Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I know what my problem is

Not enough hate.

Yesterday, I bumped into an old acquaintance from the building I used to work in earlier. She was from a big lab with lots of people, and lots of activity. She always looked a bit hassled. (A tad more than the typical grad student level of hassle, i'd say).

Me: Hey S! How have you been? Good seeing you here.
S: Oh just great. And how about you?
Me: Good too. How are things back in your lab? Say hi to all the folks there.
S: Oh things are great. Ever since G graduated, the lab has become such a happy place. We were all praying that she graduated soon, and we're so glad she's gone now.
Me: Oh!? (thinking in my mind, that G graduated? before ME?) :-)
Me: Oh, howcome G graduated earlier than usual?
S: Well.. who cares, we're glad she's gone!
Me: That's great then. Can you guys please throw some hate my way?



sumit_tada said...

Nice reasoning :)
I bet thats actually true!!
It reminds me how the warden in "Shawshank redemption" didnt want the hero to be out(that is legally,not the way he actually did)...
Just check out,whos getting benefited by your NOT graduating soon ;) ;)

fafridi said...

uhhh!!! i hate you, from the bottom of my heart!!!! why don't you just graduate!!!!!!!!!

Sakshi said...

I used to believe that if your boss thinks you are likely to snap, you will be pushed onward without delay.
Now I see the error of my ways - he has to think that others in my lab are likely to snap..hmmmm
Changing tactics :)

Neihal said...

too much you are :D

Revealed said...

Hehehe. I hope you have a game plan now. Start using up all the bench space in the lab, and storing stuff in everyone else's 4 degree space, and contaminating the tissue culture hood, and using up the last bit of the solutions from the common store and never make up any fresh, betcha you'll graduate in the blink of an eye ;)

jane said...

lol lol... sabotage your rival's experiments! you'll instantly be the cynosure of hate and voila...graduation altar beckons! :P

sd said...

Lol! Here's wishing lots of hate to you... (since I need to graduate too ... please reciprocate!)

The Smiling Girl said...

Hahaa... But I cant hate u baby! :)
Wait, will it work if I pretend? :D

Rebellion said...

I agree with Jane, Lajjo!
Try being a pain in the neck for those in the lab, except your e-coli pls but including the janitor haan :P

Don't worry sweets, in next few months time, people out there in your lab will be missing you & not thanking that you're gone :)

Happy Valentine's Day bacha.
Wish all the success & more love to come your way, not hate :)

Take care,

Gems Bond said...

Well...I won't wish you hate. But, being indispensable is a problem, always!
Wishing you love....:D

Rio said...

gems bond, tgfi already has that covered - aplenty! ;)

confused said...

Idhar aaja...

A trip to the beach will do you a world of good.

b v n said...

hehe..cool one :)

do they have a clock in the lab, try stealing it :))

what do you ppl do in labs...dinosaur dna n all ?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

you're back in form, eh? ;) Well, I'm no hero, but I guess there just aren't enough people in my lab to hate me and want me out. ;)

thanks girl! :-))))

yeah, apparently it takes more.

:) too much scope to keep you happy there, no?

excellent game plan! such vicarious thrills come just reading that.

i am spitting in their tubes now.

and here's wishing you all of that and more! ;)

pretend se kya hoga- dil se karna chahiye. ;)

:-) hhehehe janitor to apna hai na. ;)

gems bond!!!?? ;)
not so much indispensable, as cheap trained labour i guess. ;)
fir se love fove. bola na, H-A-T-E. :)


ah. i like the idea of the beach- only the boss will hate me for that, and that won't help! :-)

b v n,
lol!!! good one. i am sure that will do it. :-)
dna and all, but not exactly dinosaur's. ;)

Neihal said...

that should make you happy as well :D
its all abt spreading happiness ;)

Perspective Inc. said...

Hhahha! Lots of hate, coming right up!
On another note.. love love love the new look of your space! very nice!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

heh heh Neihal, very smart.


welcome back girl! And if you decide to go away again, please tell us who jumped first! ;)

& thanks. :-) no credit to me, of course, I just picked it from Blogcrowds.

Neihal said...

"Professional Memberships

* Cyclists & Re-cyclists meet here
* The hysterical laughter club
* Mind your own business
* Procrastinators Anonymous
* Fainters Anonymous
* Ranters Anonymous"

Oh! how I wish I cud show you the visualisation of each of these clubs meets going on in my head.
So am I eligible btw ;)

Rashmi said...

Hilarious! First time here. Liked it. Keep the tempo going. BTW, Hope you graduate soon :)