Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I've blocked bloglines, blogspot and other waste of time domains on my
home network. Sorry for not answering comments, it will stay this way
for a while now. Time is slipping by and I am slowly reaching the "not
even a miracle can help" phase. Pray for me, kind people. God, FSM,
whatever you fancy.


p.s: posted via email in case you're wondering. ;)


Sayesha said...

All the best, babe! A song from the ye olde days for you:

Kaam karo bhai kaam karo
Tum jag mein apna naam karo

Do the very best you can, everything else will sort itself out.

*hugs* :)

Rebellion said...

Well done Lajjo, I'm proud of you :) Just one more step towards your goal.. kindly not to be accessing your gmail too :P

All the best dear...
God Bless You
Take care :)

Anonymous said...

Proved tht u cant stay away from us... :P
Miracles will happen baby... just hold on...

Sakshi said...

Way to Sistah! You are inspiring me to do the same ..

Mosilager said...

Good luck. You'll be the happiest person in the world once the talk is over. You know more than anybody else in the world about whatever it is that you work on.

Neihal said...

It will be odd not to see your daily rants...but we will make that sacrifice if this is what it takes...:P

little drama zaroori hai :P

all my wishes are with ya..