Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How bad would it be...

if I replied to "when are you graduating" with  "When are you planning to have a baby? Haven't you been married a while?".

Just wondering.

It is very tempting.


Kaushik Gopalan said...

Risky business:

1. You might end up finding more about people's sex lives and medical histories than you really want to know.

2. If you're an unmarried Indian woman(and I don't know if you are), you want to be really careful about mentioning the word 'married' among other Indian people. It gives them ideas.

qsg said...

Well...I am tempted to ask that question in response to, "when are you getting married!" :D I have had to resort to it a few times just because some people got on my nerves bad enough for me to stoop to those levels!

Doesn't hurt! ;) Ask away! :))

M (tread softly upon) said...

Try it sometime :)) might be fun. A cousin would always say "you guys have grown so old" when they would tell her "OMG can't believe how much you have grown".

greensatya said...

You might get the same super answer "kya tum meri mommy ho?"

Sakshi said...

I have actually tried all of this -
When are you getting married.. Oh wait shouldn't you be searching for a guy than asking me this?
When are you having a baby - shouldn't you be thinkning about this?
When are you going to publish .. should you not be working?
When are you going to leave me alone.. doesn't the blunt object (pipette)threaten you?
Sadly - they just re-route the question back at you. So the pleasure is momentary and what ensues makes you wanna stab yourself with the said blunt object :)
But keep trying.

shub said...

rotfl! brilliant! use it!

Perspective Inc. said...


The Smiling Girl said...

Should trust u to come with such things... poochke to dekh yaar... :);)

Btw, when r u graduating? :D

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Just do it :)This from someone who took a hell of a long time to finish her PhD and was also asked the baby question cos she was married...:)

fafridi said...

poocho poocho bindaas poocho, baar baar poocho and when you see them again, ask 'any progress on the baby front?? hhahahhah....!!!!!!

Neihal said...

haha...go ahead and ask it :)...ek mazedaar post padhne ko milegi :))

Born a Libran said...

What will you do if (s)he replies with "So when are getting married?" I can imagine W-A-R!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


hmm..i doubt they'd go into details. but yeah, who knows!

yeah, seriously. some people just ask for it, don't they?

yeah, i think next time i'm going to do it!

hehe! that's possible, if the person is reading this blog, especially! :O

yeah...i'm short of getting a custom-made sweatshirt or a sticker on my forehead now.

:-) you think?? will do.


saali. I HATE WINDOWS! :-)

oh noes!! you needed that pointed instrument to tackle that, i think.

ahahahahahaha! sounds perfect. :-)

ok, will keep u folks posted. ab aane de usko mere saamne.

hehe..i will say after you have a baby! :-)

Born a Libran said...

So you still in school, heh?

The Smiling Girl said...

Thats ok... but u didnt answer my question.. :D;):P

Duhita said...

muahahahah...i likey:)