Sunday, December 03, 2006

Maintaining queen status is hard work

Wednesday 10 pm: Still in lab, doing last minute stuff
Wednesday 12 midnight: Still in lab....{don't ask}
Thursday 3 am: I finally go to bed
Thursday 11:30 am: Scheduled time of departure of flight

That Thursday morning was pretty action-packed. The plan was that I'd drive to my friend A's place, park my car there and take the train to the airport. I was to reach A's place by 9 AM.

Thursday 9 AM: phone rings:

Me: hello?
A: So where you at?
Me: (after a minute) @#$#!!!! I overslept!!!!!
A: You're kidding, right?
Me: Talk to you later bye.

(Poor A, had no clue for the next 2.5 hours if I was really joking or not)

From that minute on, I started running and didn't stop till I got on my flight. Thankfully I had packed, so after taking a few minutes to assess the situation, I took a record 10 min shower to wake me up, got ready and jumped into the car with my bags. The airport is 1.5 hours away from my home, even after breaking all speed limits. Poor Basanti. She can barely do 70 mph without coughing and wheezing and spluttering. And here I was, driving like a maniac. Having bought one of those cheap discounted fares, I was well aware that changing would be a pain, and the next flight was much later that day, throwing all plans out of whack. Speeding all the way, I was breaking my own rules (we all have those rules about speeding, don't we? Like no speeding in a work zone, no going 20 over the limit, etc??). The gods must've taken mercy on me, I made it to the airport without getting caught and then came the interesting problem of finding a spot to park. As I drove through the last lane in the lot, I could see the fuel indicator dip below the "E" on the scale. Of course, the plan was to fill gas before leaving in the morning, which did not happen. It was 10 minutes to 11 now. I was thinking of the long run ahead- I had checked in online, but had to make my way through all those crowds, go through security and then take the stupid train that moved at snail's pace and took you to your gate. Thirty thousand spots to park at the airport, all of them could not have been taken up, could they? Then again, it was one of the biggest holidays in the country. I was beginning to give up, when, like that oasis in a desert, an empty spot appeared out of nowhere. I almost couldn't believe my eyes, but then didn't waste any more time and parked, only to quickly notice this was one of the most expensive lots. WTF. Like I had a choice, I berated myself. Run run run. Strolly, backpack, hand-bag. 3 pieces, and no time to check in my bag as planned earlier. Atleast I'd checked in online and had a boarding pass. I ran to the airport, all the freaking bulky winter clothes just making life that much more exciting. Found out my gate was D 1, and the flight was on time. Of course. - atleast it was the first terminal in the concourse, I thought. Got to security, had to do the whole "Take your laptop out of your bag" routine, and of course, stand in long lines. After pleading my way through some people in the line, I made it on the other side, and had already a mental plan of how I was going to pick up my things and keep running. Stuff all the contents in my pocket, belt in hand, just enough time to wear shoes and keep running. Got to the train, and had 4 stops until my concourse. Enough time to put on my belt and avert any embarrasing situations. Got off at my concourse, and of course, it started with gate #16, meaning gate #1 would be at the very end. Run run run. Made it to the gate at 11:25, just as the flight was boarding. Stood at the end of the line, stuffed the contents of my handbag into my backpack and strolly, and made it, with two bags exactly, all set to board the flight.


Settled down in my seat and called A, who was relieved to hear from me. I owe him big time, if not for his call, I would've definitely missed my flight, and added to my wonderful record here.


The Smiling Girl said...

I dont even have to check that link.. I know ur record at missing flights... Maa... teri Jai ho...
How could you!!!!!!!! Ufff.....

Yeh aaj kal ke ladkiyaan...

Neihal said...

LOL! what else can I say :)

Neihal said...

oh! I want to say what the smiling girl said "JAI HO"

Kaushik Gopalan said...


Before this post I thought I knew which university you go to, now I think I don't.

qsg said...

Wow...i had palpitations just reading it! Glad you made it though! :) I also overslept for my flight - but thanks to a friend I woke up with enough time to finish shower etc! :D Hope your vacation was worth it! :))

Duhita said...

Sounded like a real adrenaline rush:D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


Jai ho, jai ho! :-))

gators suck.

yeah, it was totally worth it. what was even better was my b-i-l being impressed at the fact that i didn't check in any bags. HAHAHAHA!

:-) oh man. i don't know what rush. i promise you, i've never done this before. EVER.

shub said...

eeks! That post was like sitting thro a Hindi film climax! Which like most others have a happy ending! :D

Kaushik Gopalan said...



The Smiling Girl said...

Expression dekh ladki ki.. uff..
seriously yaar.. padke mujhe bhi tension aa gaya... wanna find out ur Mom's number and go over personally and tell her all this.. :D

Born a Libran said...

Okay... the Draaama Queen can be also officially given to u in addition to QSG.... I always have drama whenever I go to an airport but you are the Queen at it... :)

greensatya said...

Airports are becoming riskier places for these things. Next time make sure that you don't run in airport!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeah, thank god for the happy ending. :-)

heh heh heh!

DO NOT even think about it!!! :@

hehehe. thank-yew, thank-yew. :-)

it's not like i planned it to be that way! :p