Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 is here!

Cut back to 2 weeks ago, the atmosphere on campus was a weird mix. Of cheer, shopping mania, exam tension, and "I've got to finish this before I leave for break" type stress at work. The roads to the malls and stores were choked with traffic like I've never seen for a while in this town. At work, all equipment was booked and all machines were being used overtime. There were several holiday parties, lots of eating, drinking, meaningless chit chat, annoying questions and weight gain. Then, all of a sudden, there was like a mass exodus with everyone leaving town. Then came the calm- we had awesome weather for December, and although the die-hard winter fans complained, I was happy. I could enjoy a brisk walk to to the lab and not feel like I couldn't feel my face anymore. Some experiments worked (yay!), some writing was done, (yay!) and more job-search attempts bombed. (boo). I enjoyed being the phantom of the town, the only one walking or driving around, the outside calmness often in conflict with the flurry of going-ons in my head. All the equipment at work was freed up and I was making full use of it. Closer to New Years saw people getting back into town, the crowds were returning, the bad drivers resurfaced, the traffic jams came back. They say now this is the traffic jam of people going to return all the gifts they got for Christmas. Hah! It was quite interesting to witness the town wake up after a week-long slumber. New Year's eve saw cop cars dotting the streets all around town, in a bid to curb rash and drunk driving. It was scary and reassuring at the same time.

2007 is going to be exciting, to put it mildly. More experiments have to work, more pages have to be written, and a post-doc job needs to make an appearance, somehow. :-) This blog has been one of the nicer things that happened in 2006, a willing outlet for a vent, some creative indulgence, a way to "meet" lots of awesome, fun, and caring people. Here's wishing all the readers of deep thought all the things they wish for in the new year!


Sakshi said...

Totally identify with the last para - reads like my life :)
Happy New Year.

qsg said...

Here's wishing all the readers of deep thought all the things they wish for in the new year!
...err and the readers of shallow thoughts? ;)

Happy New Year, girl!

Revealed said...

Reminded me of undergrad cooties :P

confused said...

We wish you a boyfriend. Double quick!

greensatya said...

Wow, that was fond remembrance of the year gone by. I have been off from your blog for sometime but I read all of the post. So many things happening around and nice resolutions they are.

I wish all the best for your plans of 2007.

(and I am back in blogging world like before)

Rebellion said...

Yaar aaj ho kya raha hai?? Jisko dekho gande jokes maar raha hai, I mean PJ's (:P) What the hell is wrong with my sistahs today?? :P

Nice trip down the memory lane Lajjo. Hope 2007 has much more better stuff in store for you :)

Take care,

Neihal said...

Lovely post TGFI :)
Wish the same for you :-)

jane said...

i'm back, baby! wishing for all your wishes to come true this year :-)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Yeah. our lives are running on quite parallel tracks sometimes, eh?
thanks, and you too. :)

er...why don't you wish them on your blog? hehehehehe :))))))

euuu! where did you get cooties from this post?????? thanks for now having all people who google for cooties land on my blog!

confused dude,
thanks. what would i do without well-wishers like you?
p.s: how nice of you actually, to wish for me what you wish for yourself.

welcome back! where and how have you been??? glad you're back. thanks for the wishes. :)

haan yaar. looks like some PJ keeda has taken over your sistahs. ;) thanks dear.

thanks :) and thanks.

yeah baby!!!! :))))

The Smiling Girl said...

tu pehle decide kar ki tu deep hain ya shallow.. baad mein wish kar.. :P
Happy new year again! :D

Thucydides said...

I was alone in my small town as well....and I loved it. Ditto on the weather, whoever said global warming is a bad thing? :)

Anyhow, Happy new year!!

Revealed said...

PhD comics, how else? The one where the undergrads return after the break and Ceclia goes to lab. Not a fan, huh?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

lol. please see blog title.

yeah! exactly!

oohhh. i don't remember that one. sorry for not getting the reference. i do love the series, yeah-how can i not? :p

Basanti said...

*HUGS* to TGFI! :-) Happy and better 2007! :-)

Yeh qsg aur sg dono ke dono dhakkan log hai.. no wonder they've got "SG" in their names :P :p I knew what you meant by Deep Thought! jhejhus!

khi khi khi

qsg said...

@basanti: Jhejhus, changing party already - you should be the BB winner! hah!

@tgfi: Ab to 2007 is almost over - can you pls update your blog???

Revealed said...

@thucydides: I so hear you! I was playing a weird categories game with a buncha people and for the category 'relaxing' I nominated 'global warming'. Sadly, no takers *sigh *
@tgfi: figured u wud b a fan :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

thanks dear. thank-god there are some smart people left in this room! ;)

2007 is over? what are you smoking, girl? where i am, only one week is over.

global warming = relaxing! lol. :)