Friday, January 26, 2007

Clenching and grinding

my teeth, you sickos. As in bruxism.

Bruxism is the unintentional grinding and/or clenching of the teeth. It is often associated with activities related to stress such as concentration, exercise, computer work, driving, anxiety, lack of sleep.

So says this bright pink flyer they gave me at the dental clinic today. Apparently this is the cause of my headaches and ears ringing and pain while yawning. Heh. The dentist advised that I should avoid the "unintentional grinding and clenching". Unintentional being the key word there. I don't know if he understood.

You know how they say "DO NOT think of an elephant" and... Yeah. Ever since I came back from the dentist all I've been doing is clenching and grinding. My teeth, you sickos.


Anonymous said...

Dont resist! Do it 'intentionally'.

Neihal said...

I think as long as we both r in blogworld...I am going to laugh like MAD at everything that bothers or troubles you :P
What kind of person I am becoming :)


TGFI anon has a valid point :)

Rebellion said...

LOL Lajjo! Bruxism, what a term! Even I used to do that years back, unintentionally. Damn your post Lajjo, since I've read it, I've just been clenching & grinding, my teeth you sicko :P:P

Take care,

Shripriya said...

I've discovered all sorts of stress-induced pain - including the crown of my head/scalp hurting incredibly when touched!!

They make mouth guards for grinding teeth - buy one and wear it while you sleep. And when you're awake find another method - like playing with a ring, or squeezing a ball (one of those desk objects, you sicko!)...

qsg said...

Hmmm...I have the same symptoms!

BTW - you have been tagged! Pl to visit my blog and complete the tag - if you don't want more stress

Revealed said...

Eat chocolate. With your mouth full u can't indulge in bruxism, other than the incidental grinding of the chocolate, but does that count?. (It's amazing how chocolate has such awesome curative powers, I'd include it in IV drips)

b v n said...

hehe...loved yr posts...i like pissed off posts...and you have a lot in here :))

btw came here thru Neihal's...nice find wud say :)...will be back...keep posting.

jane said...

we are two peas in a pod! i do this all the time...old habit..and yeah of teeth too.

Sumit Tada said...

Yeh kya hai, upar wali post mein comment kyun nai enable kiye???

Main bhi smwhat similar situation mein hi hoon aaj-kal, lekin in my case, i can afford to run away, and am doing smthing like dat only :( but i dont want to!

Hope ur experiments, or watever u r doing gets okey soon :)

Anonymous said...

You know how the bigger picture will look like. These are the moments that you are gonna look from far future and smile.


Neihal said...

A Big Hug TGFI
Cheer up girl:)

Sakshi said...

Things will get better.. hang in there..
For everything else - there are blog rants :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

good idea! :)

really, what kind of a person are you becoming????? how do you sleep at night???

hehe. i didn't know it was contagious like that. ;)

yeah, the mouth guard is the next step. i have just discovered that this is really common in final year grad students. go figure. ;)
or squeezing a ball (one of those desk objects, you sicko!)...

ahem. you want me to do a tag? by you? some people have really short memory spans. vindictive scorpios don't. :-)

ahhh. best idea EVAR- especially since all the teeth will fall out soon enough, and the root cause of the problem will be tackled! :)

hi b v n,
dude, i have a whole lot to be pissed off at. you have come to the right place.

:) we are two peas in a pod? NO WAY! ;)

comments disabled kyonki such outbursts are transitional and mostly self-limiting. :)
i have run away for a while now. it doesn't help. we've gotta do what we've gotta do. good luck to you too...aaj kal dikhta nahin zyaada. :)

:) at my bruxism? ;)

neihal, sakshi,
thanks. :)