Monday, January 15, 2007

What I'm up to

Rant rave whine bitch procrastinate run away self-motivate breathe deeply
growl snarl kick inanimate objects
bang keys
cut paste delete all type save document back up back up back up
try to stop time
laugh because i can't cry :)

do not expect much on here. hope life is treating everyone well.


Neihal said...

bang on!

Shripriya said...

Just a few more weeks. Hang in there and good luck!

Anonymous said...

one two three four five
six seven at nine ten.

ok i dont know what comes next.

try chipping onions. it will help.

Anonymous said...

chopping*. grrr!

sd said...

Jaroor save karo. Aur Back up lo.... and soon the author of this blog will become Dr. Tee Gee Eff Eye! Thats some motivation - what say !

ps: I am also writing IT these days:)

Sakshi said...

Hmm. Same problem except I also have to wind down two projects ..
HInt helps to have a punching bag.. My toes have been stubbed too many times kicking the wall.
And the newbies are here to be abused :P
Good luck and good writing ..

jane said...

i need to vent too! lets become venting buddies! we must make a step by step plan on how and where to vent. game? :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:-). :-(. :'( :'(.



try eleven. ;)

good luck to you to with the writing. yeah, that is some motivation.

you too babe! more power to us!

yeah baby! that is fundoo idea. i think i qualify for a ph.d in venting already.why bother with this now?

b v n said...

LOL !!