Tuesday, February 06, 2007


An email to the department list-serv in my inbox this morning:

Good Morning

An instructor has reported that someone took the wall clock from room 2204, David Clarke building. If you know who took it or where the clock is, please get in touch with me

-The dept. secretary.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAH! Who takes a freaking clock???? What is the world coming to? And to think of it, those clocks in the class rooms are mighty ugly too- the kind you'd see at railway stations and airports.


Neihal said...

atleast this time I am laughin with you..;):P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hehhe. do i sense some disappointment there? ;)

fafridi said...

hahhah like in dhakkan airways they announce 'pls dont carry the life jackets with you when you leave' LOL, i am serious they really do announce that!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okk! We totally believe that you didnt take..err sorry, steal the clock.

Anonymous said...

Must be some nerd who hates the idea of leaving the uni and wants to keep the memories forever... wht say? ;)

Sakshi said...

Who would want to steal that clock? Must be a dare..
Oh.. I wonder if I can spread it around here..
You gave a good evil start to my day..

btw- Nice to see you blogging more often :)

Revealed said...

Hehehehehe. Wonder about the logistics of the crime though. It's like Ocean's 14 :D

Tachyoson said...

could be a fraternity dare? or more chillingly someone making home munitions.

qsg said...

Did the tag! :)

jane said...

have phd deadline, will blog? :-) keep up the entertainment, babe!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

NO WAY they announce that? that is insane.

ahahaha!!! good one. I have much nicer clocks at home, thanks.


hehehe glad to be of help.

blogging more often is only procrastination in disguise, you know. ;)

hehe. conspiracy theory now?

fraternity dare sounds plausible. how ave you been???

finally! :-)

yeah babe. don't know what ph.d students did before the advent of blogging. ;)

Basanti said...



the word reminds me of an incident in school..

WHen we were young, our school did not allow us to wear watches.. till 10th standard. They wanted us to believe in simple living and high thinking and didnt want young kids to fight over whose watch is more costlier adn all taht jazz .. jeez.. at times i wonder iwas in a zoo!

Anyway, so we were in 8th and there was this guy, we will call him DDD (ding ding ding - another story). So DDD tells the teacher, "Teacher, teacher, he is wearing a clock".


Fun only coming hten!

Ravi said...

A couple months back, someone stole a boombox from my lab... then, went through the immunoflourescence slides on my bench.. dropped some on the floor!!! (he probably thought they were more 'cool' than I thought they were!!) a really weird thief.
And I admire the kind of clocks that even we have in our labs. the kind that are hung way up near the ceiling, then you have to remove the front glass cover and move the hands of the clock to adjust the time, and thats twice a year, with this freaking day-light saving crap. we could have saved a lot of heartburn had it not been for that.

nivi said...

lol!!! that reminds me of an email we got a few months back which ran along the lines of
"could who ever took the news-stand from the lobby return it please. If you have any information on who took the news-stand please contact me" etc..
A news-stand realy! well even the clock!! :D