Thursday, January 04, 2007

Long time no see

The first week of January flew by, and it's scary. There's a reason I haven't blogged, apart from lack-of-bloggable-content.

SO. Somebody I know (as in know in real life, not all you blog-bots pretending to be people out there in blogsville,) is reading me. I know you can't control who reads you and all that jazz, this being the internet and yada yada yada. But I don't like it. I will do the only thing I can- politely request. So this is a public announcement. Please stop coming here. It makes me uncomfortable, and I might do something as silly as running away to a new url . Again. Only this time, I won't leave any footprints. It pisses me off that you're reading this, and I'm hoping if you realise that it bothers me enough to put up this silly threatening request, you will stop coming.

Thanks in advance.

Normal programming will resume after I feel more comfortable about this space.

After all these months of blogging, you'd think I'd be over this kinda shit. What to do? I'm not. And I am well aware that there are ways of people reading my blog and me never finding out about it. What you don't know doesn't hurt you, right? But when I see it- staring in my face, I cannot be all cool and pretend that I don't care, or that I'm above it all..Cos I'm not.

Go away, stop snooping. There are better blogs out there, and there are better things to do where you are. Or not??? ;)


Neihal said...

me same...i'd be very uncomfortable if someone I know was to read my blog...
Hope this person understands....coz I want THE NORMAL PROGRAMMING TO RESUME AT THE EARLIEST.


qsg said...

whoever you are - please to leave now! Before I start using bad words - believe me, I know lots of bad words.

TGFI - pl nakko worry - I will give mota gaalis! hah!

fafridi said...

In the worst case if you do decide to move to a new url, pls tell me abt it secretly and i PROMISE i wont tell ANYONE!!
and though coming a li'l late but Happy New Year :)

Anonymous said...

he he!

shub said...

umm assuming it wasn't directed at me (:P) may I suggest setting permissions using the new feature on Blogger Beta if it's making you terribly uncomfy?

Anonymous said...

Its not me, is it ?

Sakshi said...

Oh.. so identify with this thing too :) one of my lab mates has found his way to my blog.. I hate it!! Coz I cant rant about half the things wrong in my life right now since he plays an integral part in them :(
Let us fictional web dwellers write a guest post to discourage the said person. I need to vent anyway.
BACK OFF..Person who is not welcome here- unlike TGFI's polite request we can be mean.

The Smiling Girl said...

Oh poor baby! I know how it is!

Hey you... pls understand that if someone doesnt want her space to be encroached, let it be like that. Dont try to invade!

Shripriya said...

Terrible. I've often thought about this. Especially since I blog eponymously, that's the risk I take, but I'd hate the thought of "unpleasant" people knowing things about me that I would never share with them in real life. In a way, this fear has made me hold back. Which is kinda' sad.

It is even worse for you since you have a pseudonym. Aack!

Why not ask him/her not to read your blog when you next see the person? In person versus in blog. Possible?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

thanks, i want normal programming to resume soon too. :) it will, i can't keep shut for too long. ;)

:) i don't think i'll move. too much trouble. ;) But if I do, I'll let you know. But you'll need to be extra-careful while downing all those shots, okay? :)

not funny.

Do I know you? ;) Yeah have thought about the permissions thingy. Again too much work. Honestly, I feel better after blogging it out already! Something to be said about blog therapy- it rocks!

anony 2,
if you've any reason to believe so, then please leave.

this too? siiigh. do write a guest post nevertheless. i don't know how effective my rikwaast was, time will or may not tell. But you must come and do guest-rant. I will be honoured. :)

thanks babe. snoopy, are you listening?

yeah. it is kinda sad. but i guess it comes with the internet.
said person cannot be reached in person right now. i think they will heed my request tho'. else, not much else i can do.

jane babe,
thanks for the support. but gaalis not necessary yet. it is possible that said person does not realise what it means to me. often, non-bloggers don't get why one would be so possessive or hung about one's blog or anonymity. i am hoping the plea works, otherwise said person will face my wrath in person. :)

your comment was unnecessarily offensive, so i deleted it. but i know you're only looking out for me, babe. :p

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

p.s happy new year to you too, fafridi. what did you drink on 31st? ;)

fafridi said...

hehe, the question must be what did i not drink :P the hangover is finally gone and yesterday was the first day that i started with following my resolutions :-]

Rebellion said...

Lajjo, fikar not! Let me know if he/she doesn't understand... Khopche mein le jaa ke ache se doongi kharcha pani :D:P

And people call me shareef :O :P

Take care,

PS: Lajjo, I think you forgot to reply to Gems' comment :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

qsg dear,
the hydie hindi from you sitting in delhi kinda confused me. sorry sorry sorry.
thanks for the dhamkis. i think said person has heard. :)

hahahah! :) no wonder the belated happy new year, eh? ;) lage raho!

hahahhahah! tere dhamkis bhi itne shareef hain. :-) thanks dear.

greensatya said...

*sigh*, I wish someone stalks me as well !!!

I wonder how do people actually find your blog ?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:-) dunno if i'd call this stalking. this person knows me IRL. well, i also plan to find out how said person discovered my blog.

Anonymous said...

dude, use a proxy :s. what she doesn't know won't hurt her!

Perspective Inc. said...

Lol!! hope you get rid of your blog stalker! :)
oh, and a happy new year! :)

Rebellion said...

Lajjo, ab hai na aap sunoge mujhse achi badi moti moti !#^$&^!! Main normally deti nahi hoon doesn't mean I'm shareef ok! Told ya na, come & see me fighting one day.. milo kabhi fursat mein, aise aise kisse sunaungi na... :P

Kya zamaana aa gaya hai, I'm saying & people are not believing that am NOT shareef and am actually trying to prove it :O

Errr, why am I doing this?? I dunno :P

"Kanfooosed as ever - Thatz me" :P
Take care,

Born a Libran said...

Nabad mat le yaar... Sab chalta hai... Zindagi hai... Good to see you around... and keep writing...

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeah, exactly! although in this case the damage is already done.

i hope so too!

:) hehehe

yo! abbe kaahe ka nabad mat le? :) but it's all cool now. life goes on.