if a girl asked me if I was an MCP. Chances are that I am if she's asking. But if you have a gut feeling about something like that, why would you ask the guy? To answer the original question, it's neither. It isn't a sign of anything really except maybe academic lacking. I learnt the word MCP in school myself.