Thursday, November 16, 2006

The voices

Another semi-productive day in the lab- I decided to close shop and go home early. I walked to the bus-stop, lost in thought. I need some sleep, I thought, I am going insane. Waiting for the bus in the cold was torture. Just as I got on the bus, the voices began. I tried to shut them out, but they wouldn't stop. They gradually got louder, more annoying. Even worse, for most I couldn't understand what they were trying to tell me. But they wouldn't go away. It's like they were yelling at me from all around. I tried to sift through the all that gibberish and could only make out a "fir se jaana" and a "hum ko" and a "shaana, shaana". Oh gawd! I thought. I wanted to stand up and scream "SHUT UP" but of course, I couldn't do that on the bus with so many people on it. I tried to close my eyes and drift off into sleep, so I could avoid the voices, but I couldn't sleep. They kept if they were angry with me, as if they wanted to chide me for something. I don't know! But I couldn't stand them any more! I got off at my stop, and started walking briskly, as if that would make the voices go away. Of course, there was no running away from them. They followed me home, and as I stood at my doorstep, fumbling for my keys in my pocket, they got even louder momentarily. I rushed into my apartment and shut the door, and instantly, peace was restored. I reminded myself why I hate taking the 5:30 bus home, known as the "Chinese Express" for a reason.


Mediocretes said...

TCPPoI: Hindi-Chini bhai-bhai.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

bhai ho ya behen. thoda volume kam karke baat karneka..

p.s: what is TCPPol?

qsg said...

Hehehehe - and there I was worried you were going to introduce us to your "beautiful mind"! ;)

Perspective Inc. said...

hahaha! i soooooo know what u mean!

shub said...

those voices....they're trying to tell you something.........lissssstenn.....carefully....
[ I'm also losing my mind :P ]

Mediocretes said...
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Mediocretes said...

The Cruel Pied Piper of Ipanema Dr. Ph.D. And the likes of you shall find a cure for cancer?

tch tch tch

The Smiling Girl said...

Oho... so these were the Chinese voices, is it... main to kuch aur hi sochi thi.. ;)

Satya said...

Next time, let loose your parasites on them :D

jane's beautiful mind here said...

The Chinese talk in bad hindi?

Sakshi said...

Did those words sound like Hindi? To me they usually sound like a high pitch bird chatter..
Very annoying, mostly becuase I can't understand a freaking word that they say and more importantly coz it's LOUD!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

my mind is beautiful only. what do you have to say about that? huh?

ola! you know, don't you? such a bleddy nuisance!

you are! go away! don't mess with my head!!!

:-) i think i should work on finding the gene fhat helps people talk in a low voice. it's a bigger service to mankind.

tu kya soch rahi thi?? ;)

ahahahha!!!!! i have this mental image of myself getting on the bus with an armload of flasks and attacking everyone!!! :-)))

jane's beautiful mind,
yeah, and that too louuuudly

when it gets too loud and unbearable, i try to find hindi-sounding words in the hope that it will entertain me. yes that loud chabad chabad at the end of the day is extremely annoying.