Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Amazing moms.

And this one is about Raam Pyari's mom. Something about this post and the photo got me all misty-eyed. Such a sweet thing to do!

I guess in some ways it did remind me of my mom and the things she did for our bai, Nazia back home.

One the one hand, I was one of those bai-union-leaders type person. Every time my mom chided Nazia for not showing up to work I would get all upset and defensive. "After all they are also people- they also have issues and should be allowed to take off, shouldn't they??" My mom is also a huge stickler for cleanliness and was constantly on Nazia's case about the corners she forgot to mop and the soap stains she left on the dishes. All of this used to bother me and I was constantly getting into fights with my mom about it.

On the other hand, my mom did nice things in her own way for Nazia and her children. For one, Nazia always ate nashta with us, and also made demands sometimes. "Aunty, aapka dosa banao na". :) to which mom would give in. If she went out and brought us seasonal fruits, etc, she always gave a generous portion to Nazia to take home. When Nazia's son got into some lafda with the police she sent my dad and neighbour uncle to the slums to intervene and bail the boy out. She always insisted that my sister bring chocolates for them when she was visiting us from abroad. My mother's outgoing acts when it came to treating the bai to something special also made me uneasy! I always felt that if we expose them to things they are not used to getting in their lives, they will feel more miserable about their situation. So I always cringed and backed out of any opportunity to hand Nazia chocolates or other treats for her kids etc. Like Raam pyaari said in her post, I never wanted to have anything to do with it.

But that photo on Raam pyaari's blog sums it up so nicely. All the kids obviously had a great time, and will enjoy the occasion for what it was and cherish the memory. And that was all there was to it, it was a simple of act of thoughtfulness that did not need too much analysis- just had to be done!

Here's to amazing moms all over! :)


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Neihal said...

this pretty much sums up what I'd have to say on this issue...how come moms are always the most generous and kindest....
To all the amazing Moms!!!

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Sakshi said...

A good reason to drink too..
Not that I need a reason these days ..
But Cheers!! To great moms all over ..

Revealed said...

*whips out pocket-champagne-class on seeing the word drink and looks around expectantly* Here's to mums :)

sd said...

I was feeling pretty down and out a few minutes back - but your's and RP's post reminded me... there are many simple and nice ways we can conduct ourselves(and make a difference?)

Cheers to all the Mums of the world - They are such darlings!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

How goes, sd?? glad this cheered you up.
Rest of the bewdas, my mom doesn't approve of alcohol! ;)

fafridi said...

sob! sob! my mum's gone out of town, that too for atleast two months,,, mom!!!! i miss u! and i hate cooking and the house has not been cleaned since u left and i hate coming back from office knowing u wont be there at home, and i dont feel like calling it home without you......

fafridi said...

oh! and cheers to all the amazing moms (though they don't approve of alcohol) :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

big hug, fafridi. kuch clean kar lo, in time to welcome her back. waise you've 2 months for that ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes moms are amazing. But I somehow didn't like the Ram pyaari post. Its good to know that her mom did so much for those girls but don't you think she is encouraging child labour. This thought just came into my mind and I was not able to appreciate her good deeds.

Raam Pyari said...

heyy, was juss checking my stat counter and there were so many ppl from this link...

@tgfi--am so glad, for what I do not know..but juss feel happy ,again why, i do not know.

@anon--i felt i needed to address you here.
Whether you like what I write or no is absolutely your take.

But I need to correct you. the two girls in question used to come with their sister in law and used to primarily linger around while their sis in law did the work.And while they whiled away their time Mum used to teach them stuff and arrange their budday parties.

So, dunn be bothered about child labour, they do much more work at their home and were treated much better at ours.

Anyways...their mum is okay now , so she is bak to work.It was juss a temporary arrangement.
And yess, you need to have information before you pass judgments on others:)
Nothing is worse than being ignorant.:)

and you know my blog id, so like if you are okay with putiing ur name, do say whatever you have to on my blog.But plz, there is no use in posting as another anonymous person.Not happening!

Anonymous said...

Raam Pyari, looks like you took my comment offensively. My previous comment was based on what you had written in your post. You had mentioned that while your maid's daughters mop the floor or whatever your mother teaches them something or the other. But here you have clarified saying they came with the SIL. You are contradicting your own statement.

Well, before you point out the mistake of others make sure you correct yours :) Hope I was not too blunt !


Raam Pyari said...

@shikha--forget it..am not here to fite.
Not on some one else's blog.

You are most welcome to think whatever you wish to of my MOm and me.
And I am in no mood to justify anything.

sabb chill hai!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

@ anon/shikha

i think the gesture was really nice. what makes you think that by her mother turning the girls away from working would put an end to their labour? i've seen cases where if the kids did not work, they faced worse music at home. so would you shoo them away, or do what you could to educate them given the circumstances?

your post was very heart-warming.

Anonymous said...


I agree. You are right as usual.