Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The number in a big square , with "Seat number" written below it on your boarding pass denotes the seat number on your flight. That is the number of the seat in which you will be seated on the flight. The number on the bottom with "Gate number" written below it denotes the gate number. That is the gate where your flight is at, from where you will board your flight. If you decide to confuse the two, for reasons only known to you, chances are that you will be running all over the airport 10 minutes before scheduled time of departure. Of course, if running all around the airport is almost a way of life for you, you will probably make your flight. But next time, consider simply walking to wherever you need to get.

I went to visit my sister. I did not avoid writing my thesis. Because I did not even bother pretending to write. But the break was good. My niece is an angel. A devlish angel, actually. :-). There's something really cathartic about playing with little kids. I even stopped the whole grinding my teeth business while I was there. It was a perfect getaway.

Now I'm back to reality, and reality says there's very little time left, and still so much to be done. Life goes on, the fight goes on. I am definitely in good spirits thanks to the short break, and ready to take the fight head on again! I missed this space, and my blog just turned a year old too! It's good to be back here! Thanks for checking in on me and sorry for all those unanswered comments. :)


Sakshi said...

You are back!!
Sometimes all you need is a break.
And Happy birthday, bloggie..
Ps- Did I not read another airport and almost missing flight story on your blog before :)

sumit said...

Welcome back :)
Happy birthday "?"

Neihal said...

"Happy Budday Bloggie"
And very happy to see the author back and kicking :D
"life goes on, fight goen on"
*clap clap*
missed you :)

Klastos said...

I was beginning to wonder if you died.

Rebellion said...

Allle, aapke blog ka happy birthday to you hai?? Mubarak hoooo! Party timeeee \:D/
Okkay, less of time, lots of work.. party postponed :)

Hope you finish with it much before time & then relax. Err, sounds like a dream? No probs, dreams do turn into realities at times, so never stop dreaming :)

Glad to have that update Lajjo, this page really needed it. Happy Birthday :D

PS: Where's the cake? ;):P

Rebellion said...

How could I forget.. Spending time with kids.. Ahhh! Stress reliever! Glad you went for the break :)

PS: Welcome back :P

Anonymous said...

Another mishap with the flight?? This time also??????

Lajjo.. tu kab flight tikh se pakdegi re.. ! :)

Anonymous said...

arey haan.. happy budday to ur bloggie re.. :)...
Lemme go and check if its my bloggie's budday too! :)

Revealed said...

Oh such relief!! They didn't kill you :). Welcome back and Happy Bloggie B'day :)
(and also, may the Force be with you - it seemed appropriate)

Perspective Inc. said...

Welcome back!:)
And a whole year has gone by huh? Well here's to many more.... keep blogging!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Bloggie says thank-you to all for budday wishes :)

yeah- this break was much needed. and yes, lots of missing-flights posts on here- i am like that only. :p

thanks. :-)

heya! :) thanks girl.:)

no, not yet. :-)

i wish i can pull that off (finish before time and relax)- i'd be happy if i finished in time, at this point.

cake? ummmm kha liya maine! ;)

arre yaar- jaane de. mere se nai hota flight pakadna. it's too complicated for my pretty head. ;)

lol! no, they didn't kill me, but i told them who gave me those ideas. you might want to check your locks. :-)

thankee. i think blogging has been a huge reason for my survival & sanity. i will keep at it. :-)

Rebellion said...

You had the cake???

Even I won't give you cake when its my bloggie's budday :P

PS: Please tell me the cake you just finished wasn't chocolate, pls pls! ;):P

Gems Bond said...

Happy Budday! I tried calling u to wish ur bloggie - but some ppl don't take calls! :(

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

of course it was chocolate. what else? :-)

gems bond,
ahem. deep thought screens calls! ;)
will call ya soon dear!

Prashanth said...

Still no luck with flights I see :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

heyA prashanth,
:-) yep. some things never change.

Klastos said...

You know, I'm embarrassed to ask this after reading your blog for so long, but what exactly is it that you're studying? I can't recall you ever specifying.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

no need to be embarrassed, I never really specified, all in an attempt to maintain my anonymity. well, vaguely speaking, molecular biology/genetics. do you need help with assignments? ;)

Champak!! said...

Life goes on, the fight goes on. Love that line.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hey champak!
:) it does, though, doesn't it? :) your screen name is hilarious. :)