Friday, February 16, 2007

"Why not?"

is not a good enough reason for "why?".

and that's why.


Basanti said...


If only I knew how to put it in words, like you did, a week earlier! :-)

Neihal said...

The post is very enlightening. Ekdum Dimag khol ke rakh diya :D :P
But I am very much interested in that Label that goes with the post.

sumit_tada said...


Revealed said...

Here, here (cept, of course, for when *I* use it)

Sakshi said...

I second Neihal - I am extremely curious about the Label..
Why not just tell us?

chandni said...

once in a while i do think its good enuff...but ,mostly i am with u!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


:)) hehe i like your affirmation. :) & better late than nevah, sistah!

lol. the label expands to "what you see is what you get". samjhe? ;)


indeed. :-)

please see reply to neihal. label expansion is self-explanatory. ;)

hi chandni!
i guess, there are exceptions, always.

a (regular) reader said...

LOVE the new template

dhvani said...

hey awesome template! :)

Sakshi said...

@ TGFI - Love the new template..
Is it infectious.. saw Neihal revamped her blog too..

Neihal said...

me likes the new template a lot :)))

sumit_tada said...

New template ahoye!
But the blogger bar looks bad now!!
Cant u change its colour so that it blends with the rest of page???

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

regular reader, dhvani (heya!), sakshi, neihal, sumit,

thankees. :) i am glad it has met approval. :)

yeah sakshi, it is infectious. neihal started the trend. :)

sumit, changed it to black. how does that look? thanks for the tip. the other option is fawn which is too pale-ish. let me know.

Supremus said...

The answer to "Why" usually lies in "Why Not". So, Why Not, is a good enough reason :-).

Maybe I should make a post on this eh?! :D


sumit_tada said... looks better :)
No need of "fawn" ...watever that is :P

Perspective Inc. said...

You bet girl, you bet!! It just is not a reason enough.
Agreed. And how!

shub said...

fabyoolous template! :D

Anonymous said...

Beg to differ.. but dont really like the template loads re... may be it will take a while to sink in... :)

Neihal said...

"Professional Memberships

* Cyclists & Re-cyclists meet here
* The hysterical laughter club
* Mind your own business
* Procrastinators Anonymous
* Fainters Anonymous
* Ranters Anonymous"

Oh! how I wish I cud show you the visualisation of each of these clubs meets going on in my head.
So am I eligible btw ;)

Neihal said...

ab theek hai!

Rebellion said...

OMG!!! New template & all??
Sayi hai Lajjo. Its sexxxxy :D

Sakshi said...

* Mind your own business - Check
* Procrastinators Anonymous - .Check, heck Double check
* Ranters Anonymous - Hell, YA!
Woo Hoo.. Did not know you would belong to these groups, too ;)

And I am staying away from both Neihal and you - I don't want to catch this change your template bug..
Hmm.. If I just modify a lil' .. rather than work on page 42....

sd said...

Sahi Hain!

Hmmm.. I am chairing the following session in the 2007 Annual Meeting of Procrastinators Anonymous

"High dimensional Blogging related activities and its Applications to Procrastination"
"On new paradigms for Procrastinations: Beyond rental DVDs and surfing"
"Specific Procrastination tools designed for Thesis writing applications"

I would like to use this forum to invite abstracts. These should of course we submitted as late as possible and not meet any deadline….

greensatya said...

Jesus F Christ !!! I came to your blog after a long time and look what I see. Damn it, can any blog be more cooler than this !!

Oh, I so want to copy the template now :D

TGFI, you rock !!!

*bows before her *

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hmmm... do post. we can move the argument there. :-)

No need of "fawn" ...watever that is :P



thank-you. :-)

you don't like it??? :( why not? ;)
i hope it grows on you. i cannot afford the tp in finding another one now. ;)

lol. are you imagining a group of hysterical laughers ranting and procrastinating and cycling at the same time?
yes, yes, come on and join the club.

thanks madame

come join the club too. and yeah i would advise to stay away from the whole template change thing too.

these should of course we submitted as late as possible and not meet any deadline….
hahahaha! we also need to form a besharams anonymous, methinks. ;)

hehehe :-)))) welcome back. are you feeling better?

the template is anyone's for the taking- see the link on the right hand side for the creators. but remember, you saw it HERE first! :-)

jane said...

im also liking yr blog's new dress the muchly :-)

Rio said...

and i think "why not?" is a perfect answer to the highly annoying and nosey people who go "why?" on me :-)

GuNs said...

What would you say about the famout quote?

"Why do you want to climb the mountain?"

"Because its there".


Shripriya said...

I like the new template a lot... if you could make the outline (the matting) a touch darker, it will make the center stand out more and let people focus on the middle easier...

Neihal said...

"are you imagining a group of hysterical laughers ranting and procrastinating and cycling at the same time? "
now I am :-)

Anonymous said...

your dress growing on me little little.. wokay wonly eet ees now.. :)

Gems Bond said...

Very nice template....

... Agreed, why not is not a good response to Why...!!!

Neihal said...

Okay....why are we stuck with "why not" ?? why??

Sumit Tada said...

Why dont we have next post???
Why not??????????????

pravin said...

ah! new template :)

Sakshi said...

Why Not Updating?? Why? Why?

Perspective Inc. said...

why the silence? why? why no new posts? why?
come back soon... and why not?

Revealed said...

Now I'm worried. Did you actually follow the tips I gave you in the last post? I ask, because they're absolutely assured to make your lab peeps hate u, to the point where they *might* do away with u!! Is that what happened??? That's why you disappeared!!! OMG!! What have I done? *shrieks and Lady Macbeth style wrings her hands saying "not all the perfumes in Arabia....etc"*